Wisconsin Woman: From 427 Pounds to Triathlete

Aimee Smith underwent gastric bypass surgery, hit the gym after years of health issues.
1:55 | 01/15/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Wisconsin Woman: From 427 Pounds to Triathlete
My knees hurt my back heard my -- high blood pressure as pre diabetic. You know I was going down the -- bad path. Amy Smith knew she was date but since -- scale only went to 300 pounds she didn't know how they. She finally weighed herself one day and was shocked when it said 427. Pounds I Feng -- I had no idea I had gotten that happening but they stayed that way for years when she had her second daughter the -- section went terribly wrong because of her weight. Everything hinged back a -- what it. -- send money in my knees hurting him -- -- the -- and I and I figured I would be the 600 pound bedridden mom. And. Like we're going absolutely. It was then Amy decided to save herself she had gastric bypass surgery then enrolled at the local -- And instead. And down to the movement basically I couldn't -- them for -- it. Then she signed up for a -- to five K program and took it twice. She learned to run and realized she wanted to learn to swim but she'd never done that before them economically if -- one of the first class. Been very painful. Just a year later she runs bikes and -- Amy's completed to try -- clients and to half marathons. Eventually she wants to do in Iron Man. There's a group of us out -- that. I have had weight loss surgery who are athletes now. -- -- I never recover a thing that but her coach -- SDR Andrew Rona has called her an athlete for a long time. I've never worked with anybody. Can't quite liking me. She started her journey by losing weight on her own with no guidance and not really knowing what to do other than the fact that she thought she was gonna -- inching can -- some kind. People watch one step today it because that's fine he can do then try and that's -- -- -- it's just working with what -- got today. In Verona -- Maxwell 27 news.

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{"duration":"1:55","description":"Aimee Smith underwent gastric bypass surgery, hit the gym after years of health issues.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"18219660","title":"Wisconsin Woman: From 427 Pounds to Triathlete","url":"/Health/video/wisconsin-woman-427-pounds-triathlete-18219660"}