4 boys rescued from flooded cave in Thailand

The teens are being evaluated at a hospital, as the rescue operation enters the second phase for the remaining eight boys and their soccer coach.
14:39 | 07/08/18

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Transcript for 4 boys rescued from flooded cave in Thailand
. Announcer: T San ABC's news special report. Thailand rescue, rac Ast time. Hellorom New York, I'm Dan is alongside Paula ferris. And we are coming on the air withe great news about the ue operation to save members of that youngoccer team and C trapped in a cave inthailand for more than two weeks. Ndt was the scene just outside the where it's already Sunday night a fou of the players were brought safety just a few hours in what's been a complicated and risky action. They were taken to th hospital by@ambulance and helicopter. They're now being eated and treated. The boys flanges 11 to 16 extract T at a pace mh faster than expected. It's an inible development. Vers had been sing fwoi make this ue. Thtarted the operation overni they started bringing the first boys out late las night Thailand time which was early morning here U.S. . They came, those B F nearly three miles deep inside that cave. And wan to show you a virtual view tresh chorus an operation that will continu in the hours to . Four have been rude, eight remain along W theircer coach. Let's G to Matt on the scene in Thailand. What are you hng now, Matt Reporter: I was a stupend day for these people, Dan and Paula. What the doing right now is trying to reg. You may be able to see some traf behind me. They're sending moregen nks back into that cave area. They've got to replenish T lies. 'Re also pumping additional en in there. There's some concern that th oxygen levels have dipped. We don't expect them to begin extracting additional boys, those eight boys lefts the coach probably for another six even or eight hours. U morning. They're going to regrond try to go at this again. The way they it as you debed is complex. It's Thi chore Graef dance. Each one of the boys had divers with them. They were convelo this serpentine route yound ground, some of itderwater for miles. Ey staud attain cmbers where there was much more air T regroup and asets's health and they moved on. Est one came out at about 5:40 p.mcal time, the next one about 2 minutes later. Then an hour and af or so later th other boys came out separated bybout minutes. I can tell at this intersection where we've seen so much activity, there's a lof soldiers H who saluted the rescue wor had they came out. It was an amazing moment. This is an incredibly T you're Russ and different thing to do. Noty hey have to travel hours on en but ceiling has jagged course, they have to deal with the wat the possible fear of these boys panicking while they havese full face masks on their face. But it seems that everybody did splendidly well and obviously thoses now recovering at a hospi likely suffering from so sort of exhaustion or thing, but clearly a very difficult ordeal for . So far it has been a bes case scenario but they N the out of the woods yet had the go over to jameslongman who's also on the ground. James, this continuesbe a ce against time. We know they've take Ina little bit of timf. Eight boys remaybe in the cave as well a T and it looks like the rai are coming. Orter: Yeah, that's been the whole issue from very beginning, Paula. To beat the rain. An T whole issue is the water level in that cave. The very start atst when W knew that these boys in the cave,ecause remember to begin with for the first few days of this they were St and there was no sign of them. The rescuers did they wethere, there was real jubilation in the camp which everyone based and the realization that they had to be ten out. Then they tried to bring down their for the past few days and even though the camp was dry it seemedy were not able to bring it as much as centimeters a day. They H som like 60 pumps, they Hane P that had something like 400 horsepowor around th clock. They P dams in to try to get the water diver from the . It sms that water was brought of the cave and mos importantly they got rid of some of the rochich was preventing the boys from being able to come out wut having to dip their head into the water. Rescuers said T did not want them to have to fully submerge tves for extended period , they wanted to bring them along the top water. They used these under J hammers to break down the rock.w the rain has returned and it's unclear whatt's going to do to theuation inside E cave. If they've built enough dam make sure this rain won'tak difference. But these caves under an enormous mou range. It is basically a natural drainage system for a jungle and all that water is seeping down into what is aesne cave and water comes in from all over the place, it seeps inside. Tonight I think there Wil perhaps a little bit ofoncern that this rain could make a difference. Hopefully it isn't strong enough Tolly delay these operation. But rescuers haven saying and authorities are saying they're fully committed to getting the rest of these B out. This, if anythi is just going to push them do it more quick. I it's a gre but underlying your pointthere's still a lot of work to be done, reason for skern. Nine familiesried about their children and also the family, of course, of coach, the 25-year-old coach who led into that cave and has subsequently apologized for if the but one reason for hope is they B T told us with the four weaboys. They wanted to get them out fi the fact they were able to T the weakest boys and move ahead of schedule, that has to source of optimism. An ir if we can get you talk a little bit, James, E you've been on the scene from the very bning of this story about how the mood has shifted over these -- in V ways over the pastwo weeks. Dan, it's been a real ride. You know, we arrived here very early on to Ary to where most of theernationales like us could they find these in this enormous? We're told how big it is here in northern Thailand into Myanmar, another country. This cave sm is enormous. Idea that they would even find them at the Ver beginning was kind of ludicrous. But low and be, they did and they even fou them fther inside the cave than theyad originally anticipated. So that was great euphoria. But then did dawnnveone in the camp how difficult it wa go to be 0 to get them out. Thwas a really strong rrent. We awe images res divers pullthemselves hand fist along ropes to try tet themselves up ca five, six hoursf D for very fit, stronav seals. And then ofourse a few days ago the sad deathone of those former Thai nsealrescue volunteers who hadpent his time deliveringxygen tanks and air tanks into that cave to allow people to geturther down, he ended upying O a lack of again so I think at that pointat was probably theow it's been since the begng of this whole situation. Aeminder really of how fficult this whole process has , his death, and, yes, as you say,l ride. But hopefully we'reeeing the end it. But, ag train, I think this is ry a worry now. Just the R of emotions that so many have endured and they have to take a break, James, to pump moreinto the caves and then they will resume and try extract the remain being eight boys and the ccer coach. But I just C that those families, James, thank you. I can't imagine what T families are going through right W. We want to join Adrian bank ard S just outside one of the local hospitals. Four boys are at the htal. En, what kind of treatment will they undergo once they're at the hospital? Repor well, the four boys who are her scene, we know they'r that eighth floor that we W told by officials has been reserved fll 13 who are coming O of that cave. They will be reunited with family. Ones here we suspect already andeir motrs and fathers and Antes and uncle's arms. We D know they'll be undergo complete medical evaluations besides W was done already for the the staging area inside T cave. I mean, all along the way ey've had doctors and nurses and paramedics along side of them. We saw fromhat officials have told us that had a field hospital there at the cave site. Jamed Matt have been report thoong. And then theye transported to an aance which took them ambulance W brouemight here to this spital's doorstep. Now we Dow that they'll be checked infections. There I a cave disease,it's calledson, an airborne lung infection that's of concern just om them being inside the cave and those conditions there, the Ness of the cave, B ound water so long and being in the WATE they may need to be treated for any type of bacterial infection as a result of that. Families and friends, being awa from a Normal rne or exercise, I mean, these are young soccer players ages 11 to 16. Imagine the energy thour son or any of few or cousin has and that they're trappedide this very enclpace forwo weekseparate. It was already mentioned that this coach reaha been adding T the comradery and hopefulness of the team keeping th Y boys alive and alert. But they will be Ted if any of them have post traumatic stress disorder, whichoctors have told us is certainly possible whehey'll have nightmares oe concerned being in closed spaces O all treated here on THA eighth floor and reunited their families. And THA S good thing. Paula and da Absolutely. But we can't say enough, there are eight more CNN there ye bued Ang with their coa about T Adrienne outside the hotel. We appree I this Ima ry underscores the.iency and the team nature of this res effort. It's a picture put out on facebookth royal Thai Navy seals with theti we, both the Thai and international teams, will bring out wild boar team, tethe soccer team, the the wild boars, will bring them back home, hoo Ya, the wild boors boars, eight of them stillnhat cave. 2014 foreignersivei Navy seals. Let's go backo Matt to talk a LE bit about a team effort this is,hat an international effort this Repter: You know, we focus on the divers a lot analk abouho 13 divers physically escorted 13 foreigners who physically ted those boys of the cave or at least the first four about the but reallys H been a massive herculeanffort sboi many others.thre 90 total divers involved in Y's res alone. 50 of thoreigners. That's a large number. Als we've had people from over th world just phally haul gas tanks, air nks the way into the cave. There a people who have laid rope across. There are commutions set up from places like Israel. E are divers from Finland and Belgium andnd gland and the United States. So its really truly beenn international effort.one of the things that you have to com the Thai authorities Y ve not been ashamed abouking for help. They have taken everybody in, they have inviteds in. The atmosphere here has just incredible, so particatory and accepting that they have really -- obviously 'S bee incredibly difficult woor themut they have felt lihey are part of this Thai family and to bible to cap it off at least with those first four rescues has been tremendous for so mof those involved here. He international is certainly rejng. This has been an insng and collaborative effort. But, Matt, it's darky yre. It's almost midnit in thailan and Thai officials said that are going to take a break, about to 20-hour break from extracting the remaining ys and their soccer coach. Cau explain to everyone at home why that's necessary? Reporter: Think because they had so many peo invd in this rescue, iiterally was the final push. They threw everything at this ey H but they also expended a tremendous amount of Resos. So as James mentione T are amot of pumps pushing R ou millions of gallons at time. There are divers who are S the tired, and they have literally posted hundreds of air tanks Alo theoute for the divers and their T around them, mule, multiple people to use as they through. And one diverescribedt to Meas like climbing mount evereit's so physically experting. Today wnt an our in a cave that was exemplar to it minus the water. Within finutes I was huffing and puffing. So TRE going through air at tremendous pace. They've got T B back their stockpile O those air tanks. They're pumpin gas as well, oxygen, T try to make sure that the other boysnd their coach are ready for this journnd th probably want to do it without the rain and wit all this mud and the darkness. So even the people who are support rolesutside thee don't have suffe through these conditions asl. So the key goal right W not only to get the B T, but to get them out safely. There are soany pit falls in that and I think after today's success they wto take it slowly. Bu from start they told us could take three to F da they're hoping it doesn't but 're willing to takha time if they feel likehey need. It's a herculean task and T cooperation really the bes of humanitydisplay here. Thanks to you and the rest O the team covering this story in iang rai. Wet to promise you here on ABC's news sy on this break St both on ABC's news and abcnews.com. We want to return you to our regularro but as said, our coverage continue. Again, wllupda you here with are breaking news andll he a full wrap up on world news broaden the perspective of "What

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{"duration":"14:39","description":"The teens are being evaluated at a hospital, as the rescue operation enters the second phase for the remaining eight boys and their soccer coach.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"56440603","title":"4 boys rescued from flooded cave in Thailand","url":"/International/video/boys-rescued-flooded-cave-thailand-56440603"}