Devastating Aftershocks Continue in Nepal

ABC News' Paula Faris reports the latest news on the earthquakes impacting Nepal and the surrounding region.
5:26 | 04/26/15

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Transcript for Devastating Aftershocks Continue in Nepal
And good morning everyone I'm Hollis Harris at Eee PC world headquarters here in New York. And this is an ABC news digital report and developing right now the death told continues to rise in Nepal new aftershocks overnight of magnitude six point seven. Set off a round of new avalanche is and this morning at Hertz to treat and rescued the wounded atop the world's highest mountain. Hampered by weather we are learning. At least two Americans are among the dead. And meantime in Katmandu the legendary capitol or today's big aftershock has created a new wave of panic. In its ancient city parks are now level at over 2010. And have died but that number slowly but Bowman. At right now to get the very latest from ABC's initially got out I came ash. And pull of the on and around Mount Everest they were treated by these very significant off to shock. That's taken place in the last few hours. Measuring six point seven magnitude that he's very B not quite as big as the original earthquake yesterday. But certainly significant impact and size. Now those Avalon chizik creating Havoc for the rescue operations. Ongoing at Mount Everest they rot seriously is now for climb is stock at various points on the mountain face. We know that at base camp that the nine base camp they already. Flying some of the victims out but there are two other accounts for the robbed a mountain which are now effectively topped off by this avalanche. And clearly they do not have endless supplies. There is serious concerns about the impact. All food off to shocks on then. Now the death tolls stands at well look at 2000 for these earthquake. But among that figure is two Americans we know that Dan Fred and bull he's one of those. He's a Google executive he was there a Mount Everest has been posting about it on social media. For weeks he was there to design and application full Google giving people a virtual tour of the world's highest paid. But obviously his family and friends have been expressing. Deep sadness about his loss. Now in Katmandu the capital of new poll. Many thousands are preparing to sleep outside for the second night. So in much of this city has been destroyed. A lot of Katmandu is very old weak brick structures. What of those temples of being destroyed as well. And so that means that many people are being forced to sleep in makeshift shelters and tent some of them in stairwells people are so afraid about the potential impact. About to shocks which held rolling in quite regularly. He's also a lot of people still trapped underneath the rubble was seen incredible pictures of people being dug out by had. The theories that there are still many people alive underneath some of that rubble. Now obviously the USC's mobilizing both I aid money and rescue teams to the region right now. Findings in a poll trying to get through but the local population. So many of whom have been affected by these as well as Americans stranded some of them on those walking trials. US State Department is saying doesn't have a figure of the total number of Americans. In the poll of the moment or in fact the number that are in need. There are asking people to contact the embassy dead in Kathmandu but the focus right now is very much on Mount Everest. And those groups of climate is stuck precariously. On the mountain's edge. Yes he mission it's just a worst case scenario. Right there an amount in some of those images that you were just showing us are really really hard to watch BT wanna thank you for your. For reporting on this payments an earlier on Good Morning America I spoke with Brian Dickinson a veteran climber who has summit at Mount Everest. And has been in touch with climbers his friends who are stuck on at mountain right now. But you do you have Fred scattered all over at risk breakout communication is limited. You've heard from them but not all of them. Ray. So I heard people check in and for. You know I have friends that are trapped about the ice far right now I have you know people I know that are in space camp that are really just. Work and the medical. Needs right now people on the north side with her you know stuck not knowing what to do because that. Mr. for a community that helps out the climbers up there with reporters and you know climbing guides. Their families you know there's it's a huge unknown you know what happened because their villages and houses are destroyed and there's this really not communication. So. My friend a song. I knew I climbed Everest wet back in 2011. You know out of all the people that I've been trying to reach is the only haven't been able to three so far. Bring an end to tell me that communications very limited to having lost gear they lots of eyes. He's at right now it comes down to mental toughness for some names climbers that are basically trapped at Mount Everest. And we want to remind you to be sure to stay tuned to Throughout the day for the latest updates on mention. All of the other stories that we're tracking and Tonya honest we'll have a complete wrap up later. On world news tonight and I thank you for watching this ABC news digital reports. I'm Paula Harris doing something.

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{"duration":"5:26","description":"ABC News' Paula Faris reports the latest news on the earthquakes impacting Nepal and the surrounding region.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"30594351","title":"Devastating Aftershocks Continue in Nepal","url":"/International/video/devastating-aftershocks-continue-nepal-30594351"}