Pennsylvania county paying employees to get vaccine

Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, offers its employees $100 to incentivize more people to get vaccinated.
2:58 | 03/03/21

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Transcript for Pennsylvania county paying employees to get vaccine
One county in Pennsylvania is now offering its employees money to get vaccinated. Under new program workers for Allegheny County will receive 100 dollars when they get their covic that. Cove in nineteen vaccine joining me now for more on that program is Allegheny County executive. Rich FitzGerald good afternoon rich thanks for being here top figure this why and how. Did you come up with this program to give a hundred dollars employees who get vaccinated. Well a heart. This is all they knew we also see prior to doing. This is. Are talking well now people want to get seeing. It is not enough and aren't hard to do that we also know entrances or percentage of my just aren't forty. Louis international calls are yeah. We shall are fine. And wished they are all California and CE. Only two did. So we wanna ensure that we keep our employees our feet the holidays are healthy. But also the key worry we pass I heard were so. I don't want classes. Alcohol or. He doubted last year we must do what or million dollars. People to stay all. Important he cannot work so why are you say we want people were more usually call. So based on Latin vaccine hesitancy that you started seeing among some of the employees particularly those in vulnerable and our air was let you know like nursing homes as you mention. Is this working now that you opera this 100 dollars or kind of an impact leasing BA hasn't. Creatures don't question about that now we Ali and yeah there's wrongdoing in the people who are okay with you heard Gary Rudy Hermann hall were smaller won't Sierens nursing home correctional officers are so. Yeah. What he saw or. All of the situation. Percentages much. I ever all the media. Didn't really yeah. And as we just son that he is has been a lot of confusion around the vaccine roll out appointments can be hard to come by. What are you doing to try to make that process easier for your residence. Well or how beauty all that's life for our whole our only gets about 10%. CU. You're a little back CEOs is on to our health care and Somalis already. My fifteen AT and go to or she's copy all our news trying to get so. Were. Somewhat serious Paul Lara now says he. I and we are with united way some people may oh all who want. They don't have access the Internet and so they are your IRA. All right rich FitzGerald and Allegheny County Pennsylvania ridge thanks your time today. The new yeah.

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{"duration":"2:58","description":"Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, offers its employees $100 to incentivize more people to get vaccinated.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"76236534","title":"Pennsylvania county paying employees to get vaccine","url":"/Health/video/pennsylvania-county-paying-employees-vaccine-76236534"}