New biography focuses on Prince Harry & Meghan Markle's exit from royal life

ABC News' royal contributor Omid Scobie breaks down the real story behind Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's royal exit.
5:00 | 08/11/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New biography focuses on Prince Harry & Meghan Markle's exit from royal life
And an explosive new book about the royal family is out today finding freedom is a biography about Prince Harry mega Markel focusing on their exit from official royal life. The book claims Macon struggle to settle into her new family and places some blame. On duchess Kate ABC news royal contributor Omid Scobee is one of the off turns and joins us now. From London element thanks for being and so we know that Harry and Megan officially resigned. I was working royals in the spring but this home things seem to happen. Pretty quickly why such an abrupt exit. What. The things that is to create pain how does that actually this had been ongoing for some time in the backgrounds the console really the sense of that are seed. Ever increasingly frustrated predict their roles in the congress. Overall say. And of course there is constant attacks section to meet Sunday at eight EO. While they made a lot of these grievances not it usually. Means it. Isn't their bag grew the idea it's an. Don't let changed the way. And every. And there's so much personal detail in this book I'm curious did they weigh in on this a dollar give you any sort of approval. But there's such an extremist about what the Sussex is cooperates it weaponry seat and be an owner frank does not race we had incredible access to the circle there's people being threatened them aren't at a street in the present and it pretty builds. Cool Tracy they are because one of the things I really want it is but he was who was reached -- crisis sixes in the spotlight and numerous times it's Eric Chu is odd pages are bloated and we wanted to get the ball slew mysteries that are. Funny you say that this is in the works for longer than it was in the public eyes so when did things. Start to unravel between the couple and the rest of the royal family. Well attempting to things unraveled so much for Dem and that royal family does this sting separation in the world. She should on Wednesday and it was with the unions she shouldn't it be cool he has aids really. The ice schedules and actress thinks they remember the rule. And maggots the problems they realized that makes. Us was leaking the page that is all waste it's the number of reasons and I think Harry was well aware that things go behind the scenes of course no space treaty. Is. He was protects it and of course had our. Emails here and cheese and it should be potentially. Sixties -- they didn't you something. Six this is a very long story Saddam ingredient a priest finds this each. They're looking for us we know they tried may well at Denny's cheese and makes us. These sixty model and it did and what it was accepts. You know when they got engaged the fact that Maggie and it was divorced that she was America and that she's part African American all of that played a role. In the in the coverage front and center so it did that also play a role in some of the issues that they faced. Absolutely a lot of the struggles of base basically billions of cheese because met and with Steve trips where she takes all this it really should be celebrates its base around we in the bulls house wins. And also within the pages of sex. Siren you case that is difference is always being weaponized in so we saw in the tape does this stuff is decent parent. The match it was not any stretch right insiders predict this evening negative mesa. Hospital site spent a number of sexist and racist traits about in this U2 on things he did circles to trip to Everett saying and cause extreme heat and one of the things aren't we conversation about the best but we get a cease DM that there. On. There's also been some speculation of a feud between the sister lost between Maggie and and Kate any truth about. Well isn't it funny that the C success so women are immediately each of the Yangtze. And the pages of its missile. You ruling justices sit here imagine. She when you don't Cannes this story and we really aaron's great he. Really. William it is wrong that saw it and it was one thing that insists chastened meg really gets closer. I know also don't switch and expect it change its foreign you may really be someone she cares leaned on in some of the more difficult ones particularly. At press and extend its net entertainments that lies the reason why it's here is not slowed steep. Right omits goalie in London. We appreciate it thanks.

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{"duration":"5:00","description":"ABC News' royal contributor Omid Scobie breaks down the real story behind Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's royal exit.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"72306955","title":"New biography focuses on Prince Harry & Meghan Markle's exit from royal life","url":"/International/video/biography-focuses-prince-harry-meghan-markles-exit-royal-72306955"}