Greece prepares to reopen its doors to international tourists

Greece’s economy has taken a huge hit during the pandemic, and the tourist-reliant country is eager to welcome back foreigners in a post-pandemic world.
6:05 | 05/21/20

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Transcript for Greece prepares to reopen its doors to international tourists
Some of the biggest casualties from this pandemic or places that rely on tourism to keep their economies going places like Greece for instance ABC's James Longman is in Greece tonight with a look at. How that country has been so successful in fighting the virus and a steps they're taking to keep potential visitors safe. Thousands of years of history pools. By these molten pandemic so they really up but cigars as an exit less because the people I'm sure that's. They afraid. So they won't tool to feel safe and mountain and as a -- Molitor safety safety fairs. Yeah. And Greek officials already to jumpstart an ailing economy they culture minister took us on a tour of the pump and an. One of the most visited sites on the temple of Greek goddess Athena. I suppose it's appropriate that wherein they temple to a scene of the goddess of wisdom. And Greece hides the wise approach to corona virus xetra is that let's say yes but we've reopening comes adjustments six or markings on when nineteenth century marble. And a 90% drop in committed visitors. They where many days that a Croat police could be visas by a almost 20000. People. Now for these days and vehicle police should be about 2000. While you're going to slash the number from 222000. Via but still a sense of relief tandem up to sixty days is facing phobic because. Greece has had extraordinary success so far in the fight he gains corona virus. A population of around eleven million the scene just a 165. Deaths from under 3000 cases. Not a single health worker has died. But how. Officials hit point 21 major strategy screening at the airport thing is we single passenger coming in. Since March 25 to sell form and then everybody on the plane has amounts well. Citizens who test negative are able to go home but was quarantined for fourteen days positive cases remain at the hotel and given medical assistance. They're all known exceptions are. Car. Results take 24 hours businesses including citizens are transported to specially designated hotels two week fulcrum. For the testing is only the beginning this is the control room of the civil protection authority here in Greece. As basically the war room is quitting not corona virus they can see who's guilty who's come into contact with people they know they've got hit. The information is certainty tell vacancy in right down into a specific area. I'm identify the individual who's currently in quarantine that early preventative measures may have spent and the was how how much of a difference do you think it made. Closing the border. On the twentieth of bombs. It's it was very vital to close the books. Legislative action to close schools but it is vital tool. You know test slipped down the country but Greece like Alba nations is about to face its biggest challenge yet someone tourism. He punter reopened to international travelers by July 1 so why the islands making yes this is the place way you didn't have very much current virus but. And thousands of people are gonna visit to make an ultimate moment you're you have how many beds for breads bunker. This can win. Something different. So only three dedicated beds for corona virus right now on a massive holiday island but you're gonna have to think about how to change the resourceful this or trans or transfer them. Barring foreigners from coming in is not something Greece can afford. Tourism accounts for 18% to the country's GDP and employs one faith of its workforce. We headed down to one of the most popular items some two renamed to see what changes being made head of the now delayed tourist season Palo vacation be different now. Good defense going to be I think in the live this season is going to be good distance Oden gifts they going to be a motor home and they're going to be like one home. And we're gonna pick. Get over them so they must got a safe and leave say. Social distancing in forced on the beaches maybe even like seagulls politicians to separate some lounges. The can any of this even look. Good this morning. But it to cuts in the big fish. Men who value via over the place and less. I inevitably name followed beaches to go with legs and that's but safety was this things we've all the things we are live. We heard it right out he runs a boat touring company she hopes to reduce the number of people she's allowed to take that today is first day. I could have how does it feel to be about how we'll time. Frank. Free trade news CNN it's big news. This evening is over here. And that even those in pain I'm surprised you see an open our eyes and nothing had to Fox News. The lawyer about senate holiday. Six here on this. Beautiful line forcing the loan meltdown. I watch. I think any idea bond and look at and I was really award above them good people that have already minutes I around the globe that. And while we need sixty that's excellent news out there and it's okay how but this isn't easy day as I was at the maintenance here. Greece has protected the health of its citizens now its economic well being is on the line up to the hell off locked down. Paradise like this will be a major drool for people around the world. Opening these items up again is a gamble but found and see at least it's one thing mosque. Taylor news when will your best looking B Needham man. I have moved first yesterday. I don't know how this can't send how do you feel about. Day and a seamless. Yeah I felt like you know the combination of bags yes there is looking and today for what that's been here on the boat again I think legs. It was a nightmare and from before and I think I'm close they had a I look forward to its. James Bowman ABC news some two reading increase.

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{"duration":"6:05","description":"Greece’s economy has taken a huge hit during the pandemic, and the tourist-reliant country is eager to welcome back foreigners in a post-pandemic world.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"70801463","title":"Greece prepares to reopen its doors to international tourists","url":"/International/video/greece-prepares-reopen-doors-international-tourists-70801463"}