Male Infertility Azoospermia

Men who produce no measurable sperm can be helped with testicular sperm extraction.
3:03 | 04/23/13

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Transcript for Male Infertility Azoospermia
The testicles located outside the body due to temperature sensitivity. -- to basic functions. They produce testosterone. And sperm. The inside of the testicle is made up of millions of hollow -- in the first two deals their walls are comprised of reproductive cells. In various stages of development. Sperm production starts with a large round immature cell. It's dramatic -- that divides and undergoes a multi step 72 day maturation process until it becomes a sperm cell went ahead and detail. Sperm are released and enter the upn -- -- where they are stored. During an ejaculation. The sperm were brought up through the vast difference and prostate. Where they mix with some old classical fluid to form -- normally the -- efforts to duels continuously produce millions of sperm. In the abnormal testicle sperm may be found in small amounts in some of the two deals. He's -- spur -- -- the condition of no sperm in the -- it is due to either a blockage in the reproductive tract or deficiency and sperm production. Sperm harvesting techniques have been designed to address these different scenarios based on the patient's condition. When there was a blockage sperm can be removed from the -- did miss -- micro surgical rapids animal sperm aspiration or may -- There are a number of ways to get sperm from the -- did -- But we developed the in office may -- as a relatively painless and minimally invasive procedure performed under local anesthesia. Sperm containing fluid is collected from the -- to deals under magnification. The tiny incision is close with dissolving stitches and a band -- Sometimes the sperm from the -- did -- are not very good quality in which case there were -- directly from the testicle. Through the same small incision the best way to find sperm when there is a production problem -- cult. Micro surgical testicular sperm extraction because sperm are not produced in all areas of the testicle. Magnifying the -- in their first two deals using a powerful operating microscope. Allows the surgeon a better chance of finding sperm this is an outpatient procedure performed to a small incision that opens the cover of the testicle. The most normal looking to -- are removed and opened in a Petri dish and examined for sperm if there are no sperm than other areas are explored until sperm -- found. In rare situations there is no sperm production at all. The incision is then closed with dissolving sutures and the bandit has placed the chance of finding sperm with Mike -- Tennessee is better than 60%. Twice the chances of finding sperm. By -- micro surgical needle biopsies taken by general urologists. Mike protests he is a great advance in male reproductive surgery is only performed by a small number of male reproductive surgeons. Some surgeons make unnecessarily large incisions in the screwed -- and a testicle. We -- focused on improving minimally invasive techniques making this an easier procedure to recover from. This news is most men was sperm then using this technique and can become --

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{"id":19025138,"title":"Male Infertility Azoospermia","duration":"3:03","description":"Men who produce no measurable sperm can be helped with testicular sperm extraction.","url":"/Health/video/male-infertility-azoospermia-19025138","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}