11 are dead after terror attack in Germany

ABC News’ James Longman joins us live from Hunow, Germany, to tell us more about the troubling trend of far right attacks in the area.
3:41 | 02/21/20

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Transcript for 11 are dead after terror attack in Germany
Terror attacks in Germany eleven are daddy in a murder spree that started in two separate hookah lounges tonight authorities say the suspected gunman appears to have been motivated by race is far right views. The massacre in the Frankfurt suburbs of him now erupted around 10 o'clock last night. James long and has more on this incident and wind German Chancellor Angela Merkel is causing racism a poison that. Nations society. Tonight they fall right terror attack in the hole to the migrant community in Germany. A man opening fly in this hookah lounge and have now and in Frankfurt. Gun casings and broken dolls the only sign of the carnage inside he'd enjoyed today's second cafe nearby to continue his three. What since including Golden Globe this man. Was shot in the arm he says he made on top of someone who pretended to be dead police say the man killed nine people to fully tracked his black BMW to a local addressed. Finding the suspect in his 72 year old mother dead inside. He's been identified only as 43 year old Tobias a law authorities are examining writings and a video image she reportedly expresses desire. To exterminate certain races. And details conspiracy theories about the United States authorities say his attacks had an explicit anti foreign emotive. I would subs and Frankfurt or Berlin OK but how. Kimberly this after the getting thousands ten downton solidarity across the country. We came here expecting to find a vigil but I Shea feels more like around eight has been an uptick in far right anti Syrian Jennings. The people here angry they feel the politics of hate. Is on the rise this is the third flown rise attacking Germany in just the last nine months a worrying trend. James long been joins us now from hon Allan Germany James sense of of the concern over there about these far right attacks. Yet in the I mean I Angela Merkel today herself she colds this eight poison. In net German society and this is something has been going on for quite some time and also mushy I was in Germany who's just in October. A cynical attack and how lives in town. Just may have done in individual and today guilty people and ended. Many others months earlier pro to migration politician if you like Jay was assassinated by a tough fall right group. I'm just last week in fact a fight terror plot but. Twelve people were arrested. For that for that plans to attack mosques across this country was kind of a re creation of what we saw in New Zealand and none of us of course is coming up. Next month say this is pervasive. And it's a real worry for Joan authorities. And speaking a pervasive at the vigils across like you're standing in front of have been. Without the happening quite often in no crosses Germany does that struck a chord. Yeah official and actually we went to vigil tonight and it felt more like a political rally you know people here are angry. What they see guys hatred being stead up I think it goes back to 2015 migration crisis. Remember those pictures if she's numbers of people coming. From the Middle East and North Africa has changed. The demographic compensated in gently at biggest threat to say just a more than two million people came here there legitimate concerns that people have but those concerns have been tendency. Patriots. Placed on a political sense of the bottom boat to see Nancy of far right party gained power had little say in people's minds and I think. House what three concerning hand this individual who struck. These this species have policy gave in town and then. Killed his mother then killed himself as part of a wider problem not just in Germany but across Europe actually nationalism very much on the march Lindsay. Okay thank you very much for that James long in for us in Germany.

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{"duration":"3:41","description":"ABC News’ James Longman joins us live from Hunow, Germany, to tell us more about the troubling trend of far right attacks in the area.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"69116382","title":"11 are dead after terror attack in Germany","url":"/International/video/11-dead-terror-attack-germany-69116382"}