George Clooney Shares Message of Support For Ukrainian Protestors

American celebrities show their support for citizens demonstrating in Kiev.
3:00 | 12/09/13

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Transcript for George Clooney Shares Message of Support For Ukrainian Protestors
This is a special room. I'm down -- New York where this ABC news digital special report. Riot police are breaking up a massive protest camp in the Ukraine and storm in the offices of the opposition. Earlier today authorities circled the protesters barricades and began dismantling them. This three weeks after the campaign to overthrow president Viktor Yanukovych. Government forces also raided the offices of the opposition parties leading the charge against the president. All of this happening after Yanukovych seem to relent promising to hold meetings with Ukraine's previous three leaders to discuss a new way forward. The protests and -- have now gained international attention demonstrators even winning a shout from George Clooney who sent this message to the nearly 100000. In the streets. I wanted to send a message to all of you brave citizens of Ukraine who are struggling. To look forward not back. We here in the United States have great affinity. For those seeking democracy we have learned. Through trial and air that true democracy cannot exist. With a free and fair and honest. Election. You cannot have a democracy. When you arrest and harm its peaceful protesters. You certainly cannot have a true democracy. If you take political prisoners like to Shiancoe. Simply because you disagree with the way they want to govern. So let me just say this all the view in the square -- -- -- all -- Ukraine. When you look to the west. Know that we are looking back -- you with great admiration. We wish you were peaceful and safe nation we wish you the government that you want. And we wish you the strength to carry out. Good. That statement coming from George Clooney to the people of Ukraine so for more on that I want to bring in ABC's Mary Bruce who is standing by at the White House. Mary about George Clooney. Why such a strong interest in Ukraine. -- have long lent his star -- power to try and boost. African fight for democracy around the globe that should come as no surprise that we're hearing from him on this issue. Now I don't think -- spoken out very much about this issue in the past we have seen him in other areas of the world the south Sudan is actually lobbied. Government officials here at the White House previously on that issue he's testified up on Capitol Hill so. On May be -- sort of an unfamiliar region for him to be speaking out about. It is certainly something that we've seen him do many times in the past and he is not the only high profile supporter American actress Hayden Panettiere also speaking out. In favor of the protest their tweeting this keep fighting Ukraine. Stay strong so what does hey this connection to Ukraine. Well she together very personal connection she's engaged to a world boxing champion who happens to be Ukrainian and his brother. Is one of the leaders of this opposition movements like you may not expect the starting BC's Nashville to be tweeting about the isn't involved in this political movement for -- it is a very personal connection. That we know obviously where Clooney where and it's -- -- on this the what does and the White House response. Well the White House did win on this this morning Vice President Biden reached out and spoke to the president over the phone. Urging him to which -- take caution -- this especially warning about the potential for growing violence there really cautioning. For a need for compromise so hopefully two lending at the White House has -- to this to try and reach some kind of agreement and lesson that the growing threat of violence in Ukraine. You've seen the toppling of that Lenin statue in Ukraine there and that is really the crux of the issue at this point. Are either closer ties with Russia or closer tie with the European Union now is far as what the president said Yanukovych. The message seems to be somewhat mixed agreeing to talks. But -- sitting in police. Absolutely and it doesn't seem like there's going to be a compromise any time soon between the government and the protesters the opposition forces there because as you mentioned earlier we appear to be seeing the beginning of sort of an increase crackdown in the Ukraine. Despite the fact that the president said you know just days hours ago that he was willing to entertain the possibility of a compromise to sit down and trying to talk -- some of these issues. But that's on the actions of the government police sources there seem to suggest the exact opposite then what are the list of grievances than from those demonstrators that are Campion out. -- -- you mentioned this really comes down to an issue of Ukraine. Seeming to its high its often -- itself more to Russia into the European Union the president froze what would've been a deal a trade deal with the European Union that angered a lot of people bit. Saw that more -- -- resurgence of ties with Russia -- the practice of course grew to include opposition to. Government crackdown lack of transparency all of these other sort of broader issues and that's why I think we're hearing a lot of calls for the president to step down. The situation only growing more intense -- ABC's Mary Bruce at the White House Mary thank you for that. Of course you can get a complete recap right here on And on down Cutler New York with this ABC news digital special report.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"American celebrities show their support for citizens demonstrating in Kiev.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"21154303","title":"George Clooney Shares Message of Support For Ukrainian Protestors","url":"/International/video/george-clooney-shares-message-support-ukrainian-protestors-21154303"}