Nationwide COVID-19 surge underway

Hospitals in El Paso, Texas, are using overflow tents after running out of beds
2:56 | 10/26/20

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Transcript for Nationwide COVID-19 surge underway
The United States has hit a new record averaging nearly 70000. New Kobe case is a day last week that's the highest number since the pandemic started. ABC's Marcus Moore joins us live from El Paso, Texas now. Which is using overflowed tense as hospitals their run out of beds and markets this area has been so hard hit what's the latest. What you don't die and you were talking about the record numbers that we have seen across the country. We're seeing that right here in El Paso in El Paso, Texas rental on the US Mexico border where just today. They broke yet another daily record. 1443. New Kobe cases reported today alone and that's. This is just the latest in the twenty day streak of a record breaking days so this this virus has a a very strong grip on this part of the country and 853 people we understand from county officials. Are in the hospital right now being treated for a cold mid nineteenth I'm a 180 people. Are in icu and what we have heard from the county judge here in El Paso County is that all of the hospitals here in this area. Have reached capacity. And that is eight the serious situation Diana is the reason why a curfew was put into place last night. At 10 o'clock from 10 PM to 5 AM to try to reduce the number of people out and about and they are Diane urging people. To stay home for two weeks as they try to stop the spread of this virus. This Denmark is you know that things are especially bad in El Paso but we're seeing high numbers in various. Parts of the country how are hospitals preparing for all of this. Walnut is diamonds in port. To point out that what we've heard from a number of doctors. Across the country is that there is a sense. That people are experiencing co bit fatigue so they may be cutting corners if you will in terms of protecting themselves not wearing a mask or are going outside areas were there a large crowds. And that is something that hospitals across the country have been preparing for. What they don't want it to be in a situation where they don't have hospital bed so as we've seen here in El Paso you mentioned the tense that have been set up. There is a field hospital that is being a symbol not far away from where I'm standing now at the convention center. Where patients will be treated and we're not only talking about. Kobe paces Diane. But other people non Colvin related. Patients who need treatment and then goals are some of the things that hospitals are doing. Here at El Paso they have also been airlifting. A number of people to neighboring cities to receive a critical treatment those volunteers. Many of them going out just this morning Diane as they tried to. Ease the pressure that these hospitals are experiencing not only here in El Paso. But in cities across the country. I've Marcus tomorrow we appreciate the update so much effort going into trying to keep the country safer and now.

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{"duration":"2:56","description":"Hospitals in El Paso, Texas, are using overflow tents after running out of beds","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"73842208","title":"Nationwide COVID-19 surge underway ","url":"/Health/video/nationwide-covid-19-surge-underway-73842208"}