Where American travelers aren’t banned

ABC’s Maggie Rulli reports from Croatia, which has defied the rest of the EU in allowing Americans to visit this summer without quarantine despite the pandemic.
6:16 | 07/31/20

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Transcript for Where American travelers aren’t banned
Before the pandemic there were very few countries where Americans could not visit will now is cases continue to store there are very few countries that we can't. Data European Union reaffirmed its ban on US citizens for the rule. Is non binding and want EU nation Croatia tourist hot spot is still allowing Americans in if you can get there. Our Maggie ruling dated and filed this report. With over 3000. Miles of stunning Mediterranean coastline. Its rich history. And medieval city walls that inspired game of problems filmmakers. And attractive thing it's nearly 90000 people alone come right here every single year to fit on a real here and around. Croatians popularity is exploding with more and more Americans making the trip including more than 600000. To us last year. And now the country's offering an away sits for a lockdown will be re Americans. Becoming the only country in the European Union to welcome tourists from the United States without a quarantines. Aaron Harris and it jumped at the chance to travel abroad this summer has as Croatia has always been on her bucket list but getting here wasn't easy. It took weeks of planning including a stressful week for Kobe test results that she had to get just 48 hours before her arrival in Croatia. I was at my new. Turn quick turnaround time LC the antibody tests and double prepared no matter what. A transfer in Paris where she was unsure for American passport would be an issue I write I hadn't. Happened in the front and then finally after more than twenty hours of travel she landed in Dubrovnik and we were there to greet her as she got off the plate. Yeah. Hello I'm how is your life. After showing her negative Kobe test a Border Patrol and providing proof of a hotel where she was staying very upbeat all clears. I can't believe after all that went through to get here. I'm here I passed and now I can go explore the beautiful country beautiful people. The process she went through is a far cry from years past but Americans were able to seamlessly jet set before the pandemic. The US passport was one of the world's strongest providing visa free access to a 185. Countries. But because America failed to get a grip on cove in nineteen movement has been strictly limited. And now people with US passports are only permitted entry into about thirty countries. That golden passport now all of a sudden it. Like action action action you know to make sense of these ever changing restrictions -- turn to a online community of travelers led by Christian mayor McCain. What is the most common question. From Americans what I struggling with. What kind of recommendation do I have to get ready because they moan they have information that they can come. So everybody's asking you know what should I prepare because actually the homework is most important. Croatia the newest member of the EU but it's the first to break ranks and allow American tourists to visit officials here tell us that it's worth the rift opened up their borders because. American tourists bring money. And it's of their last chance to save the summer season. The mayor of Dubrovnik one of Croatia's most popular destinations. Says that Americans are the number two source of income for city right behind the UK. Tourism it's a very very important. 80% of our economy. It's being done tourism and want to send a message to an America that Dubrovnik is facing Portman. It nice and beautiful and the three. How lied Dole Food. But he says it's a balance the health and safety are the priority. After all Croatia has a long history with pinned down X. The first quarantine in the entire world started right here in the city of Dubrovnik in the thirteen hundred later they built this building just to keep passengers who were traveling in. From infected countries separate from the rest of the city. Today they're ruling means about history even using an old measurement the cubic. The link to be famous medieval knights arm to social distance. Of the best model of social discontent have ever had with chocolate. Local companies are selling hygiene hotels promote their new co would secure cleaning tech can guarantee hygienic rooms. If trampled wasn't a luxury before the pandemic world has immediate want. Stacy in Daryn shot traveled 26 hours from Arizona on three separate flights the long journey and the risk they state was worth it. I need a break. I think a lot of people I after dissonant time just need something different you know we felt this. You know we take the right precautions if we do everything right we do having by the book. This is not something that's going away tomorrow. Everybody's just continue to restaurants there's no conversation them it's pretty hasn't restaurants everybody wears and we felt more safe. Most small businesses in Dubrovnik tell us they'll take all the safety precautions needed if it meets they can open back up. That fewer people in less money has left many having to cope with what little business they can get some places have already had to shut down. They have to pay your loan has been granted bail electricity salaries. You worrying you you'll be able to keep viewing employees. Some visiting yes we were worrying thing god they have. You of the Americans are back at. The mayor says his goal for this delay tourist season is to make 30% of what they made last summer this is by Dubrovnik looks so you think. Beautiful because. We the tourism and listen. Be kept Dubrovnik like it was in the past. He acknowledges it's a delicate balance. While grace's numbers have remained relatively low since the outbreak began concerns over their open borders have led some countries like the Netherlands to have been to there or Angeles. Recommending anyone who has visiting Croatia to QWERTY when they get back home. But the mayor says he doesn't think things will be back to normal for at least another two years he says the country can't wait while people lose their livelihoods. For now those Americans who take the risk and make their way to Croatia. Have a once in a lifetime experience of walking through one of the world's most famous cities without its being this crowd it's. Maggie really ABC news Dubrovnik Croatia.

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{"duration":"6:16","description":"ABC’s Maggie Rulli reports from Croatia, which has defied the rest of the EU in allowing Americans to visit this summer without quarantine despite the pandemic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"72090562","title":"Where American travelers aren’t banned","url":"/International/video/american-travelers-arent-banned-72090562"}