'Save Locky's Dad' Campaign Aimed at Drug Companies

Online campaign seeks to give Nick Auden access to a PD-1 drug to treat his cancer.
3:06 | 09/12/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Save Locky's Dad' Campaign Aimed at Drug Companies
-- Sam won't mind you there and I can't. One. So aerial spraying them out parents came from. Tokenism nice kid he's he's default position he's candidate he's a lot of -- him he's going to be there helped steer events and help -- make choices. Make hanging from black and he told me that -- he comes on -- down. And then not long after next weekend that he had distasteful melanoma but he could always so that we can solve -- -- -- team that. One thing we -- -- being able to solve it. Always complied with the human beings since that series -- -- -- -- in order these yet. It's a chance we're taking it. It's a possibility that we going to be -- -- possibility. That's -- -- right now is history and happy and we need access to -- when he was brought people. Mac Anderson minds of his -- track and he's just being handled I want to -- every -- Jack. He used in the Mellon wealth in this -- know -- That -- is confining him. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm a little -- -- just don't qualify for the trials. He's just got an amazing strength and contamination the -- it's up in the morning and he's joking that means he's fine -- Writing and he's doing everything tend to promote his funny come from an extreme because he's not running -- K I know that I need to keep strong to keep him from winning. And that's. Why I really think that he that we. He won that -- -- he continues. -- really like drugs -- trial compassionate basis. I think I can -- -- case study. Four points drunken -- now works and what they need -- needs someone melanoma. Please pick strong. About management and on big -- And -- that brought back in the preakness and Mike -- sales. Some ten. Yeah. When we were told to expect that this is the -- the tonight Ikon -- except that waiting fifteen criminal -- You couldn't cut the company and we need he's got him. And when he held its and we want -- personally it's good to help. -- I yeah. Yeah -- -- OK yeah utilities were very significant -- attack.

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{"id":20239621,"title":"'Save Locky's Dad' Campaign Aimed at Drug Companies","duration":"3:06","description":"Online campaign seeks to give Nick Auden access to a PD-1 drug to treat his cancer.","url":"/Health/video/save-lockys-dad-campaign-aimed-drug-companies-20239621","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}