Europe battles COVID-19 wave

Countries around the world are imposing new lockdowns.
3:01 | 10/29/20

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Transcript for Europe battles COVID-19 wave
This is a global pandemic of course a new virus in the human species and Europe. Is also battling a new wave of corona virus cases the country of Belgium has become a hot spot. The government they're warning that its intensive care units could be overwhelmed there within the next two weeks our colleague ABC news foreign correspondent James Longman is there. And he joins us now for latest James. Good to see there what are you seeing on the ground how does it feel. To what are authorities doing. Terry if you'll scary and going to be honest we have just into the edge of the town and out for me in Brussels. TV in my day it Belgian mother about a 21%. Infection rate in the population that is already she age. The edge has a 41%. Infection rate. And we went to a hospital that we got ripped special access to an icu until today saying the hospital is already under water. Numbers that I see you tripled in the last three weeks I'm stench hitting me he said that he has had to treat patients knowing that he is covered polluted their doctors. Dot hospitals across here is now going to work knowing that they are committed positive we'll let asymptomatic because they have no choice he says what choice do what happened to go to work. Didn't know it was chaos connecting at a huge rate case is it going off. Cases are getting into hospitals I'm Fred places are fanning out on matters like health system here is getting overwhelmed and it's why health systems across Europe. A terrified of the second wave which doctors are saying is already well us from the fast tired. Well let's talk about that second way first thanks for that good news there is. A learning process here that'd way it's being treated is more successful death rate is down but look across the border of France on one side. Germany in the other I've read there imposing lock downs. How is dead working how's it going. Well yeah I mean trolls and Germany a spirit but what's going on here in Belgium at the moment as saying something like forty to 50000 new cases a day. In for also. Turning able to treat about 5000 to keep it kind of under control sadat's why they're getting into lockdown. Present president Nikon addressed the nation saying that the the amount of ours in the population fall Iraq's exceeds any of this even must pass. Pessimistic models of the French government has so from midnight tonight the country guys. Talking to a national down not a severe as the summer soap schools remain open factories or remain open essential businesses but. He's a baby needs to show authorities when you leave the house he needed in a summit you're gonna need it again so you cannot leave. You'll house without permission. It's got lost about a month the Germans are gonna try to do the same for the big issue Terry across here is it has no real joined up system every country is going in alive. Each of them tried to get their economies to contract they know that thick seasonal downs at a severe emotional and economic impact on people. But they feel like they have no choice. And the cold weather coming there just a couple weeks in advance of the United States James Longman. He may be telling us our future thanks.

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{"duration":"3:01","description":"Countries around the world are imposing new lockdowns.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"73911936","title":"Europe battles COVID-19 wave","url":"/International/video/europe-battles-covid-19-wave-73911936"}