Biden takes questions before leaving Geneva

"The country has put a different face on where we've been and where we're going," the president said before departing.
10:14 | 06/16/21

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Transcript for Biden takes questions before leaving Geneva
The president's getting ready to leave let's listen to him there on the tarmac. Not me but I think we. Different baseline were revamped and where were grown and live your good about it. Bill you know. One of the things that I think understandably. There is a good deal of skepticism about with the G-7 sign off. And give America back it's sort of vision. I think you're dead of what they would rather go out America's back and Latimer back connected. Then. We NATO I think we'll. Really good be there. Well I think you I didn't get one single first. One and world leaders and security. Thank you rate your beat you from. I thought. Was right doesn't look much better position. The represent the west after the previous relief. With the knowing that the rest of the west part. Did I know them all. It got to grab. As its president since you're now heading home guy's ass and we've got to domestic issues the church finance. If you could. I'm first to be this state of the infrastructure builders have now bipartisan group that you offer if you haven't even I have not been. I'm Alison haven't seen and know what he tells. You know wanted this. Maybe it means by which to get this. Now I know that. Schumer and Nancy had moved forward on reconciliation provisions well. So I'm still hopefully put together. We'll catch you I'm the second issue is set yesterday. Earlier this week Mitch McConnell said that if Republicans were to take back the senate to bring in right field he did not see a way to you can get a Supreme Court justice. Confirms your response about. Next you know I know I know the answer is. Mitch is. Fitch has been nothing but no. For a long time. Sure he means exactly what it says. But we'll see. Yeah I find a way. Finally things about how we would jointly work and I've not been discussed what we his. Right and then you live at the very end there that you came over and are not. That that there I think it's pardon me with the question of whether or not. Being overly. He had been. What we only do you read it eventually paid the same old thing that he dead. Forever be you're rejecting all responsibility Robert Duncan I guess the question. We're trying to get media particularly M gravity. What concrete evidence you have. From me here around 300 dollars and 55 that came. And I don't know I don't I don't mean literally don't know I don't know if I didn't hear all right look for big your report you gotta be negative. We've got a negative real life seems to me away you'll never ask positive questions why is back. Happy afraid we'll find out. We have an agreement to work on major arms control agreement I started working arms control of the rings back all the way during the Cold War. If we can do one really Cold War why couldn't we do want and we'll see we will see whether or not happen. But what do you every do you always amazes me about the question and I apologize. For having me short. If you were my position you say well I don't think man and you happen going to be real. You know heard your back could guarantee nothing happened. I guarantee nothing. Result of business tomorrow afternoon. Photos of value. To be realistic and put on. Optimistic an optimistic face but you also the same thing about being. You know gonna happen. What we had the first meeting of development AS of the seven. Why do Nachman and an aunt and applied by they're really not. That happened and even. When I went to meet with NATO northern rock going to be happy and we're all going to be against fight me. Do not want that cares single solitary syllable. I won't happen applied said. Before women and those negotiations. You know I think it's gonna be really hard and we really really different not so optimistic about I don't see anybody really change. And the same I don't know what do you. Do not go like the way by. Turns you got an apple one love there was also. Not I don't confirmed the book but it was the French president said he will never go for more money for NATO. I know you want me to. Always work day is right and particularly public and negotiate and I don't have to trust them. We did you have to trust company get start. I've got right. There's some good come home and. Thank you play online. I. Yen. Negotiation. You are. While a night. Okay we're ranked right. Tried to get. Russia's you know very very good. Do car. They want. All right you know. A wide minority OK we lost legitimacy or standing in the world stage. They. Relevant. I don't want to do. Couple who live. Every world leader no matter word. How other. Role I think that. No. A world. What his. My hyperbole like. Put up. Reality. What how the life. I don't know why you want every. Breaking down the when I got bought by. Every generation. Doesn't come back and did anyway.

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{"duration":"10:14","description":"\"The country has put a different face on where we've been and where we're going,\" the president said before departing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"78320333","title":"Biden takes questions before leaving Geneva","url":"/International/video/biden-takes-questions-leaving-geneva-78320333"}