Zika Virus May Cause Paralysis

ABC News' Dr. Richard Besser describes the latest study of Guillain-Barre syndrome in Brazil.
3:42 | 02/15/16

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Transcript for Zika Virus May Cause Paralysis
I'm doctor Richard best or when ABC news in Salvador Brazil. You've heard a lot about the seek a virus that WHO is calling it can international public health emergency it's only the fourth time they've ever done that. In CDC staff are working with the Brazilian government divided spread. It's been linked to a rear berth event called micro settling. But it also may be linked into an even less common condition they can straighten anyone's come. It is doesn't admit people he. They use saliva that hasn't happened has happened to him about me. My I think that's my mind that people want me from her. He operates in if that type of paralysis and it scene after a number of infectious disease. It's it's usually reversible but some people who die from this starts down your legs and then works its way up your body. If proven that the virus causes the opera. It is not it's been keen to have an assist me in in the UC outbreaks in the western Pacific. But it's not something that you know things are so that's why we do in this study is trying to understand taxes. Doctor. Actually stick Hinske with the CDC is working with the government in Brazil to pin down the relationship between cica ET on beret. Its direct and it's simple compared to people who had the paralysis to other people who didn't. To find. But each city halls or people did not have him right where it's exactly so we're trying to find people here. Can test their blood in your inning compare the results of that impact injury to determine who was really. He and how that they currently. Nobody in that hit me yet in my book pumping. If we pick somebody up the street we wouldn't necessarily be able to determine where they live in an environment was around. So it's a lot of work to find one person to match featured in the case yes anything can be challenging. Yes. Security but the thing. A point haass and a number generator our field methods that make sure they reasonably slate people for the study details. So that the man here who wasn't sick but someone in this neighborhood picked him beret and he's of the same age groups that they want to compare those two. But he'll be in the study to help them figure out why someone here in the neighborhood got him for a bit heated. There are about twenty senate minority question. It's done with all of those who went a hearing in the blogs. Some of the questions are asking. In and day out windows. If they use an air conditioner expands. Whether there's any standing water around houses. To train understand. Better not just within Zito might be a possible correlation but whether other diseases babies born in with you very. If you. If that's the list but. Since she's. Lamb on the morning sit here and the respect him as. Because people do regain full function in a matter of weeks. For the fact that seven months out he's still having such difficult to law. Does make increases your house. And and what's that it than normal outcome for someone who hasn't recovered it at six months we'll eventually get fully better. Unfortunately deficits that are still present at six months. My age in yeah you know. IBM eleven of the U.

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{"id":36953726,"title":"Zika Virus May Cause Paralysis","duration":"3:42","description":"ABC News' Dr. Richard Besser describes the latest study of Guillain-Barre syndrome in Brazil.","url":"/Health/video/zika-virus-paralysis-36953726","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}