'Motivated' podcast: How to gain weight and muscle in a healthy way

Nutritionist Heidi Skolnik and personal trainer Faith Perez give tips for healthy weight gain.
32:23 | 11/08/17

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Transcript for 'Motivated' podcast: How to gain weight and muscle in a healthy way
Entered I am. The so today we're here talking about healthy weight gain. And I'm gonna learn a lot today because having to tried to gain weight it's never been an issue for me it's always been kind of after stay there that are under two great guests paper as personal trainer and competitive bodybuilder who just finished her first camp dissing ventilation and air. And nutritionist Heidi is comic. I'm so this idea this this topic actually came from a listeners I want to give a shout out to her Miriam and to Allah. Amen she said you know I'm really naturally thin and I struggled to gain weight can you give me some guidance on healthy weight gain. You know you everyone goes through life with their own perspective and this was really eye opening for me because on the show we focus a lot about weight. Loss of not to myself yeah that's. Relevant for a lot of people the owner people who are struggling to gain weight in a healthy way who were underweight or want to put an unhealthy muscle. Until Basilan wanna talk about Tibet. Some Miller a lot this is summing I know nothing about so Heidi you know I in the rules of losing weight. You cut your calories increased car radio. Is the reverse automatically true if you want to gain healthy weight do you just after calories and sit around. Sitting on it ago way and he wanted to be healthy enough. It is true that there's a lot of opposite. When we talk about it but first let's just take that back and recognize that for those who are tiny keenly is unique to for the frustrating. And you're right so many of us think about we lost we lost weight loss it's hard to be that in the fat to somebody who's saying I just can't keep the weight. But for them it is a real struggle but what you would think it was an accident trying to lose weight you're like why you probably still eating too much you're not getting enough exercise. Is isn't a metabolic thing for people were trying to gain weight due to their body just burned through it too quickly or they really just not eating enough. While both want it is too they might be sort of you know high earners but what does that mean offer when you look at it through just like with weight loss has a lot of different reasons why you meet. And need to lose weight and sort of your approach where it's coming from. But for people who need to keenly it is true that often they get full very quickly as opposed to feeling like they never get. And they are under eating but they don't think their country and if you look closely they often. Other times it it is that they just might really be hard gainers in their very fat. And then they're not keeping up with the amount that their burning but. Exercise is crucial for weight gain as well especially if you want it to be. Muscle in healthy weight it's not all be health I mean people get a little. You know over Zealand's about this idea of only muscle weight when your putting on weight. Use there's usually broom to pump out muscle and mean Estes normally how we put on weight. On the other thing that often I find with planes Hugh who are trying to put on weight is. Again the opposite of people who are stressed eaters like their emotional eaters and get stressed they are for eat and since there's a lot of stress some light they offer you a lot. And they have to be into distinguished. For people who are trying to put on weight when they get stressed they don't. But in hampering for instantly for stressful you know every week they might make a few advances and then they get stressed in and they are not eating. And so the lose the weight they had even. That experience for the first time in my life this summer we're moving as life going on and I was so stressed out I. Wasn't eating and I lost like to Richard -- not much. After listening which never happens and I like wow I'd rather be stressed and losing weight and that the opposite which distressed and gaining weight and stresses me out more. I'm so big you're an expert if you will on putting on muscle but so on muscle gains so what is the prescription for that if you want it. Put on muscle idea to change your diet and headed to changer exercise routine well. Highlight flexible eating. So I do macro nutrients. So basically it's how he beef. And I tried to do really high high protein. 01 point five grants into. Two grams or so more. That woman body weight is. So late that I am eating more protein thank you just filled me muscle little bit more and also as far as exercise I try to go heavier were less repetitions. So like how many reps do you aim figure trying to put Hamas bohemian rhapsody and I would go from eight to ten. The key to turn routes instead of doing lake fifteen if you just trying to toned. And burned. And then at ten are you really struggling or. Aria okay so it's not add to ten panic comfortably now she herself now when you hit six of southern you're ready struggling that you try to finesse. About eight to ten TK gets a ton perfect if not is the sufficient. And then how many. How many sets. Heard whenever body group you're working on that about three cents OK so the presets eight to ten wraps and didn't wait that means for exactly and then when it gets. Easy or manageable or you get to ten and it's no problem how much you're increasing your weight by how do you know how much to go. At the turns it could be five pounds extra. You know you just have to go with that and see anybody feels with a weak that you have in front of you. Illegal all of relieved because then if you struggling to breathe and you can't get to eight. They you know it's chewed too happy. So when you talk about much and macro nutrients an and I if these are pretty damn thing here you know you're talking about. Like your your break out of cars protein test there's a you're going for high. Hire a scene but what about your calorie intake overall I mean how how much it people will be looking to. Bring up their calorie intake tend to gain weight. I think need to go back to the the practicality of it because it's it's great to sort of made recommendations but to recognize again for those people to assimilate and be like when you're trying to lose weight to state eclipse. Okay thank them very much lately I never thought right wingers are. So it's it's often sort of behavioral. And recognizing. What happens for that person and so again if some think it's full easier you can't it's hard to just. That much more so it's it's more about OK so how do we look at your day. And for them it's eating more often because there's only so much more they eat one. So really making those snacks one important which. Again for people are losing weight they have snacks to help bridge the hunting accident gets hungry for. In this case he want to have those snacks because it's extra calories you otherwise wouldn't concede. But it still sounds like the same kind of discipline and commitment. Through. Oh OK I have to eat this because it's working towards Michael and it's right like when you support aid is kind of the very opposite if they if some of the tools that you have to loosely. Art to do. You smaller plates wealth for somebody turning keenly he's a bigger public has a look like a small report. If your goal is to me BB think about portion around. On carbohydrates start cards somebody tiny keenly you have more rights more cost more brand more so actually increase in harm's. Is actually very helpful because they're more politically dance. On your protein needs don't collect that much more they do but we came to eat enough for me mr. purposely not eating protein. You you don't need that much more routine while you're lifting to be able to put on the muscle you really need the energy to put on the mosque and you need the stimulus. Of the exercise depend on the muscle. So and depending you don't have did you know it depends again it is are you just like sort of a person exercising health and wellness are you at the screening for purposeful goal. And that that's really what's can it determine how you train. Because if you're. Training for wellness and you might not quite as much party. Right you don't need to do our junior thirty minutes again in the benefit of the car audio but we don't wanna be burning too much more focus on your strange from me. So your your training is gonna shift but. Act at the food part. You know vegetables you don't want to fill up untouchables. Lacey wanna get enough to be healthy but in China Philip untouchables you don't want to have water or soup or salad at the beginning of the meal. Because that fills you up. So instead you want to were collecting dense food first and then have your fluids and later as like opposite Danes and. Blowing my mind I. How do you handle arms at him and I do think carves the bad word that. I'm in love cars can be honestly. It is managing. Me and I just. Oh my intake it's not that high of cards only because again what I was screen enforce something totally different and indeed today. On the offseason my carb level as its higher than it would be fun training. To be on states. All the numbers at that point everything it's innocent it's very different it's very different. And when you're training to be on stage Arctic are you trying to like when you're trying to put on muscle. Do you use the scale as a tool or how are you measuring your your progress. I do it 3-D skin which you stand on that and it just calculates everything for you with the season that. I actually did an agriculture revolutionizing jurors think. They do a 3-D scanned that you could just stand on it and it calculates everything forays to see how you body with. What you're eating and your exercise if everything is actually. Mean Ireland England he dance where. As Andrea nickel at a 3-D scans or doesn't give you like body fat doesn't give you what what I think that's great if not nearly two measurement and obviously I that your body measure he OK anyway okay. So what it what is a good tool you know someone's trying to gain weight but there are gossiping a muscle which you know is heavier than fat. I mean is the scale than the the best school for a lot I hate to scale. So. Again I ate it so depends on what your goal is and we are starting so for many people are underweight. They're actually at higher risk they're immune insist on their muscular but their their bones. The Moscow or integrity there's so much else going on like it's different than trying to show put on muscle league. You went above and beyond because you were show there at your resume to that's different and somebody's walking around under way. Who's just trying to put and some weight and yes manners if it's mostly fat but really at that point strength training. Any lake it is dependent starting from a they've been doing strengthening or not they're gonna begin to see gains in their body will regulate so. Yes body composition is is definitely better than the scale but people can abuse body composition is while in terms of getting up so Aston. Over checking immediately and check every eight weeks or so it's not daily as Carroll is a tool. And it could be used or abuse can be misused it can be crazy making and not you know micromanaging. You know women who get on the scale every day who get on the scale multiple times in the day and you know they eat it you know the joke is he sees me again on the skillet heat cannot that you. He's definitely doesn't really matter pregnant not pregnant until I got bracelets. Everything about Sox. You know and so. So it's a senior trend and it's to get a sense dispute if he canteen in tears your own lake view if you felt great before you got on the scale. And then you get on the scam me feel horrible. Did you really changed just is that number what determined years you know cell work for the air had you been doing if you stick to the process. Whether that's for weight loss or weight gain. Yeah you're eating you know you have certain goals of whether to orbit Poulter who were carved serve more protein or whenever Nancy you stick in the process and you're exercising appropriately not too much not too little. Is that it's not like about how much more time chemist and an intent it can be. Well it could it could become compulsive. And that's not very healthy. So if your goal is for health and well being it's figuring out. Know how to exercise appropriately Hanoi eat in a way that's not too much not too little and into an island and in an imbalance he. And then wherever my weight is that's my realistically. Does there's an ideal weight which is usually not a true weight. And then there's a realistic weight which is the one you can manage that you Mullen exercising. I want to touch on on two things mentions he talked about aria so you might wanna scaled back on your party if you're trying to put weight on. But what about in the intensity do you also want to because you we want the benefits of coronary are still good for you. So how do you how do you balance that how do you make sure that you're doing what's good for your body but you're not working. Against your goals. Want you to fuel up for whatever it is so lake yes I believe I mean if you do hit trained in high intensity that's great. On it actually might even help to spur your appetite. So that's a good thing you want an exercise and had appetite working. We just only to burn so much that you can't eat and not when you're somebody who began isn't that hungry so that you're burning more than your Guinea eat. Right we don't need to be burning more it's not about. Getting to the gym and burning more when you trying to put on weight but it's about not exercising and not getting your carrion and enough to get the benefits it deftly wanna do. You deafening legal intense enough. And enough. But just not more rain and or do you do you carrion house Korea factor into your routine. I really don't do much to be on as if they do maybe twenty minutes. That's enough how often. Maybe three times a week and practicing here and how how much time do you spend on strength train. Centennial do about an hour. Because anomaly break only body parts when they do it it's mainly to two body parts at a time so it went heard what's your split in general that's a typical week like. Typical week I would do chest and bias. Than it would be back and try as and then I would do legs and Jim campaign attest in my Sam's bank back into triceps and packed. And then I would do legs I would to the glue it's and then I. Tackle my legs as well cedar hobbies on different day different days yes different days so I am right now I work out three days a week. I cut my days shorter because when you hit and stage actually worked and now. Five to six times a week and it could be twice that day. So in the offseason you know it's legal more leisure type my name and just to build a little bit more muscles I don't want to. Who too much harder to bernalillo that are most of them put in on. I try to keep it a little bit more limit it hinges just think our. Yeah I'm him but again. This thing about that is you've built up in your rating have been lines you can go more intensely during intimidate those people who gone more intensive meaning wouldn't do it. Right Atlantic great things better so bright for shore there's a lot of different ways to do resistance training yeah. Right there's a lot of different ways to still be healthy and and you know so it's. It's again very different it's wrinkled you're right and recognizing where you're starting in rewind go. He now a lot of women in particular are very concerned that if they start lifting weights they're going to get bulky. And you actually work very very very hard to build muscle that people think it's gonna have maxim that you pick up from three pound weights in the span class and all of a sudden you know your arms agreements but can you talk about that abound about the fear that women have that they are going to get bulky. And not look as feminine as they would like to if they start string training. We don't have since nationally commandos are as much as weak that you would want to listen I lift the very very happy Munich a squat 150 pounds on June 6 easing. I'm feminine so in order to get to that point it's very very hard naturally to do yet we can get mosque you learn a lot of ways and then when we need. When you take away a lot of the fat layers the muscles pops even more so special little you shall muscular thing you would. But you wouldn't have allowed match we look like a man. But instead we need to Centrino and it's actually beautifully get those mice curves in your body you get them wastes her own the most tones of separations. So to look like. To look like commandments. It naturally would not happen and generally are now scared now he should not be scared of nation embrace it and love it. Isn't a stronger than via strength Australia is there as sexy in a strict you know restraint that the new beautiful grin yeah. Com as something else that I hear a lot of that kind of drives me crazy is is when people talk but they want long lean muscle. And I have a friend who says. I've never seen a short stubby muscle leg muscles muscle right teen and developed him like there's this idea that you can likes to ratchet and get like a different and answers. Body by mean it what is that is that is Ares. I have to bat while women that a taller. The muscles are leaner and longer genetic there's. I think I ever be all that I kid that is an exit genetic potential that real. Vs ideal and we were formed different fiber types whether its fiber had wandered too fast twitch slow twitch and then there's this crossover. That you can train differently so more power. Is usually tends to be somewhat more I'm gonna say I'll hear from Acton of verses. Like endurance based empty seat runner's build persons who apparently after built. Right soccer and it is different sports tend to attract different types of body type to act of war and a morph. To there's different body types and when you trained those muscle fibers and activate. And so you're not gonna bureau long lean you're not gonna become. He any mean and it could be that Connecticut power sport posted lot of crossover and in you can train to accentuate what you have or to try to pull in those crossovers. So yes training does and it does if you train more like a ballerina. In between more like a power lifter you aren't going to develop good muscles somewhat differently but you're not gonna genetically. We just because you train like a ballerina doesn't union become five foot seven and long and recently if there's a self selection process of who goes into different. Fields of sports based on where they're protect it where they're to potential. And it's important to remember that we eat we are individuals yeah ourselves as individuals yes and feminine doesn't come from. The muscular and yes this isn't that women you're outdoors and the Israeli. The the living on a touch on is fat the idea of eating fat. So. You could probably gain weight pretty easily he drank Heineken Spina a few that amount emerge from things for recent aired Leno. The actor he'd he'd gained weight removing him and he did it by. Letting Hoggan mass pints Mel and drinking man on the the app how to do. I mean it. It is is is there do you want to stick to certain guidelines make that you're gaining healthy weight that you are not because you could eat into an ice cream and pizza and and junk but. You could eat a lot of really high calories fattening and put on weight is that a Smart strategy. So you know ideal of a lot. And there are athletes who became an exceptional with six packs. Evening and I that's it was instincts and Fran and eating fast times and others Hughes like their bodies are temple and it means teens planned. During nutrient rich carp entry hall whole grains and fruits and vegetables. On so it's not. It's not just externally how you part of why we. Eat it certainly is also because. It. It's nourishing to our bodies both the seller in only down a seller level and our again our immune system cancer prevention and heart disease and all of that. So you it's immediately threw a healthy weight. Is. Not. Not wholly accurate because. If he's exercising his body potential is to get a six pack he's just needs those calories don't get there. But that doesn't mean that one militant group practices that those are healthiest way for your insides were that. Once you've typical week the patterns you were talking about the you've created the tools that you have that help you maintain your wheat lost all of these years. On the air in so the way you put on weight. It's can help you in terms of me cleaning or pulling back those practice right so. I'm so clearly having he you know. Greek yogurt with knots in corn Knoll and an and banana panic to get to 400 cow disease. Is different than. Having. That of a down. But from a out. But from a calorie perspective after you get to your beef that I went FT get your nutrients and above exactly people bill and I is Jews but juice is a great way to get extra calories because you're getting that liquid which doesn't. Which which would be not Kelly to saint volume and kind of fills you but many calories from. Which we typically you can switch back to wander but but juice is a great way. Or does caloric beverages even with Lemony bird you know which really isn't a nutritionist invades Minnesota. Without. When that we are and say so but it but it is because. Again it's not taken away from the volume or any dealings that they get full quickly. Now I can have that calories from liquid. That you step from water and it doesn't change in your rights or you're just looking to different places to to adding calorie maximize account for I don't wanna have air puffs cereal you wanna have a really denser. You wanna have you know dried fruits because you don't want all the volley that. Again opposite we don't want is more. Volume metric style eating for weight loss which is a lot of water rich foods fills us up again in volume you want that opposite. So you're looking for ways always to maximize can I saw tame my vegetables not have them steam because that's more calories knots. Speak on the dean because that's more calories. Very very tricky if you're in a household where others don't share your goal to get right if you are if you're putting almonds on them it's green beans and your husband like I mean to drop ten pounds so yeah. At the plumber so if you're the uncertain he serving new whichever way. You serve his his without garments and then your portion you just put it. Right you wanna give milk can give Milliken you want chocolate milk you as a topic T shirts and they get up without facts so you want crew counting your salad or you want you know even that and to the heavier pour of how violent and it. You can he dip your bread and I'll follow put. Other Condo on it or put you some comments on your sandwich and someone else might just if they're cutting back maybe they -- just either a lesser portion. Or your route they're getting their lettuce and tomato and peppers without that extra spread. Mile everlasting Taylor's looking at you giving you like the fact her eyes and hands it to your current job and then added I think your big pours them. Oh quickly about maintenance them so lets you get to the point you've been working in game way. Now how do you maintain. A healthy weight without going to decide that's the main as a familiar with where you know asking too much. We'll hopefully so we Cain is. Rail is slow as well you know along the west and realistic they say we lost half a pound to two pounds a week is that the kind of a healthy range what do you think is is. Realistic goal for game. I think it'll slower than I think it depends restarting and how far away you are from eating slower and so I it's I've Clancy or underweight or paying on a pound or two pounds. Who a week but that's not must all right that's their weight. Muscle scheme is wasteland and how honey how slow fast do you think but it is slow so what do you think is it realistic. Summer wants to set a goal realistic goal. That they can accomplish in how long should they give themselves to see significant muscle pain. In Barry's that everybody. What the longer you. I would suggest even if it's a year or more just secede because it does take time. All these year people like a high. Content anywhere around foresee results and widows often results quicker me and won't be city technical writer is mildly not seasonally puppets but here. Exactly that at the present vehicle and how much mostly you really want to put on but it takes time. Mona more highly trained you are right and the slower than. The gain right so if your very far like you've never done anything you're gonna see quicker gains because. There's now is that true does your body respond more quickly if it's something unfamiliar. Right it is good but just because think of how close you are if you are already trained and now you're Taina. As passionate push it here you know that it's it's like I just like him right there aren't that Graf right to start him at click OK and then near lake. Team you always to tweak it again so much smaller it takes so much you know refinement. So it really does depend on where you're starting. Bring and it here's a moment let's body fat you're gonna see those muscular pains more. You receive a more via because they're not covered with the body fat that is uncertain I have a six pack and here. I just got it like they can't. I don't under their I don't. Under weight obesity and the extent than ever during the term total fees and on the outside fat on the right side with the same health indicators so it's very different writes about some. He has any change to which they do need change a body composition the need to Russell. And and they will be healthy for that there had you know now because if you're walking around eating tiny Ohio that is where you came on get your body competition measure that's where the scale isn't an Italian. What your body is made up. That that we isn't is deceitful. Because you're normal weight secure over fact. It's a what is the recommended range of body. Four men its first of age related cause we do know it'll do you tend to lose muscle that we. But it is true that we are different for 41 and easier in the best of me and I. The I mean to kids who say for an hour and a. Really I'm so glad I'm here and yeah. I always lurking. Oh so 15%. For men twenty twice 152025%. From women visiting Paris and has recommended format. Aid to justices get older that goes between. While winning ten at 10% more we do or are being fired. And hormones. And I don't repeat and one for women the range for women 20/20 5% twenty to 25 per now athletic. You know an important athletics that changes have been like apartments certainly or 8%. If their competitive and depending on your teen your sport your machine. If your body builder wrestlers might get as low as 3% but we don't expect people walking around only began core audiences it you're talking to feel. I'm not hardcore athletes that I hear from a lot of investors I think that the people like. And not you can your competitive bodybuilder but. And where you know you want to do the right thing we try our you know unity to via. And and your job is fitness among at a discount. But I think most of our listeners aren't you know they are people numbers and there isn't an option professionally wrecked. Still there in a popular look around 252021. And known your body fat to scale air rights of there's violent compete in its. Which there's there's the caliber. On. It depends Hewitt and yet elementary school I have honesty from this thing. I was a chubby kid. Her own life. And then there's acts which most important access to but if you are gone for bone density appeared in altering your going to bone density measured that it censored by beating the scales that they found stores does and we can mean to program but are they were accurate and reliable. Nine I think it's a standard bearer for all of them I think via an also a traditional fact that. But I think that on the and I don't recommend doing that every day annually you don't need to know your body composition of don't even intimate here. I do it maybe once a month but even OK really depends on amendments to change but I think fit you kin. But I think you're looking at where if it's the same method you look at sort of just a trend to you don't have to worry about the number specifically. I think that you can go to a local. Jim many of them all have access to that their certain and I. I work of the one of sports medicine tenor Hospital for Special Surgery me for performance and you can get measured there so there are different different locales we probably can. Finance and there's a story where they put me in like the bod pod you have to setting lastly sister air and if so then what's the take away and that's a good that the very ballot. Yet they said it was the best measurements used are measuring air displacement matier wary. A different story doesn't like it Kazan and pay for my. The other thing too expensive and so what's the take away your ear someone who want to put on weight you are put on. Healthy weight you don't want to create bad habits that an agreement creative problem for you later down the road what are kind of that the big takeaways what which and you start. On think I'm Loy I'm very behavior modification focus I think you start west. Adding calories buy a adding good healthy snacks. So you're just gonna have what every eat for mealy keep in smaller amount than in between Pakistan and snacks and snacks. Have you or. Low calvary. Hi I'm what are fine foods at the end Danielle see why your most hunting to getting in your more dense foods you're giving your protein and cards in the beginning in your eventually they decent. Liquids toward the end of the meal and crank. I would say that you can you choose color creed dense foods. Kind soap go for our. Knots and those are two cards and on and on oils were you can. Again you're always looking for ways to increase calories without volume. Increase caller's my right because you're not used to eating them much rain and and paint any parting parting wisdom. Are people one handsome muscle. But definitely I mean you you just we wanted to some Carty L and not on the flee don't don't be afraid of picking up weights. You knock on the look like a man the funny to you gonna get stronger. And you'll feel good and nice school body for women don't don't think you panel recommend it's not gonna happen they go. You hang out graduates if you and a costly to you you can't just like real training. Yet but again you don't not continue to do this fantastic wonderful but you don't have to do body building to do resistant definitely married to him saying you can't. Increase your strengths are functional strain you know how you feel in the world agency could hone. On even if you would call muscle on kimono relieved stinks and it. He had a big county and by doing some strength training and assistance things lot of different ways to that you never even have to pick up a week if you're intimidated by that although just a reason be intimidated by that. And we are significant body weight that could do way to do and has a different is great and as time went on my ankles and my act as though I mean him 41 a couple of mark in them that that's about it body weight thing that anybody has like impossible it's like my Everest. But. It's a funny thing that remotely that the body weeping insulting your body reits distributed. This is what I'm telling myself a guy. Me with the company's ability or thing. I knew I am this thing I think you some answers as a great conversation thing you know your personal trainer of people contract with your standing here Aaron how can they find it. Well make a find me an answer William Kirby fit. And also FaceBook or beef that OK Gary I mean and Aaron and Heinz comic thank you both and that's this topic came from a listeners that if you topics please hit me up at mark camp. Also sent questions if you have questions 'cause we're gonna do QNA episodes him. Thanks guys have a government.

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