Vaccine Watch: Battling vaccine misinformation

With weeks to go before vaccine delivery, misinformation and conspiracy theories are flooding social media. Facebook says they’re fighting back, but experts say the problem is bigger.
4:14 | 12/04/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Vaccine Watch: Battling vaccine misinformation
Which vaccine delivery likely a few weeks away the Internet is flooded with dangerous misinformation. We've seen if information bikes if it's because people are and that's. And people taking it opting to the fact that people out of that ten there weren't. O has been tracking these inaccuracies since the very beginning of this pandemic. She says these distortions are driven by political and economic motives or conspiracy theories. Certain posts falsely claim to adjourn as Covert nineteen vaccine will change people's. The people and that a better day and then they come with a also Arctic which is gonna change a DNA. Claims like this are firmly debunked by scientists and have no basis. Yet they continue to be shared online Chris. She. Today FaceBook announcing a campaign to remove coal would vaccine misinformation. Shared by its users on both FaceBook and ends program. Questions today we will start tumor removed this information. Cutting school and could be Har. In an exclusive interview with ABC news vice president of product and social impact Naomi quite. Says FaceBook has long warned users have inaccuracies with banners on the site. And has removed about twelve million misleading cope in nineteen posts since March. But now it's actively searching for vaccine falsehoods. Make it. Through the. And he really technical challenge Misha are making these decisions are it's why we are working with east hall partners to identify them. Clues these co owns XBM he also why we're working with terrorists you identifying this information enmities. But according to experts FaceBook and its program aren't the only home for misinformation. It's very easy to fight a thought they'd spoken twit track and that a platforms that I discussed at great you know I actually huge she is a real problem. This video for instance has over fifteen million views on this Joseph Rogan podcast conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is invalid claims. I'm going undisputed. So in this BA you've got out ex giants he's on appalled costs and he's talking about vaccines and he's talking about. These consent about DNA. When you say is that there's an army that is part of the vaccine will somehow be incorporated into the DNA Sheehan sells the that's just slowly falls. What are the motivation for people want to intentionally you know this bad information. Sometimes it's to make money. Sometimes it's it's likely to that website whether she setting helps supplement that is in every entrance to create a community other people. I'm seeking questions. That night and they have found can mean you don't mind let people have that you why you liked it done right well. Making it all the more challenging to combat. Most vaccine misinformation. Is shared in close circles online. How did tonight what effect raking in these great because the messages are being set by people who know each other you're more likely to believe it. We have a lot of sports you I'm groups there is a lot that we urgent moves he. And yeah if eaten contest I community standards we will take it sound excuse. Me where. I. What do you say to those. Extra picks up city. Dunn who's really to ready to small. Edwards and that is how being a top priority for the calm you since January. Greenland and company is working comments and play. Twitter tells us it has been labeling some inaccurate tweets is disrupted information. While removing many others permanently. YouTube says it is taking similar steps. And right now accurate information is crucial. Because by the end of this month hundreds of thousands of Americans will decide whether or not to take a vaccine. Bob what are tracking the race for a vaccine.

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{"duration":"4:14","description":"With weeks to go before vaccine delivery, misinformation and conspiracy theories are flooding social media. Facebook says they’re fighting back, but experts say the problem is bigger.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"74531017","title":"Vaccine Watch: Battling vaccine misinformation","url":"/Health/video/vaccine-watch-battling-vaccine-misinformation-74531017"}