2 Simultaneous Hostage Standoffs in Paris Linked: Officials

Officials say the two gunmen in separate hostage situations were tried for attempt to break convicted terrorist out of jail.
13:09 | 01/09/15

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Transcript for 2 Simultaneous Hostage Standoffs in Paris Linked: Officials
Breaking news prosecutors in Paris now say that there is a link between the gunmen. Currently involved in two separate standoffs the suspects who killed twelve people at a satirical newspaper. Are surrounded then about 25 miles away inside of a Kosher market officials say the man who killed a police woman yesterday. Has now taken several people hostage. Who have when I'm down Cutler in New York French authorities now time ABC news that the two hostage situations are in fact linked. Saying that Shareef cool watching one of those two Brothers that was on the run who is in the hostage situation in the outskirts of Paris. And a medi cooler volley bulls were tried for attempting to break a terrorists. Out of prison. How the latest on both those situations also this possible threats here to the United States a want to bring in our senior foreign affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz. With more on this in both these hostage stand office have been Martha green going on for a while. Our Chief Justice correspondent here Thomas as well standing by Martha what I wanna start with you though these have been going on for awhile with a list of the situation with those two suspects. While the two suspects had been surrounded for hours and hours. And obviously French police in the military are surrounding and they've evacuated much of the area to keep civilians safe. They do have one hostage but the police are moving very slowly they're gathering any sort of information they can about that printing company. Where the two suspects and the hostage are now they're trying to figure out what room they're in they apparently do have some communication. With those suspects they're trying to bring this to a close. I I suspect at some point they'll have to move in they will advance on on those suspects but they want to go very slowly they do not want that hostage harmed so they're trying to keep things calm at this point. But basically those two men have said they're willing to be so called martyred they are willing to die. It and not be taken by the police themselves so it's a very difficult situation. And Martha hasn't been pointed out has just been confirming to ABC news in fact at that second situation that there is a link between those men and. All. As as you describe their Dan that that link but we don't know why. The other the other suspect took a hostage at that Kosher market we don't know exactly what he was involved it if he was involved in the shooting. But the female police officer yesterday. They suspect he was but how those both played out these hostage situations at the same time. With a two. Suspects. They actually were. But recognized by someone in in northern Paris they were recognized by someone where they are now and ran into that printing building. And to take a hostage there. Month we've been learning more about those who watch your Brothers the two suspects that are holed up. That had to do good planned that attack time at the satirical newspaper than what do we know about their training what do we know about their background. Well look first about what what we do now and what we've been told by US officials and they are saying in France is well. Is that the older brother actually received training in Yemen in this is incredible ban. That he was not tracked after receiving. Training from al-Qaeda in Yemen in 20112011. I was there in 2011 doing some reporting there. That is when the US was looking for and morrow a locket that American born cleric. Who they say supported terrorists around the world he sported the so called underwear bomber the preacher bomber they say he inspired the Fort Hood shooter. This was an intense time in Yemen a magnet for terrorists and they knew the French authorities knew. And and still do and I think may be tracked in for a short time but apparently stopped tracking him. And I think they're gonna have a lot of questions. To answer because of that and low IQ was eventually killed but your September of 2011. By a US drone strike he was considered. The most dangerous man in the world at that point. RI were other one of those Brothers on the US radar. Yes that it and I think and here in private talk about is to I think it's automatic if you've been convicted of any sort of terrorism charge or if they know. That you were at the terrorist training camp you're automatically gonna get on a US no fly list in both those Brothers were because the younger brother. I was convicted him he was on his way at one point. To Syria to try to get in to a rock. To fight against American forces there he didn't make it he was caught with several others who were there were getting recruits into a rock. He had problems with the invasion of Iraqi. He said he had problems with Abu Ghraib I guess he'd seen those pictures and that radicalized him as well. According to him. And Martha I understand Richard pointed out there that a Thor is right now are trying to have some kind of negotiation with those two Brothers. What do we know about the other situation though at that Kosher market authorities made any kind of contact. I think there's information coming out of there all the time that's changing all the time I'm I'm not sure whether they've made contact. With. The hostage taker there had definitely been gunfire. Inside that market the reports that some people have been injured or killed. But that is still an ongoing and very fluid situation Dan. I don't wanna go to Pierre Thomas then it appear as Martha had put it out there are obviously both of those Brothers. We're on the concerns then of US authorities. The. Clearly the US government is has been much more aggressive about tracking people that they believe have gone to various training. Camps and as Martha said anytime you're convicted of a terrorism related crime particularly in a country like France where we have. Deep lines of communication that information would have been afforded to the US and they would have put been put on this no fly list but I think his Martha said the key here. Is if that Yemen connection holds firm. A person who went there and train with al-Qaeda in Yemen which is the most active terrorist organization probably on the planet others other than prices at the moment. That would be a red flag to follow that person and I can tell you. That the US government has been concern about the kind of thing that you've you've seen play out in France all week. That people who have gone in train. Would come back to western countries and India problem then attack on their own either at the direction of a terrorist organization or just independently. And it here I know that France had raised its terror alert level following this tax and what's on the US response but the US response has been. The consulate's press console is ten of them intend cities. Who round the United States. At least four have gotten stepped up security New York City Atlanta Boston Chicago. They've gotten stepped up security and in general Homeland Security is monitoring the situation closely. The probably would have done some things unseen at airports and places like that. But the main thing is that it reaffirms. What they believe in terms of law enforcement that you have a pool of people in the United States who could potentially do something and when I mean by that. This year alone the FBI has caught at least twelve people trying to go to Syria or rocks and join ices the people are cutting off heads. Going there trying to get there the FBI's very concerned that that tells you. That there's a small population in the United States that identifies with these terrorist for whatever reason so this kind of thing you see. Unfolding a phrase could unfold here and it if you call the Boston Marathon bombing case of a couple years ago it was precisely the situation where. The alleged bombers have been radicalized on the Internet identified would again al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula in Yemen and conducted that attack. Hear what authorities are trying to track these terrorists down then there is must be a great degree of difficulty in looking at the sort of homegrown terrorists these lone wolves. Well it's easier based on the evidence evidence and for example. If they know someone has traveled. Two. A terrorist training area they typically would charge them with providing material support to terrorists they don't have to have done. Pay an exact attacker in what they can simply say you went and aligned yourself what a designated terrorist organizations and therefore we are charging you with supporting. Where it gets more difficult is if they are reading. Radical literature online for example the situation which is on airport was in the Boston Marathon bombing case. He was on the FBI's radar. The questions since some information. About him to the United States. The older brother in that case but they didn't arrest him because they simply did not have enough evidence he later went to. Question came back home and they couldn't attack against the Boston Marathon was conducted. That shows you that sometimes even when you have limited evidence you can't move forward. But the key is that. For the people that you know have gone to training grounds you've got to be on top of those people. And Martha I want to ask you about then sort of doubt Ted Koppel what peiris talking about their right there. Is far as US officials monitoring people. Who go overseas where have ambitions to go overseas get training and then come back as far as monitoring process not only by US officials but to share with the international community. I think they would share that it and obviously you can't sit physically track a lot of people. Every single day 24/7. But their electronic means to do that you can track. They're Internet you should contract their cell phone and depending on where they were and what they did. That the US would prioritize those. There are as Pierre said all kinds of people who want to join Jihad go over there and say you know I wanna fight for the cause or their lone wolves we may know nothing about who are sitting in their basement right now planning some sort of attack. Who who had never been on the radar but when you have someone who's actually gone to train. Who's actually gone to Yemen or gone to Syria are gone into Iraq whether they receive training and then come back into the country and try to get back in the country. That should set off alarm bells all over the place in this country. Martha is there to station them and given the fact that we've had a prosecutor from Paris sane about that there is a connection. Between. Odd these two situations though it isn't necessarily mean that these are simultaneous attacks now. And I think it is as we are saying Dan I just don't think we know at this point why there are simultaneous why it happened mean with the two suspects that. We certainly did not seem plan I mean they were basically caught. I don't know what happened with the other suspect but they clearly know each other according to the French officials whether there was actually a leak of some sort. With the massacre at the newspapers are the magazine's offices we just don't know. At this point obviously both of those situations still very fluid do we expect a further US involvement in handling in in in potentially negotiating either of those situations. I don't think you'll see them negotiate I mean that they have their French will. Handel that the US will provide whatever help they are asked to provide and I assume that his intelligence. About these suspects and the and the third suspect in that in that second hostage event. But beyond that I don't think you have gotten US people actually Bayer. I know there's probably an FBI office in Paris and they will provide it any sort of help they can provide. But to actually be there on the ground right now I have no information that says they. Here we what is the US doing that as far as providing information or assistance and the French authorities bear the FBI has only got office. In Paris. The also the CIA FBI they also have. Ways to communicate with their town apart so. Business information sharing going back and forth in again as Marcus said. France is responsible for resolving the the instance there physically. The US will give them what ever support they can in terms of information about. The suspects that might inform whatever decisions that they have to make the primary thing that the US government is doing right there is. Right now is trying to get information. And look at that threat picture here to see how they might upgrade security and also. Give information to the friends that might inform them about the man that and custom right now. On my sources saying that there's no connections that they've uncovered so far between the men. And the suspects in France and people here. Being on the State's our senior chief excuse me are senior justice correspondent Pierre Thomas in Washington and our chief foreign affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz both of you thank you very much appreciate. They updates on these very developing situations and you can keep up to date with this store in real time by downloading ABC news happens star in the story for exclusive updates on ago. For now I'm down at their New York.

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{"id":28112280,"title":"2 Simultaneous Hostage Standoffs in Paris Linked: Officials","duration":"13:09","description":"Officials say the two gunmen in separate hostage situations were tried for attempt to break convicted terrorist out of jail.","url":"/International/video/french-hostage-standoff-simultaneous-hostage-situations-paris-linked-28112280","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}