Falcon for hire: Meet the Vancouver metro's solution to pesky pigeons

The city's mass transit company has launched a six-week pilot program.
4:13 | 02/13/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Falcon for hire: Meet the Vancouver metro's solution to pesky pigeons
Oh. The pigeons are watching us around her watching for him. Birds nor heard her news columns send a message with prayers looking for that massive so when he looks at them and certainly. The vigils in the. Oh our role is six year old male paragon falcons he he came to us when he was a boat 33. Months of age. His dive speed is about 230 to 242. Miles an hour these are the fastest natural animals on the planet. Our Roche shares this property with 29. Other raptors from Powell's two hawks pulled its. I started getting involved with the raptors probably back and we'll 2000. We need 2004. Which actually my ways. Or fear of dealing with birds. Ever trust me that he trusts him more. Just because human ever spend so much time together. The name him. To he's in upon. I had to give him a little bit of space the first couple of days now wants he realized that nothing bad was happening to him. Then he finally started to sound a little little bit. Let him be comfortable then he gets on the fifth and expert at turning just who. He's actually very very unique he does like to talk and that's just his communication up I trust Stewart feels safe with you and all the time. He settled down. I don't which start six safe. He knows his days could begin to remove. The improv group it can. I think pair of falcons. Are the number one predators. Upon pigeons. Falcons logo raptor species are used international airports are used a performer square when Wilson uses. The sky train got in touch with us now still so we would come look at some other situations of some other stations. We had quite infestation. Pigeons and you know what I'm thinking you know hundreds at a time my head Tyson numbers. Well a 142. Delays across assistant loss to U. It was caused by which is about 20% to type tonight we tried to us bikes hey Cindy even mimicking the sounds of various states that a predictions. And since it may you know we could try natural. Press. Crazy guy. Great music ring. In the this is and hopefully we'll kill situations so our role or anywhere other bird direction tethered on the fest. Some days I think he's questioned mainly white and I just fly around us here. He'd be my expectations on on this show some stations of how well over a hundred victims. We're down to sixteen pigeons out those sites. You see those presumed sitting up over there. About Italy pretty quick. People who really fascinating and quite interest to do what we can bass sound gold club owner. I'm told that it's how they these refinements. What is really amazing now us as we get on and off the sky crane is. People actually are now. Calling him by name is apple and their. Very ample. Cisco up Lego so cool. Desirable. Just. He he's he's the rock star her Coetzer whose. Blue.

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{"id":53030255,"title":"Falcon for hire: Meet the Vancouver metro's solution to pesky pigeons","duration":"4:13","description":"The city's mass transit company has launched a six-week pilot program.","url":"/International/video/falcon-hire-meet-vancouver-metros-solution-pesky-pigeons-53030255","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}