Bob Woodruff Meets Vietnam's 'Queen of Rap'

Suboi sits down with ABC News after rapping for President Obama.
2:55 | 05/26/16

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Transcript for Bob Woodruff Meets Vietnam's 'Queen of Rap'
I am a rap thing here and you're with Saigon Vietnam and well want to give the low rent the street. That did it treated like a little bit. That moment as loud and you said you mood to shipments at the net they know. Might that might not say it's been great today few months I had some might get Joba life. But I don't play well those. Oh. You pretty shocked links we asked this thing. Yes and that was my. The day at it that the Vietnamese in new. I'm. Stand there's a lot of sense of censorship what words you can use what messages you can pass along that you just I didn't. What other words basically because. That they're sending you can't panic. Making money ends. The government they don't want as. But there is no nation. I've heard that you we're in trouble at least once with the government just that the radio play by play like just because the when a few words in the song. Slang that some items. Just look at that what's the title you can tell me in the back which means what. This. Economically finally. Friend. You yeah yeah. My. Client as I got on the ground in its back again. I'm doing our place. I want to do otherwise benefit of myself before they get. Hip hop is coming from. Kind of rebellious. And you know it's that thing that people happy about it. Like anything. I am I thought to name I am yeah. Pop is not just horseback people. You know as he FA. You know this is. Don't wait for me six million mice. And it and minute Wednesday side. Not the right thing I'm not a country and who. That's different than it would it. I always an. My news. This isn't.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"Suboi sits down with ABC News after rapping for President Obama.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"39404513","title":"Bob Woodruff Meets Vietnam's 'Queen of Rap'","url":"/International/video/bob-woodruff-meets-vietnams-queen-rap-39404513"}