'Love Sex Again'

Dr. Streicher answers frequently asked questions about sex problems.
2:59 | 05/20/14

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Transcript for 'Love Sex Again'
I am doctor Lawrence tracker author of -- -- again. Really excited about my book and the reason I wrote this book is there's a lot of books out there about sacks but most of these books are about. Broken relationships. My book is not about broken relationships it's about broken but China's is on the physical hormone -- medical things that might be getting in the way of having the kind of satisfying sex. You've always wanted to have. And the reason I wrote this book is I see so many women in my practice -- come to me and say you know like him this question that question and quite frankly I've really been afraid to talk about it my other doctors sometimes they do bring that up and they don't have an answer for me so. Problems -- love sex again is not only going to answer all those questions you do have. But it's really gonna bring up a lot of issues maybe you haven't even thought about so I'm really excited to be here today with a group of -- women -- INS and a lot -- of these -- Don't be -- I'm Kim and forty they don't take them back and know how long and I think we've been on. This is something that comes out a lot. When we think of birth control pills -- think of twenty girls you know -- thirty year olds. And the true this is that. Evenly called birth control pills I would much rather call them hormone regulating house because we use them for a lot of different reasons and act. About 30% of women that take birth control pills are using them for another -- could be forget cramps the could be because they have bad acne. It could be because they -- in this formal roller coaster -- for that reason menopause experts have decided. That wouldn't work on -- parent and a positive one -- -- otherwise healthy with a doctor's OK can actually extend the palace until age fifty foot. And the reason why this is so -- is in addition to giving you contraception and yes we didn't do. Need to continue to to make sure they don't get pregnant -- well into their forties. In addition to that that her menopausal lower cost you were just talking about. Went to be kind of nice to miss them. -- and speed and insisting that. Because the average age of menopause in this country's 51. You -- it will have to go we're gonna get there. But having said that there's a wide range and just as women in their forties -- to go through menopausal women instruments trading until they're sixty. And if -- stand -- well. You can -- what are -- to Cuba that for all we know you could be a problem and a -- lot of witness -- -- you know. And while -- here. Isn't that a beautiful thing to not necessarily know when your own recent shut down because when -- -- to -- is on the street it's not always that much fun. As you're going through this transition so with your doctor's blessing. -- -- -- -- -- Go off see if you have completed going through this current transition. And then of course you do that and -- issues but at this point I -- --

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{"id":23799712,"title":"'Love Sex Again'","duration":"2:59","description":"Dr. Streicher answers frequently asked questions about sex problems.","url":"/Health/video/love-sex-23799712","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}