Brexit's border battle

David Wright takes an in-depth look at Brexit's border problem.
5:38 | 03/14/19

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Transcript for Brexit's border battle
I'm David Wright in London where one issue pretty much eclipses everything else these days Brack sit. This country's departure from the European Union the deadline fast approaching. Inside the Houses of Parliament there's gridlock. Dealing behind me. Yeah. Every day the clock ticks closer to marched Monday night the pressure is mounting. It's political policy any sort of wealth some nervous consumers are starting to stop files and worried that some imported goods smartly in short supply. After Bre X it. Others are taking extreme steps to raise awareness. You are on the faculty at Cambridge university and economic students and you have been out. Protesting. For exit. And lady Godiva stuff I have and I put my messy tweet me today. He lets see from the rats written on my but he. Breaks it needs percent naked so this is the message that I. Taking out T 2% give any thoughts on the Irish border say whether nothing has has being. Has talked about it as contentious as the Irish bulletin initiated. Brett says is forcing Britain to Iraq and with the border that they themselves created nearly a century ago at the end of the Irish war of independence. There was a deal negotiated by a young Winston Churchill the source of friction ever since. Decades of sectarian violence that came to an end. Just twenty years ago with the Good Friday morning. I'm pleased to announce that the two governments in the political parties of NORTHERN IRELAND have reached agreement. Special people shot dead outside my door I'd relatives killed in fact that nobody thinks that this case were stunning and not afraid good scooter friend murdered. In the nineteen a piece solely on the scene at all and your children. Have grown up entirely in a time appears to my children. Are are are the children of that the post Good Friday agreement generation they haven't a clue than any doubt. For twenty years the border between NORTHERN IRELAND and Ireland has been there Brad grew almost invisible. The border it is about 310 miles long and that's almost exactly the average width of an American stick. This is not a straight line border that zigzags around and in some parts of the country. You cross it several times a day were about to cross it right here. Right now we're in the UK. We're. Julio less is played his British of them are led legislators. The border runs right through payment fits Patrick gas station and right now we're in two different countries the you're used to not even see and then I'm still running up a last year in Ireland and I'm in Britain he's reading what Rex it might mean for his business. Good enough or do what told skirted the new auto two crucial enough you know do you see a hardball he would see Tomlinson. You know I do think you would negotiate if there's a hard border there will be trouble I think it was just something yes you know I'm not go look the possibly equipment costs a little thing. During the troubles. A lot of these small country roads would have been close. Because they wanted to follow all the traffic to a few checkpoints. And that's what people are worried about here they're worried that they're gonna have to drive miles out of their way that's it for hours at a checkpoint. In order to go about their daily business. Check points on the board every day Anderson mafia case and you probably half those so leaders. On them the support to place funds and god knows what will help but that's the soldiers are about them and connect. This division of British so that it would bring about a lot a hard memories for papers. Keep in mind Rex it was supposed to be about Britain re asserting it's sovereignty taking back control of immigration and trade. In other words it was all I'll go out little border. But on Britain's holy land border with Europe one thing they can't do. Is build a wall to get a physical body or double B and actually the stuff there there are parallels. We are tyra helps between trumps America feel like. And gridlocked NORTHERN IRELAND the people that lost and in global efficient he would have for trump. In Britain you of the people who lost. In globalization he would have for abraxis prosperous is an us vs them. Ireland does seem to be the sticking point. Ivan is the sticking point in terms of what to do avoid a border they'll hold our each issue has been used as a bargaining chip by all sides. Cynically that this a dangerous game. Unto the all need to take some blackened and look at history. And we're non talking ancient history. Just last week parcel bombs arrived at addresses in London and Glasgow from a group known as the new IRA. And in dairy close to the border in NORTHERN IRELAND in January this explosion. Pizza truck rigged as a massive bomb. Police there is suspect the new IRA Jew. One way of looking at it is that the European Union accomplished in practical terms with the IRA fought so hard for making the partition of Ireland. A non issue. Now Braxton threatens to make it an issue all over again dividing this island. That could have been proceeding consequences. David Wright ABC news Belfast.

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{"duration":"5:38","description":"David Wright takes an in-depth look at Brexit's border problem.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"61681038","title":"Brexit's border battle","url":"/International/video/brexits-border-battle-61681038"}