Benjamin Netanyahu: Scarlett Johansson 'Frankly My Dear, I DO Give a Damn'

Israeli PM uses famed "Gone With the Wind" quote to applaud actress's recent opposition to BDS.
3:00 | 03/04/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Benjamin Netanyahu: Scarlett Johansson 'Frankly My Dear, I DO Give a Damn'
Well. You shouldn't -- surprise up. Throughout history. People believe the most. Outrageously. Absurd things about the June. That we were using the blood of children too big muscles that we were spreading the -- throughout Europe. That we were plotting to take over the world. You know but you concerned. An educated people. Pocket educated people to do believe. The nonsense spewed by -- about his. Well that's wouldn't surprise me -- -- history's most influential thinkers and writers. -- Those trips to the affiliate many many others. Split the most preposterous lies about the Jewish people. It's hard to set prejudices. That have been ingrained. In consciousness over millennia. And from antiquity to the middle -- to modern times. Jews were boycotted. Discriminated against and singled out. Today the sitting out of the Jewish people. It's turned into the singling out of the Jewish state. -- you -- attempts to boycott divest and sanction Israel the most threatened democracy donor. Are simply the latest job cut in the long and dark history of anti semitism. Those -- Previous label. Should be treated exactly as we treat. -- anti semite or bigger. They should be expose and condemn. The bush daughters -- -- Markota. Should know. What the letters videos. Really stands. Bigger treat dishonest and that's today. And those who. Those little holes. Dubious. Lifeguard -- There should be applauded. Scarlett I have one thing the -- you. Frankly by -- I do -- Rivera. That I know all of you give it. As soon decent people everywhere. Who reject hypocrisy and lies. And cherished integrity and truth. My friends. I bring you a message from Jerusalem. To pray -- love our common civilization. The crucible of our shared revenues. It's a message from the Bible. A wholly human drama written document from -- -- have a clue left. Less capable so you. The -- hear. About resulted club. I have put before do. Blessing and a curse. -- -- life. So that you -- all children may lose. Ladies and gentlemen my friends never four games. America and is will stand for life. We stand together. On the right side of the ball -- We stand together on the right side of his. So stand tall stand strong. Stand proud of.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Israeli PM uses famed \"Gone With the Wind\" quote to applaud actress's recent opposition to BDS. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"22773905","title":"Benjamin Netanyahu: Scarlett Johansson 'Frankly My Dear, I DO Give a Damn'","url":"/International/video/benjamin-netanyahu-scarlett-johansson-frankly-dear-give-damn-22773905"}