Chef Jose Andres’ mission to feed the world

ABC News’ Linsey Davis speaks with Chef Jose Andres on his efforts to provide meals around the world during the pandemic, including his trip to India amid its latest surge.
7:11 | 06/10/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Chef Jose Andres’ mission to feed the world
When he's not making Michelin star rated cuisines he's straddling the world feeding hungry people through his nonprofit world central kitchen award winning chef Jose Andres is. Made it his mission to travel wherever he is needed to dish out hot meal. And since its founding in 2010 she's served more than fifteen million meals to those in need. He is here with us now to talk his most recent trip to India which has been rocked of course by a surge of cold wind related deaths Jeff thank you so much for joining us tonight. You're really. As I just said he just got back from India where the country is just now beginning to turn the corner after a devastating surging Kobe cases more than 350000. People have died in niche. Is really crippled the country's hospitals tell us what you saw when you were on the ground there. Well on B street but I was able to BC. Mumbai and New Delhi somewhat Miller in those we sole lawyer Colby may peace only speak those men and entire roster Doug where only dedicated to daycare or all days seek writing those doubts and what we Soledad obviously. Dale she and was very much already. Under control is slowly the numbers work. Decreasing the number of people are writing to the posted the number of beds but everybody was a you know what getting ready for bed next eight. But many probably held next Thursday regular so of course we don't know there's less that needs will be around September October when they're trying to get ready. To make sure bet that next wait. I will be at least everybody prepare civic Honda Edmonds. And you talk about how feeding people in powers and teaching you give us a sense of the reaction that you got from people there especially if Frontline workers when you were able to handle hand on that hot meal. When hosting those aren't there is when endorses the course everybody one look at working on this facilities are working very much. Not only. 24/7. But also Lori what their own families or else trade him going by. In that moment that nobody you'll always be how we could be. He didn't that I so there's some worry about bringing a virus. We need to understand that those men and Wal-Mart and they are superheroes. But they are superheroes. Slash emboldened. To meet here next to them to make sure. Actually put his message out weaker but at times for these necessary because remember saw all live seating a series endorsed or those news Mamas and let me shut down because some always what workers is stumbling toward because I was so they may be. In good bye week so. Being there next to them make sure that it is not a program shortly and he cited these virus on the oh by it is essential in. Very much everybody is always. Very appreciated and we are digging out of those men and woman fighting diabetes Laura gains and we nine. I would imagine and of course organizing a mission like world central kitchen can't be easy but you've managed to change millions of people after national disasters in just since the beginning of the pandemic world's central kitchen has provided more than 36 million meals. They more than 400 cities cities like New York Miami she's an Atlanta Seattle Chicago just about the logistics ago into organizing such massive efforts. Especially during a pandemic. But I'm hurt and leaders. Received a restaurant. Run America and Europe and Walt much shut down but who better. Don't see people. Bench at school should restaurants. In mom and while. News retire in a moment up and Mary's she that's what we need we estimated. More than 3000 restaurants and mom and what we were able to channel the money that we weren't immune donations. And those restaurants and in those restaurant is working in Illinois have been able to pay that feels right and then salaries. Base that are worse I think in that process state Quintero litany of every city. These is this smarter business we were to lead to make sure that the program be called an opportunity. That we see all those being backs and kitchens where you're working what's most durable through that people seem to Eden and loving minimal the most. Harshest of conditions. Well we we are an initiation that we laugh or museum one week we are able to deploy what's Indonesia's weekly. Because he's always people anywhere are under wall. And everybody. Reason we don't mission and he's insane when we know and so we will bring an upgrade that soared in East Asia we always Coke. We don't ingredient why because is that closest thing with. In the press as a fighting and where where I want to put the economy one. Running again by combining from eighty are hard at keeping the peace is very Smart businesspeople is your Lyndon B student reducing Wear and am beat your support you that its board. This east and oil producing for them pretty people. Again and so in the process. Treating people local boards that sends a message that we again they will go by the normal. One hour beating get one hour reached into presses are showing that every being. Ordered it put me in a moment of mayhem in the process we tried to board. Woman. A born again immersed mean look it's again and he sees a way to every dollar. When the black bites or you'll not only money at a problem. In his agency integrated people already a short term needs in the breast as you can within our economy. Running again visas that where what's an original or. It warned us about at a time I I just ask you one last question. Would it normally hear used to kind of catering to people's stomachs right but this feels like it's very much from your car. Where does this come from this whole idea of a feeding people in this sense. There's ways these Amish in. And side air called robber there. I met him in 1993 it was on their own organization's goal. BC center each and very much. Army that she answered the charity seems he's a bug there it redemption of the New York. Went freelance he shouldn't be deliberation. The receiver. Today litany or sensory. To do what is not but now we might do is good. I do me. Yeah American dream. I do believe that they need new American agree he's well not only digging to amuse you many BC's good we all should know that. But did you American bring you must be to safety of the boys and they seem to have that one has. Way less an annual needs is newly poured beer on their tables not tire wall what are they good that it and we could be. Our chef Jose on tracing thank you for what you're doing thank you for your time coming on the show tonight. Acute.

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{"duration":"7:11","description":"ABC News’ Linsey Davis speaks with Chef Jose Andres on his efforts to provide meals around the world during the pandemic, including his trip to India amid its latest surge.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"78186820","title":"Chef Jose Andres’ mission to feed the world","url":"/International/video/chef-jose-andres-mission-feed-world-78186820"}