Tikker 'Death Watch' Lets People Live

Swedish inventor markets device that counts down until death.
3:00 | 12/31/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tikker 'Death Watch' Lets People Live
Hello my name is Frederick and I work with ticker the wrist watch that counts down your life. I would like to talk to but the day you're going to die. Death some say everything just goes -- -- switching off polite. Others say it's actually quite pretty. Now imagine someone told you that -- only had one year left to lift how would that change your life. For all of us life comes with a best before date and one -- will find ourselves at the end of the line G you're thinking this is a really depressing video. But wait there's good news to. While death is non negotiable life isn't the good news as that life is what you make of it and -- boy can it be beautiful. All we have to do is learn how to -- the time and the life that we've been given to moderate suck the marrow from it -- the day and follow our hearts. And the best way to do this is to realize that seconds days and years are passing never to come again and to make the right choices. Anger or forgiveness tick tock wearing a frown -- -- smile. Tick tock. Happy or upset. Tick tock. That's why we've created ticker the death watch that counts down your life. Just so you can make every second count. Ticker is a wrist watch that counts down your life from years -- seconds and motivates you to make them right choices. Ticker will be there to remind you to make the most of your life and most importantly to be happy. Imagine someone told you that you only had X years to live what would you do. I would continue to live my life just the way -- -- we are not promise tomorrow so there's nothing to change. I would forgive myself myself judgments and pursue at least three things I've always feared one of those things would be parachuting. -- -- -- to tell my children how much I love them heard their own personalities and talents. I try to encourage the life lessons I want them to learn. Most of -- I just live in the moment with violent. Visit every country and tackle one challenge that each country has to offer such as Mount Everest. Ski. Instead if he is I was counseling amendments and they each want to -- -- But it's not really about how much time you have it's about what you do with it. A week spent in love and happiness can be worth more than years spent in agony. So have the time of your life with ticker the death watch that makes every second count. Wearing a ticker is a statement to the world that your biggest priority in life is living. Please help us help you do that and support -- on kick starter. -- and ticker also tell -- the time.

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{"id":21380660,"title":"Tikker 'Death Watch' Lets People Live","duration":"3:00","description":"Swedish inventor markets device that counts down until death.","url":"/Health/video/tikker-death-watch-lets-people-live-21380660","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}