Freed from Taliban, American hostage mom describes brutal treatment by captors

In her first television interview since being freed from Taliban captivity, Caitlan Coleman says she was beaten and raped by the guards as she tried to protect her children.
13:19 | 11/20/17

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Transcript for Freed from Taliban, American hostage mom describes brutal treatment by captors
Feminists here that. Ingraham flats had the. The judge she don't know what is the older and docked want to know what. And my degrees. You gave birth to treat children won't be held hostage. Yet what was it like to raise. Children. Being hailed as a hostage. It was it was difficult. They didn't really provide even. Simple essentials. That in the children have. Torre's. Things to stimulate them anything. So we had to. We had to do the best because what you do. We wouldn't use Regis teach them to use things like bottle caps or bits of cardboard. Garbage essentially but what we could find. To play with you know and tell them like these are toy licenses we can make a game this. We tried to make it. It's best to Clinton tried to educate. The elder budget she Joan as best we could. Under detention. Well obviously we didn't have any books any school supplies so we just verbally taught him what we could. Time. You know simple things like his alpha that but then also we had nothing but time. So we taught him astronomy about the planet's. He knows all the planet's. A bit of history he he knows a lot. Q politics he has almost 100 countries. That he. Can tell you something about everything but you can tell you something about. A lot of different countries in the world. And some of the things that we did it as parents that. Trying to normalize him. Because of course Christmas Day intolerable situation for child being in the constant fear. Us so we. Had to come up with really unique ideas. On how to. Help him to not be afraid and one of them was actually. We. Because. Obviously with people like this. The idea of a beheading is always on the table. So he. He certainly knew that this type of thing could happen. To his family. But then we would come up with games to make it not seem so scary like we taught him about. King Charles the first of England's and Oliver Cromwell. And the round heads. And so he had great fun pretending to be Oliver Cromwell chasing and chasing. Charles first around and trying to. Behead him because he wouldn't wouldn't sign the paperwork wouldn't sign the laws even at the game so we have made the game so that he wasn't. Afraid. Because their wrists you know there's nothing we could do it came to that except try to make him less afraid and Marie always thinking it might come to that. That might be that you and your children. Have certainly possible. These type of people and they don't have. They don't have moral qualms about things. And. And do you think that he understood the kind of danger that he was in that you are in your being to. Act I think he did yes. You tell him. What was happening try to explain to him. Some written to me it's something we didn't some of them worse fit be fit and he had to know that these people were bad. That he was interacting with outside his family that everyone else he's you couldn't us they had weapons at all times. Yes. They man. Feed committee. We are there any kindness. They showed you because the children present and human they're trying to raise. Failing. It was a condition. There's just a dirt floor. This. Very poor conditions. It's very again very dirty unsanitary conditions there often underground. And how rough with the guys. They. They could be at times they could be very violent. Even sometimes the children. There what sort of hitting. Manager she woods. Assaulted one time with a stick that he was hit this. And obviously they hit. Josh won I was sticks as well you were beaten to. Sometimes yes the little boy was beaten. Yes. That was sent. Some of the guards some some of the guards actually actively hated. Children. And would someone target manager she tried to come up with reasons to hate him either with a stick or otherwise. Claiming that he was making problems he was being tuned out. And so but. It was problems in their own minds and clear clearly they hated children some of them. And so as a mother you must have felt very protective could do. Between the guards keep yours. Sometimes sit you know. Off. Huff sometimes that's how I would get beaten or hit door and John on the ground and if you try to protect trying to protect them. She had broken cheekbones she. Jeff she broke her own hand punching one of them broker fingers so she's very occur that injured. Three broken fingers on her right hand my goodness. She fought back owed. You to get there were injuries on both sides of news accounts or you know why this kind of group. Dot looks better than likes them. In the end we ended up with the upper hand against. Must've been just terrible. Did you ever give up hope. Know what kept you. Faith and just. You know you have to take every day one day at a time in. I was a mother so it was my responsibility. To make sure that. The boys and then my items she might degrade and she came. To make sure that. They had the best light they possibly could obviously it. Saddens me to see how they were growing up what they weren't going on knowing but I had tuna. Do everything I could to. To help them. And one of the tapes you describe the children have seen their mother defied. We know only ask and knowing that somebody will recognize the atrocities these men carried out against us as so called retaliation. Their embankment and hypocrisy. My children some other product. Yeah they and a that that did happen. They came in to the sound. And they and it took my husband out forcefully dragging him out. And one of the guards. Threw me down on the ground. Hitting me and shouting I will kill you I will kill you. I and that's when the assaults happened. It was it was with two men and then there was a third. At the door. And afterwards theme. The animals wouldn't even give me back my they wouldn't even give back clothes. It's. The the very next day. Actually. The valley where they were living and hiding came under attack by there were two helicopters Gatling guns. Firing. Constantly there was a lot of AK 47 fire. Payment they're even some large explosions it was it was a big big battle. And to our guards were hiding out of sight they were absolutely terrified. But my husband and I reached. Lacking for ourselves. That. There H laugh at ourselves that and thinking I hope that the sons of bitches died today. And it was a bad day hurt the Haqqani Network. But. For us it just. Just gave evidence that god is very swift in answering prayers. When they captured you'd do they think some home you're gonna play ball. I think it at me. Misunderstanding because. They recognized that certain I'm somebody who was aware. That the United States was not always the good guy in the equation. And so they let them and hope that. I'll be joining their ranks and I had to breaking news them that I wasn't actually you can never any good guys in this war worked against the worst in everybody they take. Not well. And certainly speak the truth to somebody who are ranked sues somebody who has power you must let somebody who has a plastic cover your face it's not a very common thing to happen. Such thinking are they were just flabbergasted by the fact that both Caitlin and I were relatively open about our contempt for and you told it to them. Straight to the face yes our public just hypocrites to their face I'm told there would burn in hellfire if what did and that I would rather be killed the Jordan. And economic and friends. To do it didn't. Quite up. They've come four different times. To offer employment in the group. Com. The first time they had sort of try to play nice the week before and coming he offered. And I made it very clear that I'd rather be the hostage and be on our side of the cage I'd rather be inside and outside. Arm so there beatings there was violence than it comes make the offer again. Still says no more meetings more violence maybe that'll be the solution still now. So what is your next step now to bring this situation to the attention of the world. As I set up our focus is on trying to hold accountable those who. Have committed grave human rights violations against us and against others. And I recognize that we are not the only victims in the war to war with millions of victims. I don't see myself as one of the millions of people in the world who suffered a grave injustice. And on millions of people in the world who hope that wonder who cynical puts held accountable but that doesn't separate us from. Millions of others who face. Egregious circumstance. What do you miss most. On what made me man what made me this ad instantly where. Prisoners was that I didn't have an opportunity this show my children. This types of things that I grew up with. Playgrounds or zoos. And what your hope for them your wish that now. Thanks to him. My wish for them now is that they never have to face fear in their lives again that they can. Heal from this and grow to be. To be strong to be good. To. Have. Enough fun to make up through the years of trauma that they've had to injure more than. Once Stan more than most children in the world would have to under. Threat I hope that they. Find Dana. Find enough happiness and joy can make hopefully. Survivors and up for a remarkably resilient. But it does look like we'll. So I'm part of all of them.

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{"duration":"13:19","description":"In her first television interview since being freed from Taliban captivity, Caitlan Coleman says she was beaten and raped by the guards as she tried to protect her children.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"51268834","title":"Freed from Taliban, American hostage mom describes brutal treatment by captors","url":"/International/video/freed-taliban-american-hostage-mom-describes-brutal-treatment-51268834"}