Australian PM Says 'Indications' Hostage Situation Politically Motivated

Tony Abbott says motive behind the takeover of a Sydney chocolate shop is not yet known.
3:52 | 12/15/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Australian PM Says 'Indications' Hostage Situation Politically Motivated
I just put in my guys short statement on the hostage incident in mountain place in Sydney. News while police are responding and I out thing strongly supported by commonwealth I agencies. We done yet neither the my advice in multi purpose try to. We've done. Whether this is politically might abided. Although obviously their some indications that it quickly. We have to priests Jack that they even in a society such as Alice adopt papal. Who would wish to do us com. That's why we have police and security open his actions of the utmost professionalism. That ready and I able to respond to lie hall Ryan killed situations and contingencies. Including the situation that we now saying. In Sydney. The whole point all of thought politically might invited violence. Eased to skip papal. Out of playing. Themselves. Australia. He is. I peaceful eye open and generous society. Nothing should give a chimes that. And that's while I would would I would urge all Australians. To die but to go about their business as usual. Of course if anyone does have. Any. Suspicions. Of onto what activity. There is the national security hotline. Live 10123400. Which I would urge them to poll. I can make united the national security committee of the cabinet. Has set blamed briefed on this incident. I think in regular contact with premier dance I over the course of the last couple of Alice. I think briefed by. Commissioner skippy any of the needs help walls police and by commissioner called an obvious tried in federal police. This is an unfolding situation. And as the situation unfolds they will fully operational dikes provided. But in yourself whilst the lace. I what are we shall papal that the ordinary business of government must go on and it will go on. And that's why treasure a hockey and finance minister Coleman will shortly they're releasing the media economic and fiscal capital. As planned. Finally. This is. A very disturbing incident. Now I can understand the concerns and anxieties of the Australian people at a time like these. Beth Phillips and pray is must've bubble. Go out to the individuals who are caught up in this. I can think of almost nothing. More distressing. More terrifying. Than that caught up in such a situation. And a hot spell out of us. Gem on got to leave it to the news up whilst police. Who. In operational charge of this incident. To provide thus Collins that they tiles. Obviously. In a situation like this all sorts of reports fly around. All sorts of climbs my head. So why why do. Urge everyone but to exercise caution. In their reporting. But I will leave all of the operational day tells it to the new south plus police. Who as I understand it will begin providing operational. Sites shortly.

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{"duration":"3:52","description":"Tony Abbott says motive behind the takeover of a Sydney chocolate shop is not yet known. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"27598249","title":"Australian PM Says 'Indications' Hostage Situation Politically Motivated","url":"/International/video/australian-pm-indications-hostage-situation-politically-motivated-27598249"}