Checking In For the First Commercial Flight to Cuba

ABC News' Serena Marshall talks to the passengers getting ready to check in for the inaugural flight.
6:52 | 08/31/16

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Transcript for Checking In For the First Commercial Flight to Cuba
Hi everybody and some commercial for ABC news and we are alive and Fort Lauderdale airport for the inaugural flights. QQ this is the first commercial scheduled flight to Cuba and more than half century. Eyewitness since President Obama restore diplomatic relations with Cuba in December Tony we're teaming have been on a fast tracked an hour to get these flights going. And making it easier than ever for Americans to travel there actually standing here but an immaculate that. I have family and I and everybody Arnie yeah yeah. It seems you are an American. Yet and you went and raised here born and raised here you are traveling I'm very. First place he that would. Know that this is the first light when you looked at you know I did it. I did not know that it was first flight home my parents left the almost a month go visit family and I'm joining them for one week. Because of the flights that were made available to us so I'm just. Get on this first flight ever for fifty years right. More than half a century anti hazing have you ever been to keep them yes I used to travel often when I was young and my parents because they have a lot of family. And Philly fans. So on but I haven't been there and sixteen. And what is the memory of trying to get their fifteen years ago how would not not scary. Scary and very long and he just never knew what to expect I remember as a teenager just. My mom would say just follow me just tell me don't worry and we would just stand in line for hours and people is in Miami airport grounded out night after sir we had to be there at the forefront hours earlier than the flight and I'm here two hours before the flight back to regular flight it's pretty cool and like there was any other play any other you know again and again we're gonna follow him on. Britain's that you guys along the chicken cross street just how easy is now going to be flight to Cuba after this plate lunches and organist are ramping it up from other it. Airlines and cry that we're approved for the united states of bloody Cuba and all of them are gonna have a similar process like any other destination. In the world so let's go through and see how easy it is. Right. We're waiting in line you guys and he's joining. Get ready for yes yeah. Like bees and how Smart you. It's. Even after. He nodded yeah. That you're telling your. We're yeah I'm healthy. Oh yeah that's a few. We're going to rely on ABC we're selling every detail in his check in Atlanta playing as well as an ego yeah. Maybe they haven't only I'm Franklin and you may provide. In my. Teachers need. One moment. I have my bag here. He did everything I myself. That was interesting news any other ways you. And for the first time. The Clinton yeah. Larry you've got. Okay. If you look at it. Airlines are hiding that's he's thinker people you don't agree that getting these yeah yogurt fruits yeah yeah yeah. Coupled with its beating your. Colleges of the few days three or four days and they called me with the visa available so it was plagued him. PP yeah. And you're checking went back. Yes I am. I'm here I'm hear me okay okay. Yeah. I'm here who need it in him. That you I'm don't argue it's a very good and wait them where you went fifteen years that you waited in line for five hours yet. And it was a huge long line we'll look Cuban. Diets it does your family. And this is quick and easy I mean immediately music you clean out this week. Wonderful. One of my aunts and turning ninety this week so that's one of the main reasons I'm going. And down so to be able to go even if someone gets sick or something you know something's wrong like the clinical see them. Com I'm able to do this this is amazing it was amazing did you everything. Be able to do this and com I never saw it coming Lisa consistent all along that it just doesn't seem real you know but down. But I'm just excited I know there's a lot it you know politics and stuff with people thinking twice about going art. But family is family and I wanna see my family you know end zone. So I'll do anything to do that film to be able to do it this easily and that's just the blessing. And using your honor him I live in Miami in the Maine yes. I'm currently incidents and for people who aren't living in Miami they'll be in the despite street through and not having to pick up back there and you're right right right. It's incredible nicely thanks for joining us thank you so much. Lunch buffet Hugo we actually I live on How to get there what you need to know what we're traveling. We're going to be checking in with you guys throughout this entire process although lately when flight takes off. We will be able to obviously talk to you break it down because and it still has the problem there. Keep up and tell take off. We'll be coming back to you live I needed to get myself now and then obviously get through security system is fun. Sonics sent you guys I'm streamers and ABC news analyst in the field little bit later.

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{"duration":"6:52","description":"ABC News' Serena Marshall talks to the passengers getting ready to check in for the inaugural flight.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"41767586","title":"Checking In For the First Commercial Flight to Cuba","url":"/International/video/checking-commercial-flight-cuba-41767586"}