American Couple Finally Leave Russia With Adopted Daughter

Kendra and Jason Skaggs are reunited with their new daughter, 5-year-old Polina.
2:07 | 02/07/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for American Couple Finally Leave Russia With Adopted Daughter
A -- old Russian girl is going home for the first time in her young life her adoptive parents from Arkansas are ready to bring her to the United States. But other couples have not been so lucky here is one of the last adoptions that's being allowed. ABC's current Rania has the story now from Moscow. It's a reunion that almost did it happen. Kendrick Jason Skaggs who arrived in Moscow to pick up Colina a five year old orphan with -- -- -- to -- and now -- adopted daughter. It's yeah. It doesn't quite hit yet that we have her and she's -- lawyers. Pauline is one of the last Russian children to be adopted by Americans. Barely escaping Russia's new ban on adoptions to the United States it went into effect on January 1. Part of Russia's retaliation -- -- -- of human right sanctions passed by the US last year Americans have adopted over 60000 Russian children since the end of the Soviet Union but Russian officials have pointed to the cases of nineteen children reportedly abused by American parents. Meanwhile ordinary Russians reached out to offer support. One woman gave Kendra and Jason thousand dollars to help cover expenses another dropped off apparently warm boots the only African. Finally authorities agreed to allow about fifty children to travel to the US including only now -- hundreds more adoptions remain stuck. Those families may never see the children again as she prepared to leave Moscow -- was excited. Practicing her English. And playing with her new gifts. She's learning that it's forever and will be there when she goes to sleep and -- be there when she wakes up. And when the plane touched down in Houston. Police -- Skaggs was finally home. Your idea ABC news most -- Good to see that story -- -- hundreds of cases are still locked up not moving anywhere even cases where parents have already. Met the child now some parents are looking into some kind of of legal action or some kind of next step to try to fight this but so -- uphill battle it's already pretty. Emotionally traumatic situations you connect with the child and they have to leave them behind -- -- tough tough tough tough.

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{"duration":"2:07","description":"Kendra and Jason Skaggs are reunited with their new daughter, 5-year-old Polina.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"18429896","title":"American Couple Finally Leave Russia With Adopted Daughter","url":"/International/video/american-couple-finally-leave-russia-adopted-daughter-18429896"}