Abandoned music venue near Tijuana becomes a shelter for thousands of migrants

A close-up look at everyday life in one migrant shelter near the U.S.-Mexico border.
24:27 | 01/18/19

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Transcript for Abandoned music venue near Tijuana becomes a shelter for thousands of migrants
Welcome an ABC news and world view a snapshot of the best of our coverage from around the globe I'm Maggie really at ABC news headquarters in new York and we begin today. With that deadly suicide bombing in Syria for Americans including two US service members. Are among at least sixteen people killed. Racists is claiming responsibility for the attack. And this is all happening just weeks after president trump claimed they were defeated and announced a US will withdraw all of our troops. NBC's Terry Moran has more. A busy downtown street in Syria suddenly a fireball explosion in a local restaurant a suicide bomb. Sixteen people were killed including four Americans among the dead we know too active duty service members a civilian Defense Department employees and a contract. As their families are notified and the military investigates a crisis has claimed responsibility. Just weeks after president trump said this. When ordering US troops out of Syria we have one against ices. We've beaten them and we've beaten them badly hit jacket raised sharp questions about whether the president sudden decision to pull out of cereal was premature some Republicans even suggesting trumps posting. Might be spurring ice is to kill Americans. My concern. About the statements made the present trial. Is it should set in motion. Enthusiasm by the enemy we're fighting but. Hours after the attack vice president has repeated the president's claims the callous they. Has crumbled and vices has been defeated. The idea that. I says sworn to cal state has crumbled that we have defeated high since smacks of a mission accomplished moment. And really is high even fast and possibly delusional dangerously so. American forces were meeting with the locals in the strategically vital town of man BG in northern Syria when the blast occurred three other service members were injured. Since the president announced his withdrawal from Syria the timeline mischief he first said the troops were coming up soon. But now it's clearly Gordon take longer so that the withdrawal can be orderly coordinated with allies. And safe. Now to that deadly attacking Kenya where an American and at least twenty others were killed in a terror attack this week. It happened on a luxury hotel complex in Nairobi here's ABC's senior foreign correspondent gene panel in Kenya. Hi this is ABC news live I'm be empaneled in Nairobi the Kenyan capital just on the road from where that major terrorist incident took place. Kids gripping Kenya's capital. As the terror attack in my Ruby Tuesday afternoon comes to a close the security operation a deuce at complex. Is over dole Harris eliminate. One of Africa's deadliest terror groups the al-Qaeda linked Al-Shabaab claiming he carried out the attack. That killed fourteen people including an American. Has around 3 PM a coordinated missile peek inside an explosion hits three counts new deal skilled juicy hotel. While a suicide bomber detonates his best. Inside the lonely he. Pool gum and can be seen here is holding the hotel and opening fire unleashing bloodshed and chaos. It terrified guests run for their lives. Are some from the windows others hiding in the just falling over each other in the panic to escape. Explosions and gunfire echoing his cries for help bring analysts. Anti terrorist quotes rush the complex spending I was doing room to room to flush out the attackers. More than 700 people evacuated from the scene by. Escorted to safety but police went to Baylor had. And it search and rescue efforts going on throughout the night. And just people some months explosions renounce again sending supplied the scrambling just moments after being rescued from more than twelve hours of hiding. Finally reunited with their loved ones as others must mourn the dead. The American who was killed was Jason's been. Morning hearing Kenya and of course back at home and Ian was able to talk to an eyewitness who was there during the attack and solve a gunman take a listen. I've just been speaking to one mind he's a video group and his business was based in the conflict and he sold the attackers when they arrived. He described that process of Tara and did not knowing if they were coming for him. Forced to vote totals. Gus explosion. And we weren't too political for the wind to console a soulful guy is shooting at people you soltys actress so I saw them who fooled them. And to a walking groups of two. School. The deep post play the building of housing and into beautiful to an impetus that dipped to two of the guys. Walk us squads Al building and there will queen up the fools. Go to school shooting of days and this community. They closed oval lights they shut Natalie equipment that put a live burns on silence and laid down on the ground. In the studio waiting for the rescue is to come. Now over the United Kingdom where it has been a wild week earlier this week in a crushing defeat. Parliament voted overwhelmingly. Against prime minister trees amaze plan to withdraw from the European Union it was the most lopsided. Parliament vote in modern times then the next day. May narrowly won a no confidence vote so. What's going to happen next here's ABC's Gillian McFarland with more. Please at this house has expressed its confidence in the government. And okay. Prime minister trees amaze government claims to power us. Announced the ruling conservatives winning of they'd have no confidence against them. Just one day after a stunning loss described as the biggest defeat in recorded political history the prime minister as planned how the UK will leave the European Union was rejected by the will make his. By a huge margin but the house decided it wouldn't topple the government just yet may edging will make is to agree a solution to fix the break that stalemate. We will all senator continue to work. Deliver on this solemn promise we made the people of this country to do. On the results of the referendums are. One of the USA's most important allies facing the leaving deadline just ten weeks away. The scheduled date that the UK must leave the European Union if the deal isn't crossed by parliament by van. Back to being good warning the British economy could slave by as much as eight cents in the coming days may well attempt to plan B options ranging from extending the deadline name is article fifty. Seeking fed a concession from the EU or even having the public events again on Greg said. Treat a man had government have survived that they got a bright sixteen scenario is by the counseling brags that old god. All it that you pay the cost of the EU without the deal one scenario that business leaders say would result in chaos. Give it my father and ABC news London. Switching gears now to the struggle for hundreds making the grueling trip from Central America ought to the United States. ABC sent a team to Tijuana to in migrant shelter has become a kind of temporary home for migrants their deciding. What steps to take next in their journey. Here's ABC's Josh toy goes with a look at a date into life at one camp back. I'm Joshua us with ABC news and we're here and invited them migrant camp into one of Mexico this place is home to hundreds of migrants who made the long journey from Central America. All the way up towards Mexico in hopes that they're going to be able to go to the United States. This place at one point was home to thousands of people number range between five to 7000. And this area has become a home. Away from home for many people like sort of goes on is taking on a life of its out. You end up seeing a lot of people selling small merchandise here playing cards fighting any time to pass their day. And suggest for some perspective this used to be. And music venue that was abandoned for about five years and all around eighty conservative see these signs for different local radio stations. When the government needed a new place to put all these people who were taking up space along the actual border with the United States they move them to this area. We're about forty minutes away from the border between fact and one and the United States and throughout the camp you have these larger white tents which house. Dozens of smaller tents and all of this is to nations. Or give in by local charities. And are sponsored by the Mexican government to house these people as they wait for their asylum apparent. I just a perspective of what life is like here takes effect there officials tear tossed there are multiple meals are given throughout the day either from. Mexican government or different NGOs who come into work in this area. They're different spaces along the sides were people are able to. Take showers and go to the bathroom and this area over here is where people and Deb doing. Their laundry day to day. Then defusing kite up water bottles and some. Powdered detergent. And these four little. For concrete. Tanks or where they. Wash their clothes and on the use and strings sort of made up. The connection of other streams where they will eventually let their clothes strike today it's been raining NT one so people haven't been actually able strive for clothes outside. The right over here actually this time. Whether sort of taking down because it's been raining there's been assigned here that's given people some vital information. And it's in the very here. Yeah. I don't know it didn't. New than men I see no. 1007 originate so that means. That the United States government is currently hearing. Case 1700. Name actors are Kissinger border port of entry. For people want to please silent and so the camp is mixed with people who either want asylum in the United States some people who are. The slowly deciding that their best option is to stay in Mexico. And that some people. Very very few are deciding that. Their best back his navy to turn around and go back home but a lot of people here are fleeing violence. And Central America and the feeling we united gang violence or domestic violence lot of the women it we've spoken to. I'm say that their own daughters have become victims of a domestic violence and actually. Don past that building. And through the corridor and where men women and children are our captain they're sort of separated from the rest of the camp to give them an added sense of security. It's a that's the situation here. I didn't batting title migrant camp in Tijuana Mexico we'll have more on ABC profound truffle oil sitting here watching ABC news lives. Now do an update on that lion airplane crash last year the brand new Boeing 737 Max eight crashed into the job a scene back in October. Killing all 189. People aboard. And Monday Indonesian Navy divers recovered a cockpit recorder it's one of two reporters on the jet and it could offer insight into the final moments of that fatal flight. Here's ABC's David Curley with more on the relevance of that line air find and a closer look at the importance of what we learn in the aftermath of his plane crutches. We've all heard it time again. It's safe to get on the plane and flying into travel almost any other ways you're much more likely to die in a big city walking across the street. Getting hit by a car. It if you get in a jetliner flying across here across the world but still we're sometimes reminded of just what is at stake. When something goes wrong and 30000 feet. Even though. It's safer than ever to fly people still. Are shaken when they hear about a plane crashed because only view that once a potential break the investigation into lion air flights extent. Which crash last October off the coast of Indonesia. Indonesian naval divers recovered the cockpit bush reporter from the Java sea the cockpit voice recorders will help us. Better understand why the pilots in that cockpit made the decisions they made. Indonesian officials said the pilot radioed the tower shortly after takeoff to request to return to the airport. The just thirteen minutes after takeoff. The doomed jetliner losing contact. Plunging into the Java sea killing all 189. People on board the brand new Boeing 737 Max 800 jet. Had just been delivered to the low cost Indonesian airline into markets after weeks of searching the plane's flight recorder was recovered. The data providing details into the chilling minutes aboard that fatal flight. Sensor was giving wrong information. To the computer was basically telling the plane's computer that there was a problem it was gonna stall and they needed a nose down. In order to get some air speed and keep the aircraft flying. The pilots pulled the nose have repeatedly before finally losing control lion air has expressed it's displeasure with Boeing. In not talking more loudly about this new safety system. That was installed in the 737 max's. But most pilots believe that. The crew should have shut off that automatic system in response to the preliminary investigation released by the national transportation safety committee. Boeing stated. The city ever airplanes our customers passengers and their crews as always our top priority. As are customers and their passengers continue to fly the 737 Max to hundreds of destinations around the world every day. They have our assurance that the 737 Max is as safe as any airplane that has ever flown the sky. It's airplane manufacturers are gonna continue to push for automation in their airplanes things the will make airplanes safer things that will prevent. Human error pilot air and we still relying on humans for those into Eagles safety inspections there are various specific guidelines from the manufactures. On how airlines inspect their aircraft. And if apart gets out of tolerance he gets out and it gets replaced just last fall a round of NTSB inspections around the world have been found eight cases of planes with cracked fan blades. At the heroin reveal aboard southwest like thirteen eighty. And while the flight had followed all engine inspection protocol. The unimaginable still happened a woman who was partially sucked out of the aircraft died. This accident was almost unbelievable you don't hear those kind of things happening in an aircraft rapid decompression after that window blew out. The flight caring a 140 for passengers and five crew on board let me York's LaGuardia Airport headed for Dallas. But after reaching cruising altitude of 32000 feet. The engine exploded. And a short from the engine shattered. The collapse over the actual growth. Investigators saying a broken family causing engine to rip apart midair. The plane been plunging nearly 20000 feet. So does that left engine was ripped apart the jet bank severely to the left more than forty degree it's. And he read. This white attended urging calm amidst the chaos and terror. Then Albuquerque bank executive Jennifer Reardon a mother two was partially sucked out of the plane. The playing then diverted to Philadelphia pilot Tami Joseph Schultz calmly relaying the details to air traffic control. You passengers OK and are you major airplane physically on fire. Barely got a fire that's part of it I think that their quality and I went out. On the I'm sorry there's a whole and somebody went out. The pilots in maintaining their high speed hit the pavement safely in a 190 miles per hour 55 mouse for our faster than normal landing. Once on the ground passengers are quickly evacuate. At least seven suffered minor injuries a painstaking investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board would end soon. Inspectors check in a shredded engine and debris scattered across the ground. The Federal Aviation Administration mandating that Southwest Airlines inspect all engine fan blades across your fleet. They would find no additional law. The NTSB investigation. Is still ongoing. The final outcome will be a recommendation to either. Keep the inspections where they are now at this heightened level. Or possibly even increase them more if the NTSB thinks that. Not enough being done right now but airplane accidents don't often happened while the plane is a cruising altitude. Almost all aircraft mishaps happen either in the take off where the landing phase. It's the most complicated it's the time when things are changing. Let's July up packed Aeromexico plane reads Mexico City presidential field just moments after take off. More than a hundred passengers include bold enough class. Mexican authorities say a gust of wind rocket jet liner just after it left the runway. Causing the plane's left wing to hit the ground knocking two engines loops before eventually skidding to a stop and. Passengers in the wreckage just for flames shot out of the plane. Incredibly. That a single life lost I think this is something about flying it's like riding a train it's also like riding a bus. You're giving up control I think that's what's the most fearful we can't do any thing when something goes wrong. And it's a ship down closes on day 25. Questions about the effects on our critical infrastructure remain. Today the FAA recalled an additional 17100. Safety inspectors to work during the shut again. They're bringing them back to work with out pay. To make sure the safety remains in our aviation system and you and I can feel safe about getting on that jet and flying to or destination. Rid head back to you K now for a story that's a lot more fun and less complicated than brags that we're talking. About Rolling Hills of cores the duke and duchess of suspects had their first public outing of the new year. Where meg in show off her growing royal bum so excited. And as he alluded to the baby's due date interest here's ABC's James along with. Hundreds came out to catching a glimpse of the glamorous path and that baby bump and Megan sleds people in the Krause told. 1 person that she was expecting her baby in April. That makes six months pregnant. Harry and they get. That you did with a cheer. Off their first official engagement at 2019. UK city of Liverpool. The couple taking in the statute to commemorate global one poet Wilfred I would. Meeting with veterans and local charities and unveiling a plot to market. Megan's bumped clearly visible on the hub bright red winter coat by Canadian brands and Tana. In a purple dress from out of town by a ritzy area. Only a few months left until Beatty Sussex is a rival. And they don't the only ones making headlines duchess Kate's brother James Middleton is opening up for the first time about his very private battle with clinical depression. But he says first hit him at the end of 2016. Revealing in this Daily Mail editorial that he hit his struggle from family calling it an illness a cancer of the mind. Middleton saying I couldn't feel joy excitement or anticipation. And the cult floating anxiety propelled me out of bed in the morning. I didn't actually contemplate suicide but it didn't want to live in the state of mind I was in Ada. James revealing he's coming forward now to tell his story to help remove the stigma surrounding mental health. Of course plays to his sister's heart Kate Kate alongside with a Harry they had hits together initiative. Now it's time for a look at a few videos from across the globe that have caught our attention this me now here is. Here weekly dose that would Connolly co long lunch because several months their weekly daily dose of Kabul I take up this guy he spotting just chilling out by the river in South Wales and can you blame him into as the temperature there. Was around a hundred and is sick and in. Do agree it's a hot one. Grant he and seeing the guy who shot this video he said in the book friends grabbing breakfast when the wallets down from a free and how did he write bite them. He's had a look around hung out for awhile he stuck around for about half an hour before strutting off the pine tree. Are actually urging members of the public there to be on the lookout for heat stressed animals and to keep water sources full for local wildlife. Could double whammy you get to Steve cute who wallet and help them out for talent. Are so back wallow we decide he took to the river to cool down. But I. He decided to take to the streets look at that this Osce had. Onlookers an absolutist scary after he it's what down down a flooded street in New South Wales. He did advantage of an open water main that flooded the street. I'm Bosnia but he's doing some type of breast stroke right now and then I'll let favorite Heath lived sick. Well backstroke up this street and then. When I think. Any trying to do the butterfly he and it just looks incredibly. Painful. Removal. Later this summer admitted it was a dare from his friends you make good money at that do. Are right now we leave you with an important reminder to never stop during greatest showman Hugh Jackman made one little doubling girls dream come true. After you heard pursing a cover up is wildly popular song a million dreams of first Nicholas and yeah. Me. Now that. Adorable little seven year old girl is and the Cooney Kamal posted the video on Twitter after her daughter became. Absolutely obsessed with the musical and Jack main. After getting on dvd for Christmas her mom said she missed out on tickets for her daughter has seen the greatest showman on tour in Dublin. So she want the Twitter Burks to jump finance and help you get the message and boy did day to. Later he got them apparent tickets and posted that's okay. Jackie Kinney. It works cut to me. Yes very ingenious and I just gonna say your little go. Thank you so much for CNET song thanks so much for being a fan. And never stop dreaming and remember life is what you choose to make it some make it fantastic. Sing lots and lots of love. RM is gonna say he truly is indeed greatest she'll manage. But some like RA that about wraps it up front on this week's edition of worldview we leave you now with some memorable images from around the globe. I'm Maggie really New York penalty next week.

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