'Tree man' suffers from rare skin condition

Aug, 12, 2008: Dede Koswara has lived for years with rapidly spreading warts that have covered his entire body.
11:52 | 01/23/19

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Transcript for 'Tree man' suffers from rare skin condition
Good evening I'm David Muir it was an image that was nearly impossible to believe a man in a remote part of Indonesia. Who look like he was turning into wood tree bark for skin routes for hands and feet so we sent our digital reporter Barbara Conley whose base to Jakarta to find out more. Fancy a question. This is the most remarkable case with a severe case I've seen in my career by inches could determine whether it was actually Wheeler when I came. She dating Kirsten I determined it was real it poses a lot of jails treat and understand why it happened. And served to help patients. And to learn more about disease. Yeah and you. I'm yeah. In a place so distant from modern American life. A place of behind the music thousand shades of green lives in man whose appearance makes him seem part of a jumble folk tale. A man whose body seems to be transforming into the jungle around him. In Indonesia they call him to lean man. He's in a local hospital now. And will be for months. As piece by piece doctors cut away what look like roots and mark. Revealing the man the father of two whose life has been overtaken by a medical mystery. That has no name. But he does his name is a day. Act. Just starting the beginning we need to leave the crowded city with cars stretched side by side with carriages and motorbikes weave through it all like Mercury. This is the village were dating grew up. And these are his parents. So tell me more about their day growing up as a little boy send them futile flaming piece that he killed. And playing in kidding this is like any other small head April did do was an almost child. We've been on my hands and feet except for one lethal bombs and he's in the did Lewis Libby did. It is became a craftsmen working to build and repair houses and so good with his hands they say he could fix anything. As is the custom here dating married young or. And when did it was just you can nearly at he's hands would feel it's small awards and ended it had a child. And his stuff going on gay days please. Those words are a result of the human pap Paloma virus HPV. Common virus one in fifteen Americans live with it some without even knowing it. However in days case the results were extreme. The reason he looks this way is that his warts are uncontrollable. And that baffled doctors. Doctor hardy is a leading plastic surgeon in Indonesia and the head doctor and eighties case. When did it come here into this with the Phillies sold almost all of the body of it is had Walt. Local doctors tried to treat day day by cutting the wards off. And it wasn't fixed and some remote you can days helped them build through leases and. Decoud bank instantly. But he Stein even plus. If that is the I and this is not going home Watson thing. Possible. I. She used to good to demolish Weinke speed and hands with a normal. But when people's thoughts heading. She did didn't go to demolish any malls. As these rose looking more and more to villagers like bark and roots slowly took over his body DD lost the use of his hands his livelihood. Doctors offered some radical solution one that horrified his mother. The deficit. Could cut off his hand. And us for the full. And and what about dating that he talked about it. Did do refuse to do dad. He can move east hands anyway. So why should deduct the Huskies hands. It wouldn't make any difference seeing how his condition is now reports have spent all over his body. He thinking made the right decision. I. This. Because he did it can't do anything. That's when he's wife Osborne admitted blues. I because I lost my son a civil case. If she wants to move in with us bandits all of the genus pan and it's because we lost game. Without a job deserted by his wife did he couldn't provide for his own children they went to live with his sister in law. Simple movement became difficult because of the week of his hands and feet. Soon JD could not feed or dress himself. We can get his hands to fit into his sleeves. Did you make peace yourself. He made them. So this is Danny certain right status there and you created the zippers here. I was going to miss this big opening here for the sleeve. Well it's. Pretty creative. A sun returns home to be taking care of by his parents and but what about the fate of these children left behind. It's another journey the crossing the river from his parents house where he used to live with his wife. There's no paved road to the remote village brigade east children live. We fear their presence in the big too much for them Palin this diet is it to the families cameras around. It. And if you're. Back yeah. Like growing up it data and father this year for help him. Yes because she could not do anything. He and not get seen him go hand. Today's children beating normally lives in their village has shown no signs have been parroting their father's condition. Their mother now gone and Canadian hospital from his teenage daughter lock system not only used to living as a family. Katie sister Mara who took the children and lives next door. Ever talk here about what some of the other kids. Would they if they do. There would say each. From the can you funded he sank that big I said don't listen to them he's your five day no matter what actually steal your father. The do you agree with your sister's choice kids on a camping perhaps. Known. I would still love my husband's. What happened today day had. In the back home. Me. We pray for him to be cute to be normal. Do you think he will be cared for her thirty you can lead campaign. Hopefully. Indonesian and American dermatologists came to a startling diagnosis. The combination of the incredibly common HPV virus and in incredibly rare immune deficiency. Allow Davies wards to run wild. Dermatologist doctor Deborah John and explains. So Warren has caused by a virus and the wart virus gets into your skin and makes the skin grow out of control into this wording growth. Sometimes. Camp awarded a go away and it's not because the body. Has some defense against the work virus. So when you see no difference against the worth r.s you see the virus growing totally out of control where the skin looks almost totally unrecognizable. That's when you know there's something wrong you system. I've never seen a case that extreme. After years and years of buildup. They're mainly solution doctors are trying new medication and surgeries to cut the Boortz the way. We'll be skeptical cross. The first of a series of surgeries with the November. Doctors are having to think on their feet because an operation like this hasn't been done before. See you had six doctors. Four hours cutting off the war. News I was console. The celtics' yeah it's help. Over twelve hours of surgery. And literally pounds of warts dead skin tissue hardened by the years removed. And JD will need more surgeries. Do you expect him to be able to live a normal life again I'll do this. If we cut them off. Watts and we can compromise conducting frequent feels to have all the specific the Belmont. For many months data it will live through a grueling cycle of surgery and recovery. The transformation is happening this tropical hospital. Already the progress is startling. Very neat handwriting. So it has been over ten years. Since you can move your fingers. Here. Can I touch your hand. And DD tells us that through it all his warts were not painful. Not ET they just may move mean almost impossible. So I think much lighter for your hands much later after the operation. There and yes. It this must later. And now I can move my fingers. And what about your feet. Yes it but I can only move them like d.s. They take us. And her no. Letters some of the other things that you look forward to doing again. I would love to find a job hang out with my friends. And what about your children when your relationship be different if your children now that in a sense it is good. So we just talked to some of the doctors and they hope that you can get full. You sit your hands back. My speed it is to meet him because both these open issue. I am very happy. I'd cut my spit it back. Interior stated will be released from a hospital. Until its next round of treatments. It's unlikely that you'll ever be free of all traces of disease. Of the surgeries and medications and appointments are clearly helping. And in a place so distant. From modern American life this inclusive. And you may hear the story of the man being used to call. Screening. A man whose doctors are giving him a chance he thought he'd never seen to go back to his village into the life he longs for. A life. Approaching the normal. It ain't asking you are.

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{"duration":"11:52","description":"Aug, 12, 2008: Dede Koswara has lived for years with rapidly spreading warts that have covered his entire body.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"60578174","title":"'Tree man' suffers from rare skin condition","url":"/Health/video/tree-man-suffers-rare-skin-condition-60578174"}