'Motivated' podcast: Fit-friendly beauty and tech products for your workouts

Self magazine's Jessica Cruel and Amy Eisinger tell us the top beauty and tech products that can help make your workouts easier.
26:19 | 11/27/17

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Transcript for 'Motivated' podcast: Fit-friendly beauty and tech products for your workouts
So daily are talking about. Holiday hacks. And tech toys also for the holidays. To really great guest Jessica cruel and Amy I singer both from Self Magazine. An emir also fitness a personal trainer. I'm certified survey Pampers and a pact so it is the time forgetting we're getting into that seasons I want to talk about some of if favorite toys to do with fitness and health and wellness and that bounced up so apple watches a big one. Apple which is huge. I'm sure everyone at this point has heard about it. Numerous times but you know it really is all that it's cracked up to. Being really hate you know I look at it does every if you're already and the apple universe you already have and I found it really is going to be great for you. On and of course the newest one suspects cellular technology and the great thing is if you like to Ranariddh to worries you can religious teach your wireless headphones. You take your watch you please all your music you can so that phone calls on it. And you can just go you don't have anything else on here so if you get a call while it's playing music does it but how do you answer the call. I mean assuming that it works very now on your iPhone if you've been playing music on your phone you know it's gonna take. Music the music the phone's gonna start ringing in many have the option to use doesn't used to talk and you found you cannot talk and I'm not your stupid question. I was arsenic can you talk and to your watch that might equal your headset you know if you have done it again wireless slate had sat or using their air pods those have reference to open a so you can answer calls into text messages what do relic of the staff acute heart rate and your steps and all those oh yeah a lot of just technology has been approved a lot of functionality is a lot better now. So I think there were a lot of complaints from Dennis individuals myself included that it was like hey I ran nearly 35 miles and it told me that I only ran two point 75. Personally and it's if you're really trying to keep track a lot of that technology I think and improved at this point they've worked on a lot of the bugs. And of course you know there's there's the Nike the Nike training out on which is also agree. Agree one soy think I think there have been a lot of improvements over the last apple watch series that was and then in terms of the fashion malady. I think a year bans is it's Q what is and is. Look this is that this is the Nike on the Nike addition the so this actually isn't the new listeners wants the newest one has. Little red crowned on it com which indicates the cellular technology on it but it and you change the bands can change the band's. Really the song is with a little bits forty it's the silicon bands. On of course he can you know you can get a really nice bands like either ways that you can make it work if you have any more you know professional job we need to get dressed up a little bit more. Of course that self. We have the opportunity to look a little it's already. Most of those apple asses and start a farm. If you're looking your way intervene as she does not messages and Jessica what are you what is your topics. Well for me I think the holidays are very tentative. Like those beauty to cools. Everyone really wants but sometimes counselors on of them. So I on practically someone who goes the Gemma. A little small. They're making blow dryer smaller and smaller. All the time and I know imagine there's always a line. In the morning it's been man it's like Cuba. Is in so you don't have time for that. You can packer around T three actually makes this really cute when it comes in little act in its super lightweight really easy to carry and you can do is blow your hair out. Right there in the jamming carry with you it's so easy packets not the size of like even appears Hughes. It doesn't take that much space up in your. Switch that and GM's provided. Parents. Because that's what I was need and my problem is and I'm trying to wrap it up when it's hot me in him in my bag so. Matt like her 23 but ultimately makes his tiny flat iron which is Corey becomes available cash. That's. So it's about the size elect the with your hate and and it. Is on Nazi get those little tight spot is around edges inspect edges gently those down. And but has he was in cap. So you have to worry if we can literally just that cap on and that's very convenient that the idea that's one of these and will bring me up dimensions enhancement. Amy found rollers. Would you recommend dollars. I love talking about fumbling and recovery in general regulates when he seventeen was the year that we saw recovery explode. On and everyone started to realize how important ones but it was. Just as important as you work out you know thinking of ways to skip that blow dryer line. You know the girls who like runner and the guys who run out they skip the cool down at the end of their class that they can you first someone for the shower for regular tires. In light. As as a trainer I gotta say it's hope how I'd like to hunt skip your cooldown. And don't keep your recovery so former rulers are really inexpensive lot of engines have been these days I loved the rumble roller it's a vibrating foam rollers it's really gonna get and the errant. You break out. The knots that are in your muscles and things like and speaking of Leonard's if you really wanted to splurge on wonders that there are done. On the which has been used by elite athletes it's got a 600 dollar price tag so we're talking to players learn. Urged Arafat umbrella what does it do does though it looks it looks kind of like a power tool. Com and it's sort of looks like it like a done and it's it's the north and intuit and you turn in on the new music to massage Oliver. On basketball players use I'm professional sports teams. On supposedly you know it feels it feels really degree you can use it all of your body on it's not like a crazy amount of pressure. On and it really works it's gonna help with the recovery a lot if you are if your training about level at bat an eighty dollars from by Mike how many massage may lead crystal is. A couple of leaders that is. It's breeding roller do you. The bike reading roller is just a normal phone Emeril on but because it's vibrating it's just gonna help dig into those muscles a little bit more recent years though gonna have to do the manual. You know rolling back and forth over its that you can sit on it in order to. And work out from the not to include Tootsie Roll over you were on earth sized. In of to help with Clyde temperature IT band on the side of your way eggs beans like. Own but the vibration Cisco. Aren't so throwback limit Jessica mute your hair stepped that you like oh yeah it's I think we're like mines here is a big payment comes summer camps in this what these things I have seen and they actually scary to think that they would like my hair out. They look like phone cords right Ian visit problem okay if it. Right exactly it feels to me like you're asking for trouble like your hair would get all coiled and it actually the great thing about. These type of here ties is your hair is into the cotton. It doesn't have an end. You know the traditional here ties they have that little space we are here with its snags because they connected to the circle wreck so these don't we have that. And denies the about it being a four. Court looking contraption. Is that it's not only that Kris. Rate he won't get that didn't know didn't really really. Lillie wares as where so your hair is bound straight and you put in applying talent that thing and you take it out and implement deck near. No and I I have very fine hair that just it just wants to console like I'm gonna have a dent probably taking office had found Xena can have. And I actually views are grade Apogee and they really hold your hair place on the and they even if you get sweaty I get there is running it's knock her pulling your hair wants its wet. And eat it like speaker advertisement mine you know I don't it's currently so this means this one that beam. And in me he would do spray and it really inexpensive X treaties bucks definitely different color you call them and well in this bottle is one brand prioritize and pampering and their brands that make different brands make enhancing yet that same tactic I've been at game changer because. I know my Hiroki. Yeah. If I have simplistic oh here's an. Completely it is and I are here the big thing and I want that look at the clock from accurate enough time to talk about the hair accident we were actually do a full episode just on hair because. For women it's it's a huge issue and keeps a lot of us from the gem if I if I didn't have here I was bald. I would actually swam. Yeah probably a couple of times a week I never swim as evening cap doesn't dry canyon its arena. Tunnel thing that we're gonna get to hair shore. This is a little bit off topic for its grand she's making them back to you guys and these are back in and I am and I embrace a lot like your lipstick to means very nine the tarmac they like and agree you know updated way. Currencies like. We really doing that I mean I think that's more of like you wanna be cute where's grant Shimon. They want to mention that don't go to guy who want to meet cute and wears skirts now are you black velvet and Gina that. All. Embrace yeah that's them. At the moon adds that it's here it's are here right rigid and you know. Okay in the active this action equals. So corrupted. Is on a recap on the mountain 999 months and it is ton of different workouts if you have to run treadmill. Elliptical cycling body weight workouts. It's going to the audio coaching and it's going to play the coolest music and if you agree playlist of like having a DJ and a coach in your ear is the music really good yes that is typical thing about out of its none an -- eighties speaking of your scratching moment. It's not like the eighties corny cans like a camera music I don't think get the rights to exactly does that like they got the rights and it's the real song from Justin Bieber Katy Perry however just like real stuff it's real stuff that's real top forty dance music. Whatever serve as my issue with I have an yoga app actually really like an elaborate on the saint mimic them can criticize it. But my issue with it is the new category so you know we do you really only need to listen anyway because when you're in a class you're not really looking at the teach them time and often parking around. So I find the it to be fantastic but the music instance those cheesy I always wished I can connected with my A with her fires and riots or maybe that's like the next phase and can you give someone an app can you gift an app. As you can mean I think you what you can do is give people an iTunes gift card telling the App Store and the making used. For whatever they want. You know you can tell them I would use it for this OK that's Smart. OK Jessica. She is shampoos trashed him oh and mostly hammer asked you apply here OK let's get there a second body wipes talking about my rights OK so. I think for me going to be jam. I always keep bite likes it need be ties. Those little pimples. Popped. Yes after working body acme yeah I think the body Acme Packet Albie you know curtailed. With a good buy. And I talked about what the little elect squares small face lights were inmate body that are huge. You can literally wipe your whole body Rea who makes I love the wants immunity. Actually relieved it's eyes. And you can get Neal also make some great ones like big and you can get your whole body I think it's important to white before you run. Outs and I never working at night sometimes I'd just like skip that shower right especially of and a network up the next morning thank you look at I ordered work at a 5:5 PM then comic on the the anyway so I can take two hours apparently you know Tom Athens can. Anxiously yes the body type is a great solution that case because if you leave your wet clothes and you leave that slash. Bad habit I do all of the record is terrible. I mean that's what create that mean that sway and dam is getting tracts. Between your tight clothes and now they're in addition to your pores in the cotton. Situation sad situation you know says like just take the time today. He's my life changing hands and then go home. To the shower yes it's really important that you really rinse off to get all of that doc even whites can lead but the small. On this in the team really wash off with. And a lot of Easley boutiques he has no option power in the orchestra and spaces to premium and do high in the classic mine you'd repayments and there's an hour he met by the way it's I think are keeping mean BK is sometimes like time. Right in the line from the shower or exit there's an hour. I think they're great ways seen cap and often in. And we were just talking before we got in here about the importance of using that wiped before class if you have make up on your coming out by the clock keep coming from words ligament or work our class. You don't believe the make up on your skin and the angels ready. Brecher sweat will kind of keep that make up will elect. Be pushed into your pores and it's like. A situation what I do you ago in this is kind of hack. You know working in TV you often get fully made up and then you may have him Parikh. And then in if you wanna go to the gym and Wear the or not you were in TV sometimes you wanna go to the gym in between two things were you need to be ready for about. I will often take up off everything about my eyes. So I'll leave eye shadow like you don't release when I hear islets. I'll leave eyeliner. Leaving me my eyebrows and I'll take up everything else on my end because I was also take the longest to apply yeah them and then it's just a quick powder blast gloss and you're out the door and five minutes after a great candidate Adam when a mile it was so and I don't think it's too bad effort. And sweating down scares. The vineyard. Maine yeah Matt. Yeah. And we wanted to let him from talking about. Hair as parents that something resistance. Resistance bands I love so over the holidays you got a lot of travel maybe you're going to lot of places. Not everywhere as a gem. Especially if you're going like I do going to my hometown. Which is phenomenal now and I'm from vero beach Florida votes small town. And our house south east of Orlando that the Florida and Orlando lateral anti drug and our house southeast. The coast and then your urine during cattle country and is it easier on the coast it's beautifully atomic assistance pretty it's really nice in Vero Beach. To be. He really resistant and the Caribbean to bring an end and dare they dare badly the reality of late going to urge and that I'm gonna go to for a week or something like homer visiting. So it's agree things just pack at written your suitcase on the and then you have a great resistance work out without having to carry with a ten pound dumb bells. Senior cicadas. And you really get a good work out resistance absolutely I think on the if you especially if you wanna act a couple in a couple of different resist senses like a light medium and heavy resistant. And there's no fold up another going to be you know just a couple of inches in your in your back and your bag. And you can do you know you can do everything with your legs and lower body. You can use them on for resistance when your arms he can really do full body work now armed with just the bands and a little bit of creativity. And that's where Google comes and vacant. Google some workouts we've got from himself. You can find them. Oh pence has covered with the resistance bands do you jams I mean showers your office now and you Tammy your office. You know not in Angola traits and yet there's one across history written you know I think a lot of of us take kind of boutique is take class classes is it acceptable in your office to say you're leaving to go work out. Think it is a lot before an after work like if I'm you know. Bouncing around I 86 to get work and and I finished on where and yeah if I come in around you know and because that work of the bats. You know out of the round I mean we really yet to practice what you preach straight about her self care and about. Really taking the time to take care of yourself and I think we leave recommends emptying your room we say we. Dance and it's because he really capture rent it has and sometime that means you have to go to a nanny America and. You know plus tested especially New York they're always crazy fun and new work outs coming out all the times. I think sometimes our job feels very and feels very fun because we're not just going I mean we're not just doing typical. Like you know weightlifting classes were sometimes during aerial yoga rational. Hot and the fact of the experience yet. I am okay so let's talk about hair. Because it this thousands it to our tax rate because we that I thinks it's so key. The holidays are so hectic for so many reasons and Philly gift if you can kind of stain your fitness routine it's not about. You know your weight. For me it's more about just staying balanced as boom and censored and not getting too crazy and too stressed and having one thing that centers year. During a time that's a little bit hectic. Parents of big think a lot of people won't work out leak is there in a mass of. Are we meet you with so what are your Samir favorite tax. Well I think for people who have like Streeter it's always command team east champ who both for you work. Maguire before so. Everyone you stretch of I feel like not everyone's allowed beloved chimp who are but. It's meant to be used on dry here not wet here after you work with and he is well a lot of ways we're using. When you use it before you work out that powder helps absorb the sweat that comes. OK you see that the tigers got the party candidates exactly our kind of arteries of the year for the war. This went back content that comes from working out afterwards you can give yourself ref blow dry and it may be delivered more after here's. For absentee kind of give it texture you want. In that way you're in light street near care. At the station oak. And love this one where Winick. It this is my own personal but what I have done some big fan of we don't Coptic America's real hair it just didn't grow from my so it's unfair it's real and it's also Allen's it's not mine in his mind the paid for it. That let's call it artificial air fare better it's badgers aren't thinking I'm a big fan of like the ponytail but we've always egg all these things that help you get work and still at that game to become days. As a woman with Afro textured hair like. Sweating immediately from here down to two inches an I want to show ultimately my curls and only dealing here with a week. Fish camp doing is not an option for me especially at age and where our products right ISIS' says it Horry is a situation. So what I its dues I just give me here courtroom. Underneath or breed it and then I Wear my robberies. Two engine. And and I carry my way. In my huge impact in the so on an architect might break. Ers look or her silk scarf and and I let it shower and shake my here. The girls in the Jim Leavitt and doesn't our air on obviously you don't go like in the stall on my mind here in Mary Miley than nicely. Don't leave big I. So I would when the first several months spent a new year I was like a little hell looks amazing every day you know do. I added all right yeah. Knowing what kind of Wiggins does it lays Bryant is he leaving your house fine and they don't leave out because you know leave out means I may be sitting here. Let rest departments ranks so I don't delete pages Italy's weighing. And it's currently sets and after. Natural act so all of your hair is rated opening quality is rated at and then I literary uses taken out of my bonnet. Say get out and limit the growth of red curtain. And I slept on an expert that was wired to kind of like these music yeah Asia's and then I'm out the door and I can't tell you when I'm I'm me. And I can't tell you I'm doing like me you're weak and lazy you ism magical you're wrong. Chart. Exactly ever exhibit that opens the park just put her here are. And everything you know that's away eat out some way for him. Geekspeak didn't realize that I was meeting here and Greta first of an idea and in the shower but that's what do we eggs at them I'm not where you aren't. I'm not an. Actor like proudly put it on walk around you know out of the shower like free the bird like what diplomat. As a little too intimate so I'm not yet prepared. I think. Day ink. We're blessed to have vs how options when it comes to hair and it is Wiig is helping need to come to beat him. Like I hats and days where I wouldn't have been Fijian. Had he not been for that we. So I hope that that that thing on my and and you know exits and it's nice way to pay it. I am proud to put it on the debate being it also opens up a conversation. About how complicated. Here can be eaten and if that. So once you become a wig and thinks this is the solution that would give me in the gym more often break then. I'm I'm happy for kitten. That you nominate you've inspired means mountain the proud. And applying the way yeah I think also some time this day of the before that we don't want people see a break and I think having the breeds. In the gym is. Like free and to not have to worry about. My hair and I'll sort membranes for anyone. You know if you want to have that beechy style and you might not have a Afro hair and maybe Havoc we you're currently texture. You can Wear your hair planted. In me just to elect kind of breeds and then release it after you sweat then you'll have that texture without having today. Flat tire you know that's is an easy way to keep that texture. They're really good idea to fewer African runner on like I'm I'm a runner and I want her hair. And if you are doing longer runs that constant pony tail that's going to be like kind of pulling at your hat with every single stash cash is not agree before you so I'll soothing breeze they hope alleviating the pressure that you can have on your scalp. And guy it's it's I think breeds can be a lifesaver for a lot of people. And that right now they're kind of mean and certain circles of economic and in India and India meaning but not every popular in terms of the mainstream trans actually I think wearing a French creators. You know. Or elect two braids wrapped around an crown. Can be really cute and you can Wear that to the agent an out break is also breed of beer resist. Since that it is always are not doing my yoga underhanded. You know you can Wear vision to be afraid to Wear the image cardinal. And didn't continue to at same rate. Now from German ago and then you have a hack that I think is really interesting as. And im asking here here. Before you work yes sticking to its power after. Examine your watch for her anyway why not use that hour to maximize your deep conditioning it's cold out. Here is really try. It Laxman waste. So I liked it in an oil treatment are dry mass. Our habits and deputy commissioner. Both for. I go to him maybe exit to breeds including quick to cover. Keep it from tripping. An idea but on this shaft into that our is yet it would be a bad just that your injuries and you know Levy from its unions and then. Work out and in the heat from years in that your skin's and it will warm up the treatment and help it sink into your hair. And then you can rents and known her. And again it's times hacker and at times and I'm amid deafening taken out on. Any final thoughts as we head into the holidays and any means gifts that you. Perhaps pensioner. Don't think there any others as I I would say there just to reiterate one of the points that you brought up as we head into the holidays give yourself a break. You know economic and into the jam all the time every week you know if if you've got a lot of other things going on don't beat yourself up just remember that this is a time to enjoy. Have fun with your family hopefully. Amin our travels see friends but sort of thing and so you're gonna get back into it whenever you get back into it. Yes and you tranche this thing that I sent to somebody on the podcast in the damn my Thanksgiving is so hard because that the pollinated only about food he was like plus the back attitude and I think he had yeah. Yeah he broke is primaries and the reason effort earned everything we're doing thank you guys so much for being here where people find you on social. I am at a I singer AE ISI NG ER. Jay coral JC RE EOK. Thank you can't have it thank you.

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