Your Voice: Vaccine distribution centers

Distribution workers talk about handling lifesaving vaccines and how they are preparing for the massive immunization process.
2:14 | 12/04/20

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Transcript for Your Voice: Vaccine distribution centers
But the CDC estimates that as many as 329000. Americans could die from colon nineteen by the day after Christmas just 22 days from today bush and the news of the vaccine is bringing hope to millions but as we await approval here just how. How are those distribution centers where the vaccines currently being stored. Preparing to ship out that potentially lifesaving medicine. We heard from Matt Tudjman and his reporting relatively some of the people who are handling it firsthand. I believe it holds roughly 200000. Doses load. Back city and we're ready to begin vaccinations. Program December of existing industry. The supply on hand we are training and taxpayers. Because it's a large number of people to vaccinated and relatively short period of time. Within a few days put an open it up to health care workers and I do believe. Once the you know people see that we're vaccinated that we're not having any issues with the next nations we will have march 2000 feet in the vaccines. As of right now we have our electrician working in the back all the way to prepared code for reasons that are coming and it's it's it's quite well. Jenna and tally actor it. Complete consistent way we have to make sure. That good people better communicating. These messages. Are going to be trusted voices are going to be singing ain't even gonna look like the people. That we are trying to reach into every instance. And one's real work news of our schools. We have asked him to do however. Is this her music points of distribution for other health care providers in the air or just because you know and people here in -- shall I go racing here that's not the town's prison stopped doing the only thing you know Santa Anita a group a week. Wear masks they all of you all students can't stand you know we are needed or more months at least.

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{"duration":"2:14","description":"Distribution workers talk about handling lifesaving vaccines and how they are preparing for the massive immunization process.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"74548303","title":"Your Voice: Vaccine distribution centers","url":"/Health/video/voice-vaccine-distribution-centers-74548303"}