ARCHIVE VIDEO: Cuban Doctors Dedicated to Chernobyl's Youngest Victims

Aug. 1, 1992: Ukrainian children affected by radiation from the Chernobyl disaster are treated in Havana, Cuba.
2:55 | 04/14/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ARCHIVE VIDEO: Cuban Doctors Dedicated to Chernobyl's Youngest Victims
A team of Cuban doctors is in Brazil this weekend to examine radiation victims and select about fifty children to take back to Cuba for treatment. The doctors gain their expertise by treating young victims of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. As Dennis struck reports the Havana program continues today with no end in sight. These are some of the children of Chernobyl. Nearly 20% have heart problems. More than half suffer from thyroid disorders. Some are struggling to survive cancer. Cuban doctors say they cannot be certain whether all of these illnesses were caused by the nuclear accident. But they are treating them all providing free medical care which would cost millions of dollars in the industrialized world. The Cuban government also supplies housing and food for the parents. Patients stay up to two years at how to adopt a rehabilitation Saturday near Havana. Cuban doctors say that one quarter of these children will not survive. Roughly the numbers still showing dangerously high levels of radiation. It. Would be broke loose for me. Ruled people who guns that. What we have here he says is the appearance of some cases of leukemia as well as other types of cancer he. A little big Cuban teams treat standard medical problems as well as those related to the incident. Eleven year old Elaine accretion make go hasn't blocked kidney and eventually it will have it replaced in Cuba. And there are dental problems six cavities on average for each youngster. Emotional problems also are common psychologist worked constantly with the children. Officials say this is expensive but affordable there's a doctor for every 300 people in Cuba compared to one for every 400 in the United States. Why does Cuba do this President Fidel Castro says that it reinforces the internationalism. Of Cuba's revolution. It also is an outgrowth of the national health system. Think you were without. In spite of these high costs that it has because of the kind of Houston. Who have done look. The sixty doctors assigned to the Chernobyl program do everything from routine exams to bone marrow transplants. This boy had open heart surgery since the program. Again more than 101000 children have been treated here and Venice commitment is open ended it could go on for years. Cuba is doing their work and bearing the costs alone. Not even the United Nations has offered to help. Havana says the research will be shared so doctors in the future may know more about how to treat low level radiation. If something like Chernobyl happens again. Dennis Trout ABC news Havana.

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{"id":38402562,"title":"ARCHIVE VIDEO: Cuban Doctors Dedicated to Chernobyl's Youngest Victims","duration":"2:55","description":"Aug. 1, 1992: Ukrainian children affected by radiation from the Chernobyl disaster are treated in Havana, Cuba.","url":"/International/video/archive-video-cuban-doctors-dedicated-chernobyls-youngest-victims-38402562","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}