Preparing for a pandemic winter

How to cope with potential mental health challenges brought on by the pandemic as winter months force more people to socialize indoors.
8:30 | 10/21/20

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Transcript for Preparing for a pandemic winter
And the US is fighting a new surge of corona virus cases an internal health and human services memo obtained by ABC news. Says 44 states and territories are now reporting an increase in cases. And Florida were more than 161000 people have already died from the virus new daily cases have doubled in just one week. And with cases on the rise as we head into the winter months any of us will be forced to spend more time indoors. Some experts are saying the next six to twelve weeks are going to be the darkest we have seen. Yet so how can people effectively. Conquer this pandemic winter I'm joined now by psychologist doctor Sen M Hafiz and ABC news contributor doctor John Brownstein good morning to both. Reminding. Eye doctor Brownstein we know that this virus is highly transmissible indoors as we get ready for the holidays. Your people want to gather with family and friends is it possible to do that safely inside what's your advice. Did she know. Clearly from the beginning of this pandemic we've been very worried about large indoor gatherings and eat and you know we see he's issues. From every major holiday where people get together face. That's when virus spreads so you know what can you. You see things get a mall you know we got to prepare you really must say how does family didn't quarantined for a couple weeks ahead we'll make sense because that you can guarantee that you know bring you section home I'm obviously limiting the numbers of people that are galleries from horn Max. Swearing social distancing all the things that we been talking about. And then on top of that ventilation you how big our whole tradition in the home she opened the windows to let circulating here. All distasteful certain views yes all around our chances better ports the sea this way is that you know. So every virtually if you can. Well and doctor fees on that note we know that isolation makes you safest from the virus but it also makes you more vulnerable to mental health issues a recent study. Reveal that depression rates have tripled during the pandemic. So how we cope with these feelings especially as it gets colder as it gets dark corn we lose the ability to socialize outside. And so it really good question I mean this study is sorry Aaron tallying. That one out of four Americans are not experiencing reporting symptoms that stretches of being behind number keeping out. That it jumped on eight acres at the for the pandemic two when he sentenced when he percent out so this isolationists. That is ongoing Donny is seeking on tile she still get it didn't always do and as the talking just site if he can do it indoor isn't that he seeks week. On the seat that's an option you know now our backyards and UBS usable and he can't just go BP and part. The median in New York's classy undermines our. Be brutal. And assemblies around new hints that he knows who calls the family and friends the impasse addressing let's catch up. Actually heard something on your calendar. You know one of the things that I found people who work on the mile have you seen it and find I talk about media talking pat you know happy someone else to camp for our. Until bullets you having unconditional love. On the fact that depression is so high you know I don't think you sound neat. And sit he'll let you half brother Ethan is he got our separate Gallup on doing the actual close more than ever happened before this he began as a fact. I'm and no and wanted to think that we talk about it see her depression. And its appeal thinking instilled something different therapies is getting around. Or even we're looking like ink and think about is that few Ricky from home the master bonds or your supervisor. Clerk when we went for. Leaders likely see you can't Albert in the mornings the Eagles are that. On their own blocking just get from I didn't see. I think that tips and what we learned about the way this virus spreads that we didn't know back in February and march when this all started. And how do you think that might change our approach this winter doctor Brownstein. I mean we've learned a lot I mean this virus is new it's not even a year olds from our understanding. The epidemiology. Exercise changes so you know we've learned there cost masks. Actually do work to prevent you know spread the virus reduced mobility how eager galleries contribute to this spring it. Note that the spread happens here respiratory droplets are also parents also that's what indirectly she is alone. Warrant and went under eighteen side can be. So important transition. Awesome first creditor banks you know you know those are big deal clearly it won't solve the White House we also let kids due to zero in the media artist stronger role as adults that the central role in disease transmission. That he said he undisclosed GOP sees me and we're seeing these schools students also increasing your ability to open schools while focusing on high risk areas rate indoor restaurants places where you know that for graduation and people coming together. Results in disease threat we also let testing so important it became proved testing initiated he got Rollins to isolate. Entries are. And allowed. Limited spread to community and what we're seeing also the micro targeting it's not just white kids intervention efforts approximate heresy but he neighborhoods where you're seeing high interest transmission. And focusing on those places such an entire city answer under some form of intense interventions and so we stacked I think that we can you move forward this winter without major war backs insert reopening. All right and actor have fees you know it's it's so hard to experience. These emotional repercussions we're talking about yourself but it's another thing when you see your kids struggling what's your advice to parents right now. I'm vices you know to go easy on your something go easy on your kids you know it's in such a trying time for adults and in NASA and these little children who are certainly being ripped out from having Fiji saying. In its many keys is still not going to school and in outlining. I'm very very needs are and who wanted to think that I feel encouraged that parents. Honest you know can't conversations with their children given to each and actual voice spiel don't. Of the funny thing to say don't see some of the hot country seasons of them because the questions. And when things are perverts a lot of things like children the not so much to expect tell them things a little Clinton the next the months. And you know a lot more this fire is that leaked it a few months ago. And sending speaking due to protect ourselves. And you know the anxiety will bracelets as parents beyond some. South Jersey children pick up undue anxiety he could go on dealer he they have this sends it my parents worried about something must be right. A FEMA fashion and in kind spend more time and T get and it's at that time. I'm that you have to get back and find creative outlet silk or not and I passed a day you know and it back up plan keeping sect you know. And smaller ones that have to be a big the only duty hikes and a big point gain. You don't need each and in so called that opinion France would be easy and that it could not nearly equal needy children in a way that is. Not as anxiety provoking or depressing and scrutiny and completely. Are out. And woman those of us with a really little ones you know I have my mask your right next to me as soon as back off camera I've put it right on my son sees us wearing these all the time. He's about to be too so he's about to have to start wearing him himself and trying to getting used to that has been. Really difficult tat you get the little ones used to wearing a mask. He's still talking to aid even though you sue you know and you can eating tiny screen and NC this is gonna keep unsafe and then to avoid the heat you feel confident reinforcement. Is the most potent thing out there and cents a you know give him at 800 yeah they good job buddy keep an outside edge not not senior knows you know all of these things I find year old twin boys. And it's not seeming to the beginning it's you know he does not this song are you unlikely to succeed in keeping your saucy. In keeping people's seat and my mom lives are meant to be keeping it real estate. You know so the problem right from the beefing Britney can feel important and feels so. And it's definitely out engine lengthy Isabel as it sounds he amassed extended its so. Not understanding and cunning numb you know as a black is as important. Freddie and being force and high ice snacks records along with her eyes. Tirade -- an ongoing process that'll keep you updated but I appreciate the advice doctor John Brownstein doctors Saddam have been we appreciate your time this morning thank you. Did you think you.

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{"duration":"8:30","description":"How to cope with potential mental health challenges brought on by the pandemic as winter months force more people to socialize indoors. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"73739855","title":"Preparing for a pandemic winter","url":"/Health/video/preparing-pandemic-winter-73739855"}