Moses and the Plagues: Pharoh is Stubborn So God Sends Ten Plagues to Egypt

Part 3: Were the Ten Plagues the Bible talks about real natural disasters?
3:00 | 12/29/12

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Transcript for Moses and the Plagues: Pharoh is Stubborn So God Sends Ten Plagues to Egypt
In the bible story after decades in the desert, moses obeyed god's order to go back to egypt. So moses goes back to the egypt in cha which he grew up to the court where he learned and became a young man, and confronts pharaoh, surely someone he knew as a young man, saying here I am, I'm not the egyptian you thought I am. I too am on israelite and I am asking for my people to be released. God gave moses the power to perform what the bible refers to signs and wonder. He goes and says, okay. Okay. The most famous of these powers was the ability to turn his staff into a snake. In the ancient world, stories of snakes and magic were common. A magician takes a little image of wax that can be held in the hand of a crocodile and as soon as he throws it on the ground, it becoming a real crocodile until he grabs it by the tail and I reverts in his palm. These magicians were men of high status in egypt. It's a tradition that continues to this day. Ah! Back in luxor, we met hue hamd, who cams from a long line of snake charmers. The snake, not as charming. Oh, it pooped. Gross, snake dmoch you know the story of mosts? God made that it way. Can you turn the snake into a stick? No, we don't have special powers. You don't have special powers. No. No. You can't do it. It only comes from god. Or, moses was a prophet. Moses gave his brother aaron of impressing the pharaoh. He throws down his staff and becoming aer is pant. And when they tried to do the same thing, they sec lewded and they swallowed them up. The e jipss laughed at him and said, it's trickery, forget about it. Unimpressed, pharaoh still refused to let the israelites go. It was at that point, god released a series of disasters known as the ten plagues. These were hosht. As bad as you can imagine. Every spring, the jus have a path over sada and paut drop of wine on the plate for each plague. Hail and gnat, things of that sort. Wild beast, darkness. Supposedly, noft a darkness that was the absence of light but it was so dark, you couldn't walk through it. It was a short series of natural disasters that most people understood in their terms. Could we account for the plagues naturally? Probably. In the span of years, the ten disasters destroyed egypt and that's a point. It's a miracle. Miracles don't beg natural description. They are wren god intervenes in the order of nature. Then god told mosts to prepare the people for the coming of the tenth and worst plague, the killing of all the firstborns. Moses instructed the jews to sacrifice the lamb and paint its blood on the door so the angel of death could know who was jewish and wasn't. And that is where the ter path over comes from. They are called to ask questions, particularly the quirn. How do you wrestle with it? Freedom has never come easy. It has never come easily. Wars never endesly. But when we divorce justice from mercy that is pure evil. So it was unquestionably just to free slaves. And it's unquestionably right to be merciful. But it certainly seems in the tenth plague like mercy has been divorced from justice. Whatever we think about the egyptian enslavers, we must believe that some of them were good people. Some of them were at least indifferent and we know that the infants were innocent. The bible says that on that night, the angel of death swept through egypt. Even the pharaoh lost his own son and he quickly sent for moses. It was possible for the fair troe say, this is not enough. It's hard to say that the egyptians with not saying, enough already. The palaces were not built for them but for the pharaoh. At the killing of the firstborn, which included the pharaoh's son, the pharaoh finally said, enough. And the bible says the pharaoh told moses take your people and go.

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