ABC News Live Update: Joe Biden picks Sen. Kamala Harris as his running mate

Plus, thousands at one Georgia school district are under quarantine after being exposed to COVID-19, and how you can now spend a night in the world's last Blockbuster.
24:13 | 08/12/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Joe Biden picks Sen. Kamala Harris as his running mate
Good morning thanks for skating with us I'm Diane Macedo. In today's update Joseph Biden pick senator Pamela Harris to be his running mate making her the first black woman and first Asian American on a major party ticket. Biden called Harris a fearless fighter for the little guy to Howard Democrats and Republicans reacting to our panel of experts joins me lives. Also ahead more than a thousand students and staff from a Georgia school district are now under quarantine after dozens tested positive for colored nineteen including. To kindergartners. He's been on investigation is underway after dozens of people without masks tacked on to a New York City plus just wells party. Listen up movie lovers you can now check into the world's last blockbuster store hot Caribbean beach. Kinda reminded undermined for a night of ninety's the south death by the store's manager says her community inspired the idea. We're taking you inside this morning. But we begin with Joseph Biden's groundbreaking VP pick the presumptive democratic presidential nominee. Practice former rival senator Pamela Harris to be his running mate. Making history by then broke the news to Harris on a zoom call making her the first woman of color to ever be nominated for vice president by a major party. Later today Biden and Harris will make their first public appearance together since that announcement Mary Bruce. Is in Washington with more. After months of speculation Joseph Biden over a video chat asking senator Karbala Harris to join the historic ticket writing and then breaking the news in a tweet celebrating his former rival as a fearless fighter for the little guy and one of the country's finest public servants here is responding saying Joseph biting can unify the American people because he's spent his life fighting for us I'm honored to join him as our party's nominee for vice president terrorists is now that's first black woman and the first Asian American on a major party ticket. And only the third woman to be chosen for vice president. And senator Amy Klobuchar once considered a contender for the role herself she later urged Biden to pick a black woman for this morning telling GMA he made the right choice. We need someone. Who can work side by side with Joseph Biden and truly govern and that's com or Harris. I believe and job you know one of the things that is so reflective of his personality. Is when he says there is room. Different every one. President Obama declaring Joseph Biden nailed this decision by choosing senator Connell a Harris is America's next vice president. He's underscored his own judgment and character. But it wasn't long ago that Harris was Biden's fierce opponent. At the first primary debate she took Biden to task for working with segregationist senators to oppose school busing policies in the 1970s. Do you agree today. That you were wrong to look pols bussing in America dental do you agree I did not. Foes busing in America what I propose is busing ordered by the Department of Education. That's when I opposed. Now here it is poised to turn those famous debate skills against Mike pack. Pets that two of them are set to debate. In just two months and while president trump and his campaign are eager to paint. Senator Harris as far left and a radical trump himself actually used to support her. Before running for president Donald Trump donated 6000 dollars to harris' campaign. Diane. Interesting neighbors from Washington thanks. And here to help us break this all down ABC news political director Rick Klein ABC news correspondent is arranged shop who covered Harris on the campaign trail. An idea brown associate professor of political science an African American studies at Purdue University thank you for being here we appreciate it. Of course great to be here aren't written we're starting with you me and my pleasure guys Rick. 1 of all why Pamela Harris had his team Biden think that she will help him win in November. Is she may seem like the obvious choice but she wasn't the inevitable choice in fact Joseph Biden. Went quite a bit around two a number of different contenders and I think what's telling here to a lot of Democrats who've been watching this campaign and eager to see Joseph Biden win. Is that it appears that he did what he had to do as opposed to necessarily what he wanted to do. In Kabul Harris feels a lot of holes foreign generational Lee. Demographically. Not so much geographically although obviously they often they represented dot opposite coasts of the United States. It and maybe not so much ideologically she has more on the centrist slain but still the fact that she is a black woman the fact that she's Asian American. That speaks very very loudly to a large base of the Democratic Party who have felt under represented and the message from Joseph Biden in picking Kabul Harris is that he gets it. Not. This is he really speaking basis that we're seeing in this country. Wow this is racial reckoning ground racial justice and while this is an increase isn't in the movement which is letting sniffs enter. Issues around brass and by. So I can't be really trying to some how the show that they understand the rules yes they did get a big big deal because it has moved around the sheen's. Particularly since may when he when George Floyd was murdered but not in public mood is certainly an American power. And. And serene you've Paris on the campaign trail last year when she was running for president. What would you share some of her strengths and weaknesses when it comes to relating to voters and pulling them and. You Deng and she says X-Factor in this charisma she would walk into rooms and just turn heads. A lot of people just relieved to her I mean she is the daughter of in the transfer data from Jamaica her mom from India. She talks about her mom staying up late to paying the bills. Candy stories about her immigrant pairings that. You know and not many candidates would it would have on the trail people just that resonated with them. I remember going out to her her oh wins his presidential lunch when she announced his running for president. We're 20000. People there I I went there two hours early they're lines around blocks. People just want to see her and wasn't struck me the very end and that of her announcement her whole family got on stage. And this one is she calls it like a modern family I mean she has. She has stepped his onstage she has part of our family is Asia and another park in South Asian she has her black and we heard Jewish family. They all got out there out with her and people see themselves in her and in her family. One girl blame that on the trail her name is Charlie she's a ten year old she's been falling come here since every move and he told me that yesterday when I interviewed her she said. I see myself and in her she represents me Ellison. Late I was over any aches and I. Ever get in the hands and I and I see I'm. It's Jesse. She represents and that means so much she grabbed his EAM. On so many levels. Yeah. She's an imposition so high. It's monumental. His. Time because it is. When the current positions are high. One thing that Charlie toll when it mattered last year that she wants be president one day and just being able to see someone like come here is a run for that top spot. That allows her to be able to do sell Diane. All right so Rick clearly a lot of people are happy about this choice but she not to be loved by all what are some of the criticism Harris is expected to get from the right. And how the campaign address those. It to be on a. Sad that the right is a bit tongue tied on this one because Dave liked it to portray her as they are far left extremists and there's certainly positions that they can feast on the air. But a lot of progressives don't really like Kabul Harris either. So I think this is a difficult difficult argument you see people like Lindsey Graham talking about the liberal agenda I think they're going to try to. Cast her as and Biden as a as a vessel for far left interest up the can you'll hear a lot about California values and far left progressives and you talk about her her support in the past for for universal health care it is no more difficult to design a playbook for the Republicans against Colin arsenal's anyone else on the list very hard to portray her as a cookie cutter socialist. Hard set to attack her record on foreign policy like Susan rice's would come under scrutiny. I do think it got it's going to be a difficult argument to make of course they'll make it you've got about three months of the campaign including that vice presidential debate with that with Mike Pence. But she is going to be hard hearted pigeonhole. That almost anyone else who was on the Biden shortlist continuing their danger there might be that she won't get Democrats all that excited Kenji galvanize the party. There definitely that's a concern I think. One thing to Joseph Biden hasn't had is that enthusiasm but he did when the primaries anyway. I you have some progressives or coming out saying look this is not someone who's gonna get me in my days my supporters out there and excited to vote. But Biden's calculation is campaign's calculation is that the history making aspect of this candidacy is important and an in the Arab Donald Trump. You don't really keen to motivate Democrats so much is just just it insure them that you were reflecting their values and their priorities. This arena Harris had some fiery exchanges with Biden and last year's primary debates in this is one of those paradoxes. In no way our system works is that now their partners but how does that transition happen how do you go from insulting someone on the debate stage to say you know why. Forget all that you're a great guy we're working together here how does that process work. I mean Joseph Biden is already said I don't hold grudges right thumb and it was soon after that that moment that an efficiency soon after but she endorsed him after she dropped out of the race back in. Back in April or an effect as of march actually in Detroit eight she's raised millions of dollars for him he's been a huge supporter. His. And she's also said her husband gets along really well with the with Jill Biden. So they've kind of that is sort of in the past for them these rivals have now become running meets. And become obviously incredibly close Joseph Biden is that he wants someone decent how to kill with. And clearly he sees and pummeling Harris. Or at all water under the bridge. Not a what do you think this pairing means for the future of the Democratic Party we've seen some progress and newcomers winning down ballot federal elections. But these two moderates at the top of the ticket. Right great question because it shows. Parties really. On T smoothly the Democrats particularly in the house are gong to sag which lane the teacher who got home. And there are progressives are winning arm arm when her Mary last many. Corey Busch and seeing any almost over a year economy. In clay these acts huge wind energy I think progress and a vote Doran and and isn't where election and the protection law. Are still won't be uncertain and cheeky. So democratic recipes is melody or how they're great they're willing we'll prepare their candidate and it it yeah two moderates. But again Alan Cowell is east or first. Sun. Porch on July 8 minute I'm not occur shall we weren't I marriage. And overall Democrats are. More interest is in Winnie the election are bound child my pants but half an internal issue the direction of our. After the auction. Harry and we couldn't let this dumbed passed without a round of our favorite game. Stump Rick Klein and Rick and not only in the pressure on to answer correctly but our other panelists can steal. If they wanted and so I love it get ready to twist OK first question. Pamela Harris in the US senator from California who was the last to VP nominee. From the Golden State. The last GP nominee from the goal to say the Democrats have never actually had a a running mate from California tax is the furthest the furthest west that. We ever had any went on the ticket so on to go with Richard Nixon on the Republican side. Alas California vice president Greg why you get a rough day paid big didn't make this game and you never know what this guy knows that that's. Yeah. Not stepped in Britain I'm break carry on. She's so pretty could be seen how many Harris may have been inspired to write her office I want to care and members who easily help elect. One of her family members of ran for for office I'd I'd I don't think I've got this one to go to go in try to steal and Serena who it has the book on Kabul Harris shortly she's got this in her back fox. I can't I cannot think of the Ansa I didn't. I have no idea. Oh yeah secret political scientists. Church in her internal grant otter eagle. Hell position and precariously here west but he. Very cool. Larry I was totally thinking the last Celia. That makes sense not a year downgrade as enjoying this little break but I guess I guess I'll jump back and thanked the police don't Rick and still Greenwood ago. All right one last question. We now know all the candidates. Do you know their middle names. Do I believe I know I know it's a Little John was wrong. Joseph Robinette. Biden junior. Bowel. I don't. I not gonna get I don't think I know Kabul as middle name but I know at Missouri Delaware and I'm dead he blew you eat I don't know how my daddy. Her error staph frequently refers to where is pull me she saw. By drilling okay anyone wanna jump in and I'm Mike Pence sitting guest this. I don't think I've got I've done just so excited to see Robinette on TV you have got beyond my. Richard pence Richard Wyatt much Internet maintenance. Day. And really. But god we appreciate your inside and we appreciate you being good sports today thanks so much that the thank you. Bound Biden's running mate now solidified in the national party conventions coming up later this month the presidential race. Is heating up by an is ahead of trump in the polls right now. There's still plenty of time for the race has tightened before November 3 ABC news partner by 38 release their president's election forecast today. And 538 elections analyst Jeffrey skelley joins us now Jeff explained you mean when you say that right now Biden is favored. To win the election. I think we we look at what the polls show but we know that word out. For a little over eight years away from the election and the election we're day Biden would be pretty Hadley senator to land but. And Susan. Today. And so looking at the polls at this point but knowing how much they could shift and other risks and tightened between now and Election Day. By shattered overwhelming. Way of thinking about days Donald Trump chance reelection based gas. Slightly better can be changed his giddy and twice in a row and so but. You know there is enough uncertainty in the race it president shot to death under her. There isn't general mistrust with polls because of the prediction that Hillary Clinton would win in 2016 and of course she did and so what's the difference. This time around. Like she did her job last time showing. The race. Track. Not seeing as it is now. So when election. He or she so this time around or. Voters any. Orders last around. The race. Gary job which is. Also show. Or other inch. Where. I think actually lowers the answer T race some accent. Courts this other thing going on. Are. Used. In all sorts of uncertainty and sent a crisis. Actually she letters home. Are so people are reacting to what I can't. We don't know we're. Acts. How much does a pandemic complicate things we are trying to make these forecasts. Well one of the things we're sort of keeping in mind is that. The polls has generally been pretty good over the years. It's turnout is more uncertain and in the primaries. Are under. Current buyer's condition. In order all over the certain that in mind we want sure that we're counting for greater certainty. Turnout election. So eat were. All error. Or. An understandable 538 steps Kelly we appreciate it Jeffrey thank you. We're gonna go over to Maggie ruling now with some breaking news this is a train derailment in northeast Scotland British police say a phi air. Has started paramedics are on the scene Maggie really is live in London with more on this and Maggie what do we know. We'll demanding details are still coming in right now but officials are calling this an extremely serious incidents. Local press is reporting that one person has died and there were early reports there are also other multiple serious injuries from that scene as well. Take a look at what we're seeing this is coming in right now I can still see there is smoke coming out of the area where that train derailed there's also a massive emergency response standing by nearly. A dozen ambulances are lined up ready to go and air ambulance is above as welding and right now we don't know the exact extent of those injuries are gonna how many people were on war but clearly. By not response it has something to be concerned about a local police say they arrived at the scene around 9:45 AM local time they have been there ever sends. This is all happening in northeastern Scotland's about. A hundred miles north of Edinburgh right along the coast America and in the region Diane last night and throughout the night we know there was heavy rain thunderstorms heavy flooding throughout the night in some of that weather. Didn't cause disruptions in cancellations along that route although right now we still don't know what the cause of this train derailment was Diane. Hey Maggie really force in London hoping everyone gets out of there okay thanks Maggie. And it now does show you some video that might be hard to believe especially given we're in a pandemic the check this out a pop up party. And in New York City bus dozens of people with no masks on just took over this bus dancing jumping and definitely not social distancing. The video is now part of an investigation by new York city police that crowd stayed for about thirty minutes in the cops are still trying to figure out. What exactly happened there. They want doctor Anthony thought you seriously doubts the Russians have proven their vaccine to the corona virus is safe and effective. And a Georgia more than a thousand students and staff in one district for now quarantining after being exposed to the virus are seen Boson Sami has that story. Like a number of this country school system's schools are Cherokee county Georgia went back to classes last week Monday and now this morning. More than a thousand students and 32 staff members across several of their schools. Are needing to quarantine at home the superintendent explains that this is because at least 59 staff members and students. Including one kindergarten or have tested positive for Covert nineteen across nineteen of his school so far. So many of us where desperately. Wanting it to be face to face. There were high as one of their schools and they're having to shut down in person learning until at least the end of the month. They were trying to follow protocol but at least fourteen people tested positive for Covert nineteen. And they're still waiting on test results from fifteen others nearly 300 people are needing to quarantine from that school alone. And the school says that number could increase quote dramatically with more positive test results. At a school board meeting Tuesday night more than an hour away and Spalding county parents with different feelings on the issue got emotional. Since July 1 the schools of recorded 53 positive cases a former student on one side of the issue has started a petition. Five days ago I started a petition calling for Pauling county school district to cancel an person instruction in all schools. And returned to virtual learning until the school district can ensure a safe challenge scene and healthy environment for all students and staff. But a few current students are speaking out saying that learning remote lead robs them of social interaction that they need. Everyone has the right to make their own decisions. And have opinions. But we shouldn't be forced to go online because others are fearful parents were just as divided what if worst comes to worse. We'll board members commit to contributing to the go funding campaign and a couple facing medical bills after their son or daughter contracts until mid nineteen. And ABC news actually spoke to several experts including organizations are represented both pediatricians. And school administrators they say it's better to have kids in the classroom provided. It's done safely. Of course that last part is the big challenge making sure it's done. Safely Steve that's a sunny thanks for the report. And a few things to know before you go a volcano in Indonesia has erupted twice in just a few days that sent a plume of. Ash miles high into the sky the Bob Cano had been dormant for 400. Years before reawakening a decade ago. No fatalities or injuries have been reported Indonesia is home to more than 100 active parking. And the NHL playoffs got off to an epic start last night with the Tampa Bay Lightning beating. Columbus Blue Jackets in by about five overtimes the game clock in at almost six and a half hours making it the fourth longest gain. In NHL history. And the league is having a little fun with their Jumbotron and the empty arena apologizing if anyone had other plans. Game that was supposed to be played afterwards has moved from 8 PM last night. Until 11 AM today. And the very last blockbuster store will soon be available to rent and every NB. The manager of the Bend, Oregon store is offering four dollar nightly reservations to locals in September as a way. Do think the community for their support during a pandemic. According to the official there they visual Twitter account rather. Blockbuster is ready to check in guests we'll have the whole place to themselves they'll be cleaned according to Kobe standards and the best part. Candy. Up for grabs. And that does it for this ABC news live update I'm Diane Macedo thanks for joining us and remember ABC news live this year for you all day with the latest news context and analysis. Plus next step for robbers on the story behind aunt Jemima. By the descendants of the woman who helped launch that brand are upset about the iconic image being phased out. We'll see right back here at 11 AM eastern with your latest headlines stay safe everybody.

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