Teen Dies From Cookie With Peanut Oil

Cameron Fitzpatrick's peanut allergy proved fatal after accepting a cookie from his friend.
1:25 | 03/13/13

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Transcript for Teen Dies From Cookie With Peanut Oil
So what is that you just dying. Was this. His friend nick just anonymity remembering Cameron Fitzpatrick. Smile that lit up the room loved by all he -- -- -- And it -- -- life. Cam less severe nut allergies and was asthmatic died on Friday at Jordan hospital -- -- -- the -- down my throat. -- it's nothing it's amazing that it. That can do that somebody his parents don't blame the friend who offered him a cookie. He inquired if you can see you think it's irate he gave you know smoking about -- being in I can say is within a half hour after that I watched my -- suffer awful. Awful. I'm. Struggling to breathe and begging for help. His epi pen was still packed in his college gear the freshman just home for spring break at nine years old camera and a bucket list promising to help others he's an organ donor and passionate athlete he played hockey for years and will be honored -- coaches. His mother says he's teaching others today. The year -- to -- that can't always if you had any kind of an allergy please don't take it from -- always inquire always asked his mom describes in his upbeat optimistic so -- it's the last word on his Twitter page she wrote. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time I'm Pam Cross WC BB -- center --

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{"id":18717704,"title":"Teen Dies From Cookie With Peanut Oil","duration":"1:25","description":"Cameron Fitzpatrick's peanut allergy proved fatal after accepting a cookie from his friend.","url":"/Health/video/teen-dies-from-cookie-with-peanut-oil-18717704","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}