Rise in cowardly and vicious ‘Zoom bombing’

Oklahoma City University senior Jay Williams discussed the racist and anti-Semitic attack during his graduation over Zoom.
5:07 | 05/12/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Rise in cowardly and vicious ‘Zoom bombing’
Now to a bizarre symptom of this pandemic the rise in cowardly and vicious online attacks by anonymous so-called zoom bombers. Here's ABC's Kyra Phillips. Reporter: They all had something to celebrate. And they were all using zoom to do it. Until that joy was hijacked. In early April, this two-time olympic fencer was calling in to celebrate team usa fencing with her teammates. That's when she saw the racist chats. A New York rangers prospect was hosting a special chat to engage his NHL fans through this pandemic period of no sports. Then, came the vulgar insults. Okay, I'm ready when you're ready. Reporter: Dennis Johnson's video conference was to defend his doctoral dissertation about the struggles of African-Americans in California's education system, and then the racist profanity and pornographic images appeared, and this disturbing video of a kkk cross-burning. I heard my intern say we're being bombed and then I heard a lot of the noise and distraction. The person who hosts our zoom service said I have to shut it down. Reporter: This reverend was actually being zoom bombed. The new form of harassment popping up in pandemic times. Where intruders hijack video calls. Many of these attacks involving hate speech and racist images. . This is breaking news from channel 7 eyewitness news. Hello. Governor Cuomo holding his daily coronavirus briefing. Let's listen in. It has nothing to do with -- who is a big part of our effort here. To his left, my right, the secretary to the governor. To my left, Mr. James, phd it's a pleasure to be in binging bingington at the school of pharmacy. It's a beautiful new facility. Pleasure to be here. We're getting a little bit of a late start. I wanted to hear the senate briefing this morning on the covid virus. See if there was any in thinking. Let us give you the facts and some of the new thinking here in New York. Number of total hospitalizations in the state is down again. That is good news. The net change in hospitalizations, three-day rolling average, is down. The intubation rate is down. That's just about where we were when we started. Literally, the close down and -- and yesterday, that is the most devastating number that we have to deal with it's actually up a little bit from the day before. But overall, the trend is down. And if you look at the number of lives lost, again, we're just about where we were when we started before we saw the onslaught of the virus. And then dealt with it and changed the trajectory of the never forget what we did here, what new yorkers did, by their actions and their sacrifice. They saved lives, hundreds of thousands of lives. Because that projection of what the virus was supposed to do was much, must have worse than what it wound up doing. We're making progress. But it's no time to get cocky and arrogant. The virus has deceived up every step of the way. We have been behind this virus from the very beginning. And it still surprises we thought initially that it didn't affect children. Now we're dealing with an issue. We have about 100 cases of an inflammatory disease in young children that seems to be created by the covid virus. And this is something that is just starting and New York is leading the investigation of this situation. The symptoms of the children are analyzed to the kawasaki disease or toxic shock syndrome.

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{"duration":"5:07","description":"Oklahoma City University senior Jay Williams discussed the racist and anti-Semitic attack during his graduation over Zoom. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"70646498","title":"Rise in cowardly and vicious ‘Zoom bombing’ ","url":"/Health/video/rise-cowardly-vicious-zoom-bombing-70646498"}