Global epicenter of virus shifting to Spain

Over 500 died in one day in Spain, while Italy’s infection rate is slowing and India’s ordered 3 billion people locked down for three weeks.
2:56 | 03/25/20

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Transcript for Global epicenter of virus shifting to Spain
We're here now in james' long minutes of James tell us more about the restrictions it seemed to be working in other countries and a new lockdown in India. Yet India is a really remarkable story we're talking about one point three billion people something like a faith. Of the world's population and may have just instituted a 21 day national locked down it really is. Unprecedented now they anyhow how recorded about ten deaths and something new in recent about 500 cases that they really wanna get ahead of this thing. It remains to be seen. If they going to be able to actually kind of enforce it because. We've seen a one day it'll down they they carry that out in Delhi and Mumbai to the biggest cities and no one really paid much attention to it and had to motivate. Prime minister is really really came to make sure the people do it hated that he saying we've got 21 days to make sure we don't go back 21 Yates who was quite how willing to say. Other countries as well are stepping up the French and now we can to then national looked down but we're hearing now that the French scientific advises that had any government that they think six weeks. They think national contract should take place this six week safety compare that to a bolt from have been saying about. Being ready and open for business by east the contrast is quite extraordinary here in the UK I think is that to say it was a bit of a lukewarm. Reaction to begin with by the government to this virus that sunny now things are really stepping up the government is talking about a volunteer army of 250000. People 22 kind of volunteered to take medicine and food to the elderly to that times they trying to get people out retirement. Now competing to knew the act graduated students in order to help. With with anything really to try to get keep this country moving throughout this slow down so a lot of countries doing -- they count to avoid. The scenes with seeing in Italy I'm now in Spain particularly play out. Right in Italy and Spain especially. Precarious and both of those countries in Italy you know where the news has been so grim finally some positive signs. Yeah I mean look this is. And mean that ended there is a law to all of that there's a love guests like about just exactly. What the numbers mean in Italy. And the government of a sunny saying it's too soon to to say. Fish you'll spot below the dishonesty numbers are still very very highs over 700 people died another 24 opportunity. It's the rethink that. The infection rate in day to day percentage of those newly infected is coming down it's a patent day by day that was say it's now into its. Consecutive day sex. People in Italy will be looking at not. Possibly some light at the end of a very very dark tunnel and crucially for the rest of us watching here in your front for the in the United States. It might offer some kind of timeline as to when. People might expect for the virus is to be beaten that senator. Lots of hopeful now in Italy going for the next few days and weeks are going to be crucial to Italy to see if it really has snappy. In corona virus and it it'll certainly watching and waiting. Thank you so much chance.

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{"duration":"2:56","description":"Over 500 died in one day in Spain, while Italy’s infection rate is slowing and India’s ordered 3 billion people locked down for three weeks.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"69783000","title":"Global epicenter of virus shifting to Spain","url":"/International/video/global-epicenter-virus-shifting-spain-69783000"}