Botched Venezuela coup fallout

ABC News’ Martha Raddatz speaks to the family of two ex-special forces soldiers captured after a failed raid against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.
4:57 | 05/15/20

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Transcript for Botched Venezuela coup fallout
Story that seems like it was ripped right from the pages of a spy novel but it's playing out in real life after an ex green berets led a failed attempt to start an uprising against Venezuela's leader Nicholas bureau. The botched raid on Venezuela shores has left two former US service members captured there. Their families are now looking for answers on how their loved ones got involved in BC news chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz has the story. Operation didian as this botched mission was dubbed was over before the two boats even hit Venezuela's shores. Officials there are saying six were killed by the Venezuelan military. And more than a dozen men rounded up and detained. Including these two American's working for a private security firm. Blue ten men and Erin Barry. Both former special forces soldiers Barry's wife of nineteen years and mother to his two children. Had no idea he was anywhere near Venezuela. Well you must have been shocked. When you found out what it didn't know he was in Venezuela you didn't know what he was doing and and how did you find out that there are online record. I mean armed and then I couldn't believe they're I was in total shock and this is you know your heart stopped and is. Let there were down and in. You don't know what's going on and it was really you know terrifying. Gunman's girlfriend touchy on assume eco Sato was in the dark as well. There's a lot of questions. What's the first question you'd ask him. Don't know and I don't know. Answered I don't. I don't know I just want to hug him and just hold him. Nowhere and I don't even know from atop a one has seen him in world and never let it doesn't. Struck. The heart of the enemy and that's how we want. In scripted and heavily edited videos released by the venezuelans of the captured Americans. Dead men likely under duress says that Donald Trump was behind the invasion. But despite Trump's diplomatic efforts to oust Venezuela's corrupt president Nicholas mature oak. The administration is made clear that Jordan good grow and his men were not working for the US government. There was no US government. I direct involvement in this operation former navy seal at for a madhouse agrees he says he was initially going to provide training for the mission but then bailed. Out pretty much with in the first. Com five minutes of of looking at all of that stuff that they were telling me when it especially a look at this a were corpus like no this is not yet this does not act by the US government. Matta said the men working for Jordan good drove we're likely convinced it was a US sanctioned operation. Lieutenants parents say. They think it was sanctioned by the Venezuelan opposition leader wanton quite out he's denied any involvement. But two of his senior aides resigned this week after admitting day at what's met with Jordan good drought. I believe Luke. What's doing something that he believed Dan and key. Wanted to help people. I'm still out practice I'm just exactly what part he had an. He thought it was helping the Venezuelan people because actually go suitors he let us agree Brady was a hostage rescue person. Now it is dead and Barry who need rescuing they're not just wonderful people and they just need to come home. And while State Department officials say they did not sanctioned this invasion. They say they will do everything they can to get the man back for ABC news lives I Martha Raddatz in Washington.

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{"duration":"4:57","description":"ABC News’ Martha Raddatz speaks to the family of two ex-special forces soldiers captured after a failed raid against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"70693952","title":"Botched Venezuela coup fallout","url":"/International/video/botched-venezuela-coup-fallout-70693952"}