Edward Snowden Seeking Temporary Asylum in Russia

Alleged NSA leaker continues to be holed up inside a Russian airport terminal.
6:32 | 07/12/13

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Transcript for Edward Snowden Seeking Temporary Asylum in Russia
This is a special group. Report from ABC news. Contact Hernandez in new York and this is an ABC news digital special report -- Snowden has come out of the shadows today for the first time. He's reached out publicly while being held up and holed up at the Moscow airport for nearly three weeks and spoke to human rights activists today they -- out this picture. He says that he will apply for temporary asylum in Russia he accuses the United States and taking legal measures to prevent him from accepting asylum in other countries. Among other things we're joined by ABC's -- rod -- in Moscow. It's not -- -- -- and what did they discuss. Well good morning this was an unusual meeting today was the first time that anybody actually. -- right here about three weeks ago. Safe traveling right now he does have offers for asylum in Venezuela Bolivia and possibly even Nicaragua. But Snowden said he doesn't feel safe right now he knows -- US is pressuring those countries. And countries that he might transit through like Cuba. To not as give -- safe passage that is applying for asylum in Russia he knows that President Clinton has put conditions on that -- -- for asylum for him. -- -- to stop harming America can stop releasing. Classified information before you can get that asylum soda according to people who were in the meeting. Say that he does not he does think that he needs those conditions. He says that he gave all to pass that information he could have already and the reports are coming out only because the journalists are now publishing -- reports. But he has no more. Damaging information -- itself. Interesting man -- all the time we talked about the -- they carry with them into the ominous way. He also has -- very specific details talks about the United States. Asking military allies. -- the Latin American presidents plane do we know where he's getting his information. Well actually in fact we don't know where -- is getting that information from but there. As you've ever called the people living presidents. Plane was forced to land in Australia was flying back from a summit meeting in Moscow. And it needed to refuel in some parts of here before making the cross cross the Atlantic. And we do know that some of those countries -- In his playing the ability to lead in their country therefore had to go on land and Austria but we don't know that there was it's getting information. Saying that the US had had threatened. All right -- -- -- in the Lincoln's statement. Right well he didn't really say a lengthy statement which WikiLeaks has -- On their website essentially saying that he feels that the United States is using illegal measures just to keep him here. Pressuring countries. His message to to the people who were in that meeting was pleased. Take my message and send it to President Putin. Send it to world leaders had urged them to giving asylum to give me safe passage. Now he seems to want to -- -- request temporary asylum in Russia and then. From now on going. Head over Latin America what we know about his -- is that feasible. What's not a fully baked plan at this point right now he thinks that he cannot get safe passage -- Latin America. -- he wants to stay here Russia temporarily. Now we didn't say exactly how long that would. But he says that he can stay here for a little while it may allow him to to do eventually make its way to Latin America where he does have some long term option. I didn't and we know that the -- are finding the host President Obama and six. What are the odds that it noted -- Moscow president arrived and certainly. -- puts president -- in a very complicated position. President Obama is coming here for a summit in early September of this is a meeting of the Kremlin had begged the White House to take the White -- are reluctant to. To agreed to the meeting and so the public really wants this to be a success and it snowed in still -- US officials have signaled that President Obama might not come. So -- President Bush and a very difficult position. He can't -- one -- be seen as helping snowed in too much does it might damages related to. The US and jeopardize the summit on the other hand you can't be seen as giving him up because for domestic political reasons -- seen a strong enough. Like any details about how the -- Together as a sign that -- feels that he's running out of options. Black kidnapped in fact be a sign at the opposite it was a sort of on you. -- meeting he's been holed up -- this airport for three weeks. Nobody has seen him anywhere. And all of a sudden some organizations received an email last night seemed somewhat suspicious of the time. -- giving them a phone number to call -- some. More information -- a cell phone number apparently for somebody at the airport they were told to -- in. Trimble have to be a man holding a sign that says. -- nine and that was all they were told. Later on the details about those who would -- there would be escorted to a meeting somewhere inside the airport. We're told by participants in the meeting that it was part of the airport near -- gate that. Roped off so all of that -- -- -- -- Russian officials are in fact. Cooperating with -- and may -- willing to offer sounded maybe it's time. OK and and what happens next here and other a lot of -- Are there any immediate plans for another meeting would. Nothing planned at this point with the balls really in the Russian president's court. His spokesman has already responded to his renewed request for asylum here. And said that the conditions. Remain the same -- you have to -- it again self harming America customers towards responds that himself already through this meeting. So it really remains -- what -- -- do. And if this drags on too much longer what's -- They -- not yet. Stay leaker -- -- spoke to Human Rights Watch and other activist groups -- the Moscow airport where he spent. The last three weeks almost -- will apply for temporary silent and Russia before potentially. Making his way to Latin America at least that's what he hopes he can get the full story on abcnews.com. I'm tired and it's in New York. This has been a special report from the.

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{"id":19650740,"title":"Edward Snowden Seeking Temporary Asylum in Russia","duration":"6:32","description":"Alleged NSA leaker continues to be holed up inside a Russian airport terminal.","url":"/International/video/edward-snowden-seeking-temporary-asylum-russia-abc-news-19650740","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}