A First Look on the Ground After the Deadly China Explosion

ABC News' Bob Woodruff shows us the aftermath of the blast in Tianjin.
3:17 | 08/13/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for A First Look on the Ground After the Deadly China Explosion
Legacy right over the top of those containers where those explosions happened. You can see now that the armed police and opera parent to go to that spot if not carrying any kind of weaponry they're actually they have solved shovels and they have gloves on. The private search through that area to see. If they can find any other people and to start the clean we know that hundreds of people been taken into the hospitals the exact numbers of wounded is getting higher and higher. And certainly those who were killed that number is on the rise as well this is turning it to be a much. Worse. Catastrophe than they really expected when this happened. Gonna move even closer to the spot didn't closer to the smoke. Put this on. That is. I was there were probably almost a walk a mile away and look at that figure that that. Power that blast. I think they're announcing for us to get out of here. Look at this city hires red look at all of these vehicles. All hit by that last and still see the smoke right through there. It thinks that the bridge is gonna come down. The raw yes we can you think this is gonna fall down the spread it out here thank you. This has to dangerously wanted to move back as my. Everybody's moving now. This looks like a war zone this is where the migrant workers live. K but can only assume that people. In here when this. Horrible. All of these things here. Thanks Ed bottles of beer they had fan club they have bad spot that's. The cement blocks. Came down roof completely collapsed. There's the smoking could see it let me take you 360 degrees around this is like ground zero. All of these homes in these migrant workers will destroyed shattered point to the ground. Those are the one's a little bit further west of the not a bad we have what this is the spot. The Berry Berry worse do you justice on the people were in those homes. You you live here. You saw the whole thing. About it. This is from the U. And that's why I. It was a right now house right there that's where he lives. But my spot with us this before us. It's still burning flames and then let it happen. Flames. When all of these. Last. What's your feat. Would probably about a mile away maybe. A little less. This is the fifth floor of the building you see this window completely. Destroyed and hi this. I don't know what to say that. The buildings across the strait same thing. I know at this unit through the the economy here but this is at stake. I don't know a year.

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{"duration":"3:17","description":"ABC News' Bob Woodruff shows us the aftermath of the blast in Tianjin.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"33064391","title":"A First Look on the Ground After the Deadly China Explosion","url":"/International/video/ground-deadly-china-explosion-33064391"}