Top health official: It’s a ‘critical time. We’re close'

California Health and Human Services Secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly discussed the state's regional stay-at-home orders and vaccine distribution plans.
4:46 | 12/05/20

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Transcript for Top health official: It’s a ‘critical time. We’re close'
California which broke a new record today with more than 22000 new Kobe case as the governor has announced regional stay at home orders that will be triggered. If it went on icy or availability dips below 15%. And today. The San Francisco area announced its locking down beginning this weekend we're joined now by Californians health and human services secretary mark Alley. Thank you so much for your time secretary to governor Newsom announced that 327000. Doses of the vaccine will be coming years in mid December rich states like Texas have announced they received many more doses are you satisfied with this number inch how challenging will be to figure out who gets in line first. Thanks for the question. You know we we're never satisfied all Islamic. It's much. The vaccine is looking at I would tell you we're in constant conversation what our federal partners and we believe this burst allocation is. Recordings is what are we know and gays and we are will be able to announce more wrecks are. Certainly aren't aren't what are part two and angered other. A California has said that it will independently or read any vaccines before distributing them within the state how does that process going in and will lead to any delays in distribution particularly with Pfizer supposed to authorization. You'll let me answer that second or first absolutely not we are already reviewing is wanted to ya yeah Gator. Around the present. You read right around the same time. You know within hours and we don't think it will all influence. Or delay any and we can be. Seen. In oh. Now some critics say the California's regional stay at home orders unfairly penalize smaller counties there are lumped in with bigger. Cities with more virus spread it on the flip side some wonder why stay at home orders aren't statewide how hard is it to thread that needle in get it right particularly in a large state like California. I mean I'll remind you some of these regions and we have in California. Are bigger than even mediums are so. You know it is a challenge and I think we've always we don't live in the act according. There's a lot of difference between north and out of coastal and our inland area. We leave it look at how this there are regions in the it virus the virus spreads. When it geographical regional way. And our our systems are also. Though the approach super regionals your home order Bo elected Wednesday in way to be targeted but it also recognized and in the virus and showed her. Now to talked about putting teachers near the front of the vaccine line is essential workers but California is one of the few states where many school districts never reopened Hau Liu made reopening schools a priority is a vaccine rolls out. Well even before the vaccine rolling out of priority we're working closely with our county leaders and frankly all of our. Education partners across the state to make sure. That we create an environment. Where we can focus on see your staff and students provide all the protective factors that we know make a difference and a number of school district. The crossroads aren't getting the vaccine creates another exciting opportunity. To create more protections of that and we can now bring more schools. In person at an early night. And lastly doing your colleagues continue to warn that were in the worst moment of this pandemic that we haven't even seen the full Thanksgiving surge just yet. What do you think will ultimately stem the tide and do you see any glimmer of hope. Well I mean there's a lot of glimmers of hope I would one is the vaccine but it not yours today and that's why we need. Keep our guard up in use the tools we know work. California emphasized. I stayed at home order with our regional. And you know he has to avoid mix up and you know this really hard for individuals for human community but it will that we employ now really Wilson lives. Buy us a little bit more time is your role and really give us rooted typical third way but I think the critical time were closed. A lot of good things are happening on your rides and it's being focused now and will serve California importantly the entire nation really well. Doctor Galley thank you so much for your time we appreciate your insight. Yeah thanks for having.

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{"duration":"4:46","description":"California Health and Human Services Secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly discussed the state's regional stay-at-home orders and vaccine distribution plans.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"74550874","title":"Top health official: It’s a ‘critical time. We’re close'","url":"/Health/video/top-health-official-critical-time-close-74550874"}