ABC News Live Update: Biden to meet with UK PM Boris Johnson for 1st time

Plus, the latest on the megadrought conditions in the West and a new government report sheds new light on Trump’s Bible photo op.
27:26 | 06/10/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Biden to meet with UK PM Boris Johnson for 1st time
Good morning I'm Dennis data thanks for streaming with us in today's update president Biden has revealed the US we'll donate 500 million doses of the visor vaccine. To countries in need. Trip to Inco in nineteen not just at home which was doing. But everywhere. The White House says wildly US is ready to spearhead the international drive to end a pandemic Biden will also urge other powerful democracies do their part. This as he prepares for high stakes meetings of G American allies and with Russian president Vladimir couldn't we'll hear from Press Secretary Jen Psaki this morning. Meanwhile the CDC is meeting to discuss a potential link between vaccines and heart inflammation in teens. What we know about the increased numbers of teens having heart problems after getting vaccinated each. And the rising komen related hospitalizations. And areas with low vaccination rates. And we're seeing incredible images from this morning's rain of fire partial solar eclipse. Our rob Marciano is on a plane with a front row seat as it happened and he is giving us an. Up close look this morning. But we begin with president Biden making his debut on the world stage in the UK right now on a European trip aimed at repairing relationships with key US allies. The president will also meet face to face with Russian president Vladimir Putin next week. And now president revealing the US will donate half a billion doses of the cove in nineteen vaccine. To countries around the world we're gonna hear from white house Press Secretary agents acting in a moment but first chief White House correspondent to see Avaya has the latest from England. This morning president Biden waking up in the United Kingdom with a call for wealthy nations to do more in the fight against coated printing co in nineteen not just at home which were doing. But everywhere the White House announcing its promised to donate 500 million Pfizer vaccine doses to some of the world's poorest countries they'll start shipping in August on his first foreign trip since taking office the president delivering a blunt message to both allies and adversaries one in particular. I'm heading to the G-7 fans in the NATO ministerial and then. To meeting with mr. food to let him know what I want to know. In the wake of repeated cyber attacks election interference and human rights violations. President Biden drying a stark contrast from his predecessor I've been clear. The United States or is far. Do mayoral Boston meaningful way. And Russian government engages in harmful activities. And now he's looking to rebuild relationships with allies relationships that were tested by trans America first agenda. No way. We're gonna get. Claire. The United States is back. I'm democracies of the world are standing together to tackle the toughest challenges and the issues that matter most to our future. And today it is all eyes on that relationship between the United States and the United Kingdom president of Biden and prime minister Boris Johnson expected to renewed today the Atlantic charter that is that. Post war declaration of cooperation between the two countries that was laid out during World War II. Some tough topics are gonna come up today despite the fact that the UK is of course our closest allies namely Greg zit of the two leaders disagree on that topic pretty strongly. But Diane this is the first time they will sit down face to face. Since Joseph Biden took office. Right Cecilia Vega and. All England banks is area. And earlier today and you may George Stephanopoulos spoke with white house Press Secretary Jen Saki about Biden's vaccine announcement and what it plans to discuss with Russian president Vladimir. Let's listen. Let's talk with a big vaccine announcement from the president 500 million doses around the world. But isn't big enough and fast enough to meet the need to do they won't finally delivered until next June. Well first heard a number of these doses will be delivered this year. But this is a real reflection of the fact that the United States where vaccination more Americans than any other country in the world. And we're in a position where we can contribute we can really contribute in a big way more than any other country is a global effort to take on the pandemic. This is just the beginning there's more we want to due to booster on manufacturing at home to get more supplies out. To ensure getting the raw materials and materials that countries around the world needs but this is a huge announcement today by huge down payment and getting the coveted pandemic under control. Intel and the vaccine rates are slowing down here at home or he's still confident presence July 4 goal. A 70% vaccinations going to be mad. Well George we're gonna do everything we can surrender the tape we have about thirteen states have Matt who are over 70% at this point time. We just kicked off last week and a big month of action or reminds me of mild campaign days where we're using every resource private sector engagement. And we're working with local communities to ensure we're incentivizing. Young people especially if you are not the same vaccination rate as people who are over forty so. We're really focusing on target communities and groups that need to get vaccinated reminding people that there are. Variants out there like that dealt a very that are very dangerous. Now's the time to get inside your arms and remained everything we can to recycle but I'll tell you on July 5 were suddenly fascinating people are gonna keep that it even after that. Just before the president left on his mission he pulled the plug and those kind talk she was having fun infrastructure with the Republican senators a new group. A Republican senators bipartisan group is meeting right now but the Republican leadership. His throwing cold water on that effort. And progressive Democrats are getting pretty fired up as well when he read your tweet. From AI OC she said president Biden. And senate Dem should take a step back and ask themselves if playing patty cake GOP senators. He's really with the dismantling of people's voting rights setting the Clinton on fire a line massive corporations and the wealthy to not pay their fair share. Taxes. Please talk succeed given that kind of opposition. It's always a sign that we're making some progress if there's criticism from all sides charge so. What the president is encouraged by the progress we have a lot of passport here he mentioned that there is a bipartisan group working in the senate there's also bipartisan group. Working in the house. And we're not delaying for a moment there's past quarter were moving Florida should say the senate is on the reconciliation process that can move a lot of the president's bold economic ideas sword and also get corporate tax reform in place they'll help pay for a lot of these ideas. And also make its mark competitive. The president's capping his trip from his someone Vladimir Putin next week in the latest provocation. Before the Simon President Putin cracked down on the network of the dissident Alexi nobody has been poisoned and imprisoned. How president Biden confronting President Putin and what's the definition of success for this summit full. First George we're meeting the president is meeting with president couldn't not in spite of our differences of George but because of them because that face to face diplomacy. The ability to look at. Some when you have an adversarial relationship whether you have had in the past. I'm convey where you have concerns. Human rights abuses of course the detainment of individuals and activists is certainly a topic of conversation. As is the incursions in the aggressive activity. On the border Ukraine's and that's his cyber activity a huge issue especially ransom or get in let the ransom or attack sixteen over the last few weeks. This is an opportunity for the president he's going to be so I he's going to be street towards his enemy candid he's not going home back health also look for areas where they can agree. At the end of this we will see we're not expecting to have a huge ALCON from Nestle we wanna do is GAAP get back kind of path towards a more stable and predictable relationship which is in the interest of the United States. Inside he thanks very much safe travels thanks so much. Manner thanks to Georgia Jen Psaki for that interview she. And today president Biden is set to meet with British prime minister Boris Johnson for the first time as he aims to reaffirm the special relationship between the US and the UK. It's fraught political territory for Biden who has spoken out against for exit and called Johnson a clone of Donald Trump. Congressional correspondent Rachel Scott is in Cornwall England with more on this Rachel Biden Johnson are expected to discuss a new task force to work on resuming traveled. Between the US in the UK. So what do we know about that right now. And it's going to be a pretty big staff it's been about fifteen months since travel between the UK and the US. Has essentially been brought to a standstill very tight restrictions. This is going to be focused on easing some of those restrictions. We talk about this trip in a lot of ways it's about messaging the message that president Biden is sending to. The rest of the world and so a lot of this is saying that America is to act on the world stage but also this is about sending a message that America is bouncing back from the pandemic at the time the G Sammons G-7 and they just last year had to be canceled because of America's rising corona virus infection rates. It has been more than 400 days in an American president even stepped foot on foreign soil so a lot is gonna be sending that message that America is bouncing back from the pandemic as well isn't gonna come without announcement from president Biden today it has been sent more than 500 million vaccine doses to some of the world's most poorest countries still giving some criticism no one nonprofit pointing out that at this rate it's gonna take. Fifty sending years for the entire world to be vaccinated. And Johnson are also expected to discuss climate change and the pandemic what's finding hoping for on those fronts. He's really hoping to bring this center stage in a lot of ways this is the clear departure from what we saw during the tribe administration and climate change is really. On the back burner until now you have the new Atlantic charter this is agreement that was from the 1940s post World War II era they're going to be renewing this again but what's focused on the modern day they recognize the fact that we're no longer in the 1940s so we're gonna seek the issue of climate change front and center as well as the pandemic and and the rising threats and ongoing threats of cyber attacks. Against not only in the United States but also against fit the UK as well so expect action to be center focused I am enraged. I then mentioned president Biden has criticized Boris Johnson the past Johnson and trumbull also had a very close relationship. How might that. Complicating things today. Yeah and as you pointed out Diane this is the first time that the two leaders actually going to be coming face to face. Listen I think today the White House has made it clear that they're going to be focusing on their shared values verses their differences but president Biden has not mince words. He did not support to Johnson's decision and Britain's decision to leave the European Union and he's. I expressing increasing concern about NORTHERN IRELAND in the fall out upper exit as well but today is really going to be focused. On what the two share focus on his renewed alliance focus on vaccine distribution resuming travel from the United States in the UK as well. And as I mentioned the climate change and cyber attacks. And Rachel quickly Biden's also meeting with G-7 leaders tomorrow attending and NATO summit in Belgium before that face to face meeting with Vladimir Putin. How might these meetings impacts his approach to dealing with prudent. I think a lot of ways the tone has already been sad but of course. And that outcome of this meeting is going to be something that the entire world is also watching the White House and and White House officials that we've been talking Tuesday the strategy here is on defense. And discussion in the president has said that he wants a stable and predictable relationship. With president who in but its her six figure out how that's good how. Happen when Palin is predictable. In a lot of ways than as beer doing this in the middle in the backdrop of the ongoing cyber threats. I'm against the United States until this is going to be a very blunt in meaning we know that president Biden is not going to mince words as he has done before of course that you have come face to face many times before the last time president Biden actually told him that. He didn't have a sold Diane she's been Zemin's words there at treasury just got in coral England thanks Rachel. And you can watch our full coverage of the bite including summit next Wednesday June 16 right here on ABC news lives. And the CDC is meeting today about a possible link between vaccinated teens and heart inflammation. Meanwhile Colin related hospital admissions have been doubling in areas with low vaccination rates. Marcus mores and Jackson Mississippi the state with the lowest rate of vaccinations with more. This morning a CDC advisory panel is working to confirm whether believed to exist between MR NA vaccines flies remote turnout and potential heart problems and vaccinated teens. Particularly an adolescent males the panel warning of higher than expected number of cases of wild card I dysentery car died as. Conditions they can cause inflammation of the heart muscle and outer lining of the heart but the CDC also notes that reports are still rare and that most patients responded well to medication and rest. And quickly felt better. This is very is continue to spread nationwide. Over the past week culvert related hospitalizations. Doubling in counties with the lowest vaccination rates. Compared to counties with higher full vaccination numbers. In Mississippi the vaccination rate is the lowest of the country. Only about 27% of the total population is fully vaccinated this vaccine center in force since directly across the street from a funeral home. And is virtually empty. Or local pastor told the Jacobs the third who nearly died from Colvin is planning more outreach of encouraging others to get vaccinated or to protect their community. Who wouldn't won't take that chance of receiving a shot to go through and this happened to them. Say is that this is horrifying. And I am pastor Aiken spent eighty days in the hospital he says doctors told him. He had a 2% chance of survival and now that he has pulled through he's devoted a lot of his time to encouraging members of his community to get vaccinated. As we all wait to see what comes of that CDC advisory panel meeting this morning Diane. 2% chance not about beating the odds Marcus Moore in Jackson Mississippi thank you. And a new report on the clearing of Lafayette park last June has found the United States park police did not clear the park for then president trumps photo op. Right before the former president began his walk to saint John's church protesters were forcefully removed from the surrounding area by park police and other law enforcement. But the investigation now says the reason police cleared the bar was to put up a fence ABC news chief Washington correspondent Jonathan Karl has the details. It's perhaps the most infamous for a walk of his presidency. Donald Trump holding up a Bible and for a saint John's church last summer. Just 21 minutes before he began his walk to the church. Protesters were forcefully removed from the surrounding area by park police and other law enforcement. It appeared. To clear the way for the president but now an internal investigation. Says there is no evidence the operation had anything to do with Trump's walked from the White House to the church. We did not find evidence that a potential presidential visit to the park ward saint John's church. Influence to dog park police's decision making or their deployment according to the report demonstrators were pushed out to allow contractors to build a fence. Our response to damage done during the two previous nights of rioting the report says the park police didn't even know about the president's intentions. Until they had made their own plants the operation turned violent and injured many. Including this Australian news crew. Oh well. As they tried to evacuate something not addressed by the report. But the report did find it tear gas and other chemical irritants were used against the crowd. And that most people could not hear the audio warning issued before the police moved in. Shortly after all that went down last June Donald Trump. Praise the action of law enforcement for the way they cleared the area around this church on Lafayette park. But after this inspector general report came out trump issued a statement. Thanking the inspector general and saying that the report totally exonerated him from the decision to clear the area of protesters Diane. Turning ABC news chief Washington correspondent Jonathan Karl thanks John. And the biggest reservoir in the country Lake Mead at the Hoover Dam is at its lowest water level ever. Forty million people across seven states rely on that water ABC news chief national correspondent Matt Gutman is there with the latest. This morning that disastrous miles don't have league need miles of abandoned beaches. Docs high and dry the lakes lowest level ever over the past two decades that water level here lake Meade has decreased by a 130. Feet. That's basically a thirteen story building. Lake Mead is part of the Colorado River system which provides water to some forty million people in seven states it's down it just. 37%. Capacity. It's one of the casualties of the mega droughts suffocating his southwest. Cumulatively an area larger than ST of Texas today nearly 300000 square miles in exceptional drought. Also edit your critical levels lake or Roseville and Folsom lake in California. Police believe hit the hardest. Until about that I mean having worked here and been here for two decades I never thought I'd see it. I'll see you tomorrow this image from twenty years ago showing late meeting lapping up near the top of the Hoover Dam. Now it is so low it has affected the output of the dam's hydroelectric plant. Farmers suffering the worst of it. We have a feel it does not plant it. It has no water we'll find nothing you'll see no crops there. California facing its worst fire season on a record last year. And is this summer months evaporate more water federal officials warned the crisis will worsen. But they say they're prepared and it's not hopeless how concerned should viewers be. It just means water conservation everyone needs to conserve water as best they can. Eight and you know the federal officials we've been speaking with hearsay that's no surprise. That lake me is at its lowest level they've been measuring this. For a long time. Now they are expected to declare a water shortage along the lower Colorado river basin about triggers automatic cuts. And reductions to water in Nevada and an. An Arizona and Arizona it's likely to homeowners really get. Presidents had water rights over farmers which could cause some controversy now the impact of these water mitigation efforts. And conservation will likely not be felt at least here in Lake Mead for months until November they say. Until then the level at the lake will continue to decrease. Diane. Giant in battle images and I come and thank you don't. And two passengers on a cruise ships and the Mediterranean have tested positive for a cold in nineteen. We come back what it could be in for ships here in the US. Also coming up fares are soaring for over and list we'll tell you what's behind the rise and how to avoid high prices. After the break. Welcome back as the cruise industry is making a comeback to passengers on cruise ship in the Mediterranean have tested positive for coal in nineteen. It's raising questions about Colin precautions in place on cruise ships and whether or not they're working ABC's will read has more. This morning to passengers testing positive for Kobe nineteen on this Swiss cruise ship featured in this marketing video sailing in the Mediterranean a reminder of the pandemic continued presence worldwide the passengers who were reportedly asymptomatic forced to disembark the MSCs seaside along with those they traveled with. At the next poured in Sarah coups say Italy the MSC seaside then continuing the voyage as planned. Cruise line telling ABC news that all of their passengers are not required to be Dax needed. But must take a coded test 96 hours before leaving home before boarding and while on the ship. Bottom line is. Make sure before you can get our crews you get vaccinated whether the cruise line mandates it or not. The incident shot across the bow for the North American cruise lines now getting back out to seek as ABC's Cuban leader as detailed this week. Celebrity cruises requiring in scanning vaccine cards PCR tests and conducting a health questionnaire before embarking. By face coverings are optional on board for passengers. Liberated to finally be a fallen. Royal Caribbean deciding not to require covered nineteen vaccinations for their adult gas and less their departing from Seattle. The Bahamas or international ports. Diane while most major cruise lines are preparing to embark from the US later this month others are still awaiting CC approval. Diane and I love me. Thank you and prices are soaring for ride sharing services like boomer and left both companies are now trying to bring back drivers who left them earlier in the pandemic. Which means higher prices and longer wait times transportation correspondent GO Benitez has the details. This morning buckle up prices on core services like Hoover and lift skyrocketed. As both major ride share companies faced an unprecedented driver shortage e-commerce company racquets and analyzes data flying. 1240%. Hike in ride share pricing and some big cities like LA Chicago and New York or at times seeing double black. Here she restaurants opened then her grocery stores are going to kill or enjoying I'm enjoying your news. You don't really. Strong urgent demand and they just weren't right or she can and so that's when you see. This but why are the drivers leaving the right share guy Harry Campbell who runs a web site for right share drivers says they're looking for other better paying jobs in the gig economy. He's a lot people are right share over to deliberate not only at. Least. He earned more money to try to woo drivers back Calista recorded its own version of undercover boss the company's co-founder posing as a driver. To see if you wouldn't make more money moving people or through. Lift sharing this video. My. Is they say she made more money with people and sued the co-founder speaking with GMA overnight. But congress may not only is Ian curtains are donated didn't somewhere our kids and it. Not all time high for the last several months. Meanwhile Hoover saying it's launching a 250 million dollar driver stimulus. To boost earnings for drivers and adding more incentives to bring drivers back. And prices should start to draw by the end of the summer as they hire more drivers. We do right now while some cities have some other options for example in Chicago new York and DC. They've got an app called. Beyond hope for on the West Coast many cities have an app called wings and also if she can make sure that your scheduling rides in advance that way you don't have to pay. Any of that search prices. Diane. Yeah ABC news transportation correspondent GO Benitez good tips Jim thanks. And millions of people woke up to a partial solar eclipse this morning our rob Marciano is on a plane as it happens time. Full we come back he's giving us a front row view. Welcome back millions of people welcome to a spectacular ring of fire partial solar eclipse this morning. Our rob Marciano that's front row seat watching it all from a plane. And he joins us now from Minneapolis to tell us all about it good morning rather not about assignment. Hey Dianne we just got back from our flight didn't see who these solar eclipse on that delta flight sky and telescope. Chartering a plane along with 37 other. Space astronomy and it clips enthusiasts. Including myself would be necessary my producer that got a supply along for the ride this is a typical Clinton secede although if you live in the northeast of Great Lakes. You've probably got to see it this morning at least partially that was likely cooled this was probably a little bit cooler flying at 39000. Needs. Tom we're chasing this shadow basically across the land as moving at 2700 miles per hour so when you fly along with the shadow we got about an extra minutes. What we call and you Larry this is different my total eclipse that we saw back and Tony seventeen for the entire district dishonest it is covered by the moon. The moon is a little bit farther away it is time so we get there's a ring of fire perfectly. Circular ring of fire around the sun. And boy Isaiah when that was something to see for over four minutes. There was a lot brighter than alliances and barely out of sight and you know lying but Hermione nearly 40000 feet. Three quarters of the atmosphere as well as a catalyst atmosphere to go through that sounded superb right. There was a super treat. The next. Solar eclipse that is total delving in the US since one 24 are all across Texas the heartland and up across the Great Lakes. Don't want to miss them. Diane. 22 money form marking my calendar rob Marciano Minneapolis thank you. And a few more things to know before you go the TSA is warning about staffing shortages at more than 130 airports. The problem was so mad TSA office workers are being asked to volunteer for airport duty. The TSA hopes to hire 6000 new officers offering incentives like a 1000 dollar bonus. In the meantime some flyers are being told to arrive as early as three hours before their flight. And some great teams in Wisconsin are gunning for athletics summer job. The 105 annual mail delivery tryouts on Lake Geneva involve jumping onto and delivering the mail and then jumping. On the followed woods does not stop. One hopefuls that she's nervous about jumping back kind of bug because she quoted doesn't want is flat on the window like a bug. Thankfully her first jump went smoothly the five teens were big will also be guys remote viewers this summer. That this what you don't want to comment. And Los Angeles county has a peacock problems he got some live in the area for decades after being brought over from South Asia to service status symbols but. Their population has exploded in the last year becoming a new sense. Now a county official wants to ban feeding the peacocks which experts say contributes to their population growth but some residents lite cat. Maneuvers around one resident tells the guardian the issue is quote more divisive and national politics and yikes. And that doesn't that is ABC news live up data and amnesty don't thanks for joining us and remember ABC news I was here for you all day with the latest news context and analysis. We'll see right back here at 11 AM eastern. With the new update Stacy.

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