49 killed in coordinated terrorist attack at mosques in New Zealand

Four suspects were taken into police custody shortly after the shooting attack.
3:19 | 03/15/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 49 killed in coordinated terrorist attack at mosques in New Zealand
We begin this Friday with the breaking news New Zealand an attack that the prime minister is calling extraordinary and unprecedented at least forty people have been killed in mass shooting that targeted two mosques during Friday prayers in the city of. Christ church. Twenty other victims are seriously injured. A man claiming responsibility says the attacks were aimed at immigrants officials say the twin attacks were well plan and the force suspects in Khost city. We're not on any terror watch list. ABC's Stephanie Ramos has been tracking this all night and joins us with the latest good morning Stephanie. Hey good morning we're learning from New Zealand to police sat one of the gunmen. Was dressed in tactical gear and apparently. Lied strange video of the shooting on social media documenting a strip. From his vehicle and into the worship center where he opened fire. Police are racing to the scene as chaos and terror breaks out in New Zealand's. Authorities say at least forty people are dead after gunman opened fire on worshippers at these two mosques. In the city of Christ church this is New Zealand we don't expect something like this to happen via text material that is touched other parts of the world. Has come home hits across church. Victims rushed to nearby hospitals as witnesses stand bloodied in disbelief. Place of some. People who live had relied on that. Boogie in some people who had eating being this woman was driving past one of the mosques during the shooting. And I hate. Sore sport until we're fought crickets and so again tell us running him straight. Aimed did all of a sudden I got quite violent Muslim mothers off firecrackers. And I started falling someone fell just. Clearly from my time runs over the rod. Authorities say four people are in custody in connection to the attack three men and a woman. We are not aware of how the people we cannot assume they're not those bad latch. Police also say they found a 74 page anti immigrant manifesto bring in by an Australian man who claimed responsibility for the shooting it's. New Zealand's prime minister says today is one of the country's darkest. Days. Clearly what has happened here is an extraordinary. And I'm pre sitting kids act of violence. Police say they've defused. A number of improvised explosive devices found on vehicles in the area. Police are warning Muslims to not attend mosques at this time police not yet giving the all clear skies. Stephanie even though this happened across the world authorities here at home they're on alert they want to be proactive in Tulsa about the security precautions being taken here in the US. Absolutely so law enforcement across the country in a number of different cities they are stepping up security from Los Angeles in New York City the LE PD saying they are adding extra patrols around mosques to ensure everyone's safety San Francisco doing the same near city many Minneapolis as well. And just a few moments ago the US ambassador to New Zealand. Put out a statement saying he is heartbroken over the events in Christ's church today and that the US stands with New Zealand. So many developments in New Zealand and here home will be watching this all morning. Com another update later this morning Stephanie Ramos in Washington thank you.

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{"duration":"3:19","description":"Four suspects were taken into police custody shortly after the shooting attack. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"61705667","title":"49 killed in coordinated terrorist attack at mosques in New Zealand","url":"/International/video/49-killed-coordinated-terrorist-attack-mosques-zealand-61705667"}