Air Force Vets Empower Women in Afghanistan and Beyond

Social entrepreneurs create an income opportunity through scarves.
3:53 | 08/14/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Air Force Vets Empower Women in Afghanistan and Beyond
I'm Josh Carolina captain united states air force. -- -- social entrepreneur and chairman and co-founder of playing -- Fire scars they nonprofit social business -- powers that. Women from around the world and developing countries initially we started 2011. During my last deployment in Afghanistan. And now we partnered with Afghan widows who had lost their husbands the Taliban. And we found that they created that these beautiful handmade artists and scarves. And so we thought what in our arsenal what can we do outside of just dropping bombs and have a military presence. In order to rebuild these communities in Afghanistan we're gonna have to empower people. And the people who typically don't have access capital. Access to money access to jobs are when. And so we said decided. We're going to partner -- them they're gonna create a beautiful product and we're gonna bring it to you every American's doorstep. And they can Wear these beautiful scars but also the beautiful story that's woven. And each and every one of them. In Afghanistan. Eighty million owners and those kind of they said. You want to sell our products back in America. And you don't want to make any money. So I think that they're very skeptical initially. And to try to sell them on the idea that we are just trying to help them. And this is that Philanthropic nonprofit. This the goodness of our hearts of course it didn't help that weren't. Full military uniforms and -- -- -- With me. I think there was a little bit of distrust but you know we -- -- prove ourselves over and over again and I always tell. Our group whenever we go talk to women around the world. Is that we're gonna do two things we're going to under promise and over deliver and I think you can talk -- and the people we worked with. Around the world -- -- valuable -- delivered on promises. We -- each contributed to our own money our own savings essentially -- start this business -- from the ground up. And so we really value of that and we -- -- -- fact that we don't write grants we don't really -- donations. For the most part is that self sustaining social business. That that we run like a business operates like a business but we also -- nonprofit. And now we're hoping to expand now. The United States. Just got back from Africa. From -- to some -- Kenya as a matter of fact -- -- we went to an orphanage. And one of the things that we've done since we left Afghanistan as we decided we're gonna go to all places all places around the globe that other businesses don't wanna -- On the -- and -- asked me ten years ago I was gonna start a business Afghanistan what -- -- what a -- you know you're crazy there's no way what I was gonna start a business and Haiti and Kenya. But these are the places that really need help the most and not in -- charity handouts -- -- But a way that sustaining. That can empower them. I'm so that once you know the handouts dry out and people get charity fatigue. They continue to help themselves. It's been phenomenal. We're we're helping the women. In a sense but really to helping us to really. Help us explore our passion. And you know I joined the military to do something meaningful to have an impact and just because I left the military. Didn't mean that I stop my service there and continue to do that now I found. A new passion -- new avenue of helping people. -- -- social business venture.

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{"id":19962016,"title":"Air Force Vets Empower Women in Afghanistan and Beyond","duration":"3:53","description":"Social entrepreneurs create an income opportunity through scarves.","url":"/International/video/air-force-vets-empower-women-afghanistan-19962016","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}