Lockdown leaves hundreds of thousands of migrants facing hunger in Russia

Millions of migrants in Russia have no source of income during the pandemic.
3:39 | 06/02/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lockdown leaves hundreds of thousands of migrants facing hunger in Russia
And we. And room. A Russia has been in corona virus looked down two months. Feet on the most people. But for those living on the margins it's been a catastrophe. There are around eleven million migrant work as living in Russian. Most of from the former Soviet countries of central Asian do you paint jobs. Since slowed down began the vast majority cons woods. And witness safety net many suddenly have nothing. His ability the blues is a little ones and those. Sits. Blue blue blue blue loses its. And I. The scale of the problem is enormous. Traces the lady Nina you want to know what it's a hook and I usually starts right. Yeah the key issue outlets across hearing I mean you looked like exhibit Dahlia. When the lockdown began and Russia and central Asian countries closed their borders cashing tens of thousands of people of god. Hundreds for stocks he Indianapolis. The hardest situations. Being let people test positive for the virus. Most migrants live in overcrowded and comments so hostels when one person tested positive everyone in the building is quarantined. That means they can't set foot outside their front Lewis. Even to get food. So arena a messiah that was living with nine others. In April several Indian common tested positive for the virus including. They were trapped inside for weeks and ran as a through huge. And saying Luke. You're gonna let me. Yeah. I'll continue meanwhile Disney people blue jeans and email Vernon didn't eat anymore looking cars would be just internationalist ideals and he's always been included. You. And number of charities a trying to collect food for people relying on donations. They say they are receiving tens of thousands of requests for help this charity dawned over C is one of the largest. Welcome. TV systems. Aaron Pena mountain overlooking TT PH EU has at a beer William. TD owns UB. But still no winging in. Russia has started to enact some ten missions and building sites for example agree infant. Some migrants on even some. But most still cons and the worry is when things finally do music and how many jobs they apple won't come back. Kind unit. Here. Oh.

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{"duration":"3:39","description":"Millions of migrants in Russia have no source of income during the pandemic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"71025146","title":"Lockdown leaves hundreds of thousands of migrants facing hunger in Russia","url":"/International/video/food-lockdown-leaves-hundreds-thousands-migrants-facing-hunger-71025146"}