Every day is Christmas in this Chinese city

ABC News' Bob Woodruff travels to Yiwu, China, where reportedly two-thirds of the world's Christmas decorations are made.
6:22 | 12/05/17

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Transcript for Every day is Christmas in this Chinese city
Doesn't say I mean yeah. Doesn't sound like Christmas music. Little rock and wrong. Through. And yeah. Welcome to Santa's workshop in China this is where your Christmas isn't are made. Where it needs. I you're sending his illness this is the land of Santa Claus. This is certainly not the North Pole it is the Chinese city. Located in wood and Sean. Has dubbed China's Christmas. About two thirds of Christmas decorations worldwide are from this town you probably have never heard. Just in the past year the industry churned out three billion dollars were potential. Santa hats and LEE Christmas tree. And we'll for many years. Christmas. Day. The conflict let us. We valley isn't what I'd been. He went down I. Good you don't like this yeah. The call this the the city of small stuff. After they sell. Covering an area of over 43 million square feet. International trademark. For low cost price. These network boss. When he sends an. It's not real. What did you a woman you. If I'm. They don't just get element I tell you. Every by these movies my friend. From food why they think we bump into an Israeli businessman and moral line from all places jesus' hometown of Nazareth. Toiletries like this countless. Israel and middle of the desert. We don't have that. Now so let's 1000300. Traders like morrow on have to make their annual. To make sure the products reach their destination. In time. For the holiday season. Due to lose a limb through it that a little. These red. They have all the shelves be come to me and it by so thank you any idea how much money and you and me. That's two person. Hit 2% to sell two million dollars and so were. For locals like may and shall be there is an unmistakable. Sense of pride. He Wu is at the center of the made in China phenomenon. The shops here say the Christmas business enjoys a 20% annual increase with 30% of all the orders from Americans. You know it was him but it's okay ten Obama plus and that helps you don't know whether life. Christian. All your snapshots like. Yeah. It's arrived to work with Wong I June. The mother of four. Who owns a factory that makes our Christmas trees and. Here are seventy workers. Efforts are on site assembling our trees. I'd buy something. Mike has backpacking. Right here. Like their life. At back. Some workers who met with told us they work in ruling out. 7 AM to 8 PM. Wong says the local government inspection team has asked her to improve working environment. And that her factory will move into a bigger space soon. Lee hope and I'm so much of what should essentially cements Sunday night with the I didn't think you've come a moment and let me. Despite the pressures and other factories all around. At least for the foreseeable future your Christmas is will still be in mainly made in China. Residents here have balked. The Christmas here. It's a book and pulled the plug if there.

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{"id":51515524,"title":"Every day is Christmas in this Chinese city","duration":"6:22","description":"ABC News' Bob Woodruff travels to Yiwu, China, where reportedly two-thirds of the world's Christmas decorations are made.","url":"/International/video/day-christmas-chinese-city-51515524","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}