Boris Nemtsov Was Killed in High-Security Area

ABC News' Hamish MacDonald tours the location where the Russian opposition leader was gunned down.
1:34 | 03/02/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Boris Nemtsov Was Killed in High-Security Area
This is the location that bars himself was gunned down you can see these huge pile of flowers people have been filing costs. All morning laying more flowers more tributes. Praying lighting candles and sings so touched a lot of people really affected those that we spoke considered. Now we know this was a brazen killing because it was right in front of the Kremlin's. But when you stand he you get a sense had just how brazen. This attack was because this box be among the most closely watched locations in the war. Of Russia there security cameras everywhere we have seen some security camera vision. But take a look at this as you look along the Kremlin rule I can count 67. Perhaps even ice cameras cool in this immediate vicinity. As well as that if we look along. The pot. Then himself and his Ukrainian mobile go friend wolf there's another two cameras. From one of the street light poles down here a little further there's another two on the other side of the street. Not not replicated. So every way you look around here at this location is Mona said it's hard to believe. That there would be a war what evidence. Of what happens. On that evening. The question really is no wind today will identify. The gunman who killed Morris himself question is whether they'll identify those. Who boarded the killings and of course we know that president Vladimir Putin himself. It's taking charge of this investigation. Pena from double ABC news Moscow.

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{"id":29323402,"title":"Boris Nemtsov Was Killed in High-Security Area","duration":"1:34","description":"ABC News' Hamish MacDonald tours the location where the Russian opposition leader was gunned down.","url":"/International/video/boris-nemtsov-killed-high-security-area-29323402","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}